At the appointed time, there was a knock at the door. I had booked a nice hotel room with a double jacuzzi in a big French city. But first let me tell you who I am. My name is Maxime, I am 37 years old and I am a successful entrepreneur. How successful? Let me tell you that I no longer have to work for my money. But having a lot of money attracts the wrong women. So I try to show as little as possible that I am rich.

If I had the looks of, let’s say, an actor like Brad Pitt, I wouldn’t have to make any effort – even without money – to have a nice and beautiful woman by my side. Unfortunately, I am “average. People often talk about the girl next door; I am the male equivalent of that. Not ugly, but certainly not special in appearance.

Because I was tired of going out with women, for example, with a nice dinner, hoping for a pleasant end to the evening – it usually ended with me being allowed to take her home, but then getting a kiss on the cheek at the door with a “thank you, I had a nice dinner” – I started looking for ladies who would do nice things for a fee. But I wasn’t looking for a flat sex hooker. No, I wanted something special. A real GFE or girlfriend experience. I wanted to have fun with a beautiful woman.

As I searched the internet, there seemed to be a number of agencies that suggested they could provide high class escorts for a dinner date and more, with a real GFE. I delved into the different websites and soon one emerged as interesting and very reliable. I looked at the profiles of the ladies. I saw many pictures where the faces were blurred, but where the ladies were dressed in exciting lingerie. After much deliberation, I decided to leave the photos as they were and book a lady for dinner and an overnight stay based only on the personal description. It turned out not to be cheap, but money is not an issue with me, fortunately. I booked Raisa, 29 years old and originally from Russia with a great dislike for the cancer man Putin….. In addition, her description indicated what she liked, in terms of lingerie, but also in terms of food and perfume. I picked a starred restaurant, booked a hotel within walking distance of the restaurant and bought her favorite perfume.

And now it was time for me to meet her. How would that go? At the appointed time, there was a knock at my hotel room. I rushed to the door and there she was, carrying a rolling suitcase. I quickly took her in, from head to toe. She was dressed casually, as I had requested. She was wearing sneakers, tight jeans, and a nice white blouse. Her coat was draped over one arm. “Hello Raisa,” I said, “welcome. I’m Maxime,” and I held out my hand to introduce myself. She stepped over the threshold and shook my hand. “Hello Maxime,” she said, “nice to meet you.” Her voice was soft, slightly sultry. She placed her briefcase in the room and put her coat on top. I closed the door behind her.

There she stood. For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. I hesitated. But then I said, “I have a present for you. I rushed to the cabinet by the wide-screen TV, grabbed the tastefully wrapped perfume box, and handed it to her. She took it and unwrapped it. She looked delighted when she saw the contents. “How cute, just my brand,” she said. She walked over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.” I said, “You’re very welcome. But I don’t want to rush you, I have a table booked in fifteen minutes and the restaurant is a little over ten minutes walk from here. She looked at me cheerfully: “Then let’s go.”

I helped her into her coat, opened the hotel room door for her, and walked behind her to the elevator. When we got out, we walked side by side. I told her that I had read that she really liked French food, so I had made reservations at a starred restaurant with her favorite cuisine. “How nice of you to do that, Maxime,” she said, giving me her arm. At the restaurant, I took her coat and gave it to the host. I took off my coat as well, and then we were escorted to our table for two. The restaurant had accommodated my request for a place with some privacy. The sommelier appeared and suggested we begin with champagne. I knew it was a favorite of Raisa’s, and although I am not at all fond of it myself, I ordered two glasses. When they arrived, we looked at each other. I took my glass and raised it: “To a fun and tasty evening,” I toasted. The glasses clinked and Raisa said, “I think that’s definitely going to happen. What a nice restaurant you have chosen.

During dinner, this Raisa proved to have everything to make for a pleasant evening. She asked me what I did for a living, listened to my answers with interest, and then asked very pointed questions. She seemed intelligent, engaged, and genuinely interested in me. When I picked up my glass, she would sometimes very subtly stroke my hand for a moment. I liked her. I really liked her. Although, of course, I knew damn well that she was just playing a role.

When we entered the hotel room after dinner, I helped her out of her coat like a true gentleman. When I had hung it up, she stood in front of me and put her arms around my neck. She kissed me on the mouth. “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Maxime. I enjoyed it.” She kissed me again and slowly we came to a delicious tongue kiss that lasted about a minute. I put my arms around her. When the kiss stopped, I said, “Yes, I had a wonderful evening too. The food was fantastic, but your company takes the experience to another level.” She smiled and said, “I see we have a Jacuzzi. If I fill it up now, you can get undressed in the meantime.”

There I stood. By now I had a large erection. Was I going to get undressed now? I couldn’t do that with a hard-on, could I? It was as if Raisa understood the situation. She rubbed my crotch gently with her hand for a moment and then said, “You don’t have to be embarrassed, you know. Feel.” She took my hand and placed it on one of her breasts. Even though she was wearing a bra, I felt a hard nipple. She kissed me and said, “Does that say enough?” She went over to the tub and filled it. As I slowly undressed, she watched me and followed my movements. I took off my shoes and she did the same. I took off my socks, she did the same. I took off my shirt, she took off her blouse. I took off my jeans, she wriggled out of her skinny jeans. I took off my T-shirt, she took off her bra. And so we stood there for a moment, facing each other, wearing only panties.

“You’re beautiful,” I said. She smiled sweetly and I thought I saw desire in her eyes. “So are you,” she said. Where before she had followed me, now she took the initiative. She turned around so I could admire her beautiful buttocks and then lowered her thong to the carpet. She stepped out and turned around. I saw a beautiful bare mound of Venus with a beautiful pussy underneath. I thought I saw some glistening. Was she wet? Was she aroused? I followed her lead: I turned around and lowered my boxers. I stepped out and turned around. I saw her eyes go to my erection. She smiled sweetly and extended her hand invitingly. I walked over to her and she took my hand and led me to the hot tub.

We took a seat in it. The tub was big enough for us to sit side by side. She put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. Then she pressed a button and the bubble bath started to bubble. We sat there for a while, enjoying the moment. I kissed her hair while she put her hand on my thigh. Very subtly she began to caress it. Very slowly her hand went higher and higher and when it almost reached my balls, she lifted her hand and placed it on my stomach to continue caressing there. This woman knew how to arouse a man. Meanwhile, I did not let go either.

With my free hand I stroked her hair and face. In a similarly subtle way, I moved this hand to her breasts. I stroked them gently, avoiding her nipples, which stuck out. Very slowly, my hand descended to her crotch, but just as I reached it, I moved my hand back up. The subtle game of caressing had an effect on both of us. We looked at each other at the same time and moved our lips together. A kiss followed with lots of licking and tonguing. We both seemed enchanted by the moment. Suddenly I felt her hand go down again and now she was not avoiding my erection. She caressed my stiff cock with her fingertips and stroked my scrotum as well. A moment later she cupped my penis lovingly and moved her hand up and down a few times. Then she said, “Shall we go to bed?”

By now I had completely forgotten that I had paid this Raisa to play my girlfriend. Logical, because she was obviously enjoying herself as much as I was. You can fake an orgasm, but not excitement. And Raisa was obviously as excited as I was. We got out of the tub and I grabbed a towel and handed it to her. Instead of using it for herself, she began to dry me. Very gently, softly and sweetly. Then I did the same with her. Letting the towel do the work, I gently caressed her breasts, her nipples, her body. As I bent down to dry her legs as well, I smelled her subtle scent of arousal. Carefully, I planted a soft kiss on her belly. She stroked my hair for a moment.

When we reached the bed, she gave me a playful push. I fell backwards onto the bed. She reached for something on the bedside table. It turned out to be a condom, which she routinely put on my stiff cock. Then she sat on top of me with her legs next to mine. She lay on top of me and kissed me. A tongue kiss followed. Meanwhile I stroked her shoulders, arms and back. Slowly I moved my hands to her buttocks. But just before I reached them, she rocked her lower body slightly. She grabbed my condom-wrapped penis with her hand and brought it between her lips.

Slowly she moved down and I felt by the warmth that I was penetrating her pussy. She moved slowly and sensually and I felt myself sliding in and out of her. I let my hands go to her buttocks and caressed them. I also kneaded them gently and found that I could control her rhythm without having to set the pace with the pressure of my hands. I let my lips roam over her face as we kissed, and she gave me the space to suck on her earlobe.

This seemed to stimulate her as her movements became more vigorous. I raised my hands and began stroking her neck. Apparently there was an erogenous zone for her there as well, because the movements of her lower body became faster and faster. I also felt her pussy squeeze. And then something happened that I hadn’t expected. She sat up straighter, took my hands and put them on her breasts. With her hands over my hands she showed me exactly what she wanted. I pinched her nipples gently, but she made it clear that she wanted me to do it a little harder. When I did, she came. I could feel her pussy squeezing and her body moving uncontrollably. Raisa was coming! This couldn’t be fake, this was totally real. If she had wanted to fake it, she would have done it the moment I was about to come… But I was far from ready. The penetration was wonderful, but it wasn’t the stimulation I needed.

I gently pushed Raisa off me so that she was on her back. I slid down and placed my mouth on her pussy. Immediately she grabbed my hair and determined the spot and direction where I could stimulate her with my mouth. I noticed that she came again and then she let go of my hair. I stood up again and placed my cock in front of her pussy. I rubbed it for a moment before penetrating her. At that moment Raisa suddenly said, “Let go, let go now.” She wrapped her legs around me and the pressure of her legs made me go faster and faster. I enjoyed it and felt every fiber in my body tighten for an unprecedented orgasm. I squirted my semen into the condom. It was only when I pulled out of her and put my lips back on her pussy to lick it gently that I regretted having fucked her with a condom. Of course, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but I would have loved to suck my own cum out of her little tunnel.

I took the condom off, tied a knot in it and threw it in the trash. I dried my penis with a tissue. Then I lay down next to Raisa and, caressing her upper body, said, “That was delicious. She gave me a kiss and replied, “Even better, that was fantastic.” We lay on the bed for a few minutes, stroking each other and occasionally kissing. Until Raisa said, “I’m going to freshen up.” She got up. I asked, “Can I come with you?” For a moment she looked at me with a look that I thought read, “Hello, may I have some privacy,” but then she said, “Of course, we’ll freshen up together.

Together we stepped into the rain shower. While Raisa had been very careful not to get her hair wet when we entered the hot tub, she now let the water wash over her completely. The curls disappeared and her hair hung tightly over her face. I looked at her and said, “Do you know that you are actually much more beautiful without curls?” She put her arms around me and said, “Silly. I shook my head and ran my hands over her head. “No, I mean it. Without curls, you’re natural. And I like you just the way you are.” She kissed me and stepped out of the shower. I enjoyed the splashing water on my head for a while and watched with a loving expression as Raisa began to dry herself. When she grabbed the hair dryer to dry her hair, I turned off the faucet. I stepped out of the shower and dried off while she blew dried her hair.

When I was done, I couldn’t stop myself from standing behind her. I planted a kiss on her neck. In the mirror I saw a smile appear on her face. I gave her another kiss on her back, bent down and then planted a kiss on her left buttock. Then I brushed my teeth and, armed with a dry towel to put on the pillow, went to bed. I lay down and pulled the covers over me. A few minutes after the sound of the hair dryer stopped, Raisa came into the room with dry hair, no curls. I immediately said, “You see, I’m right. You are much prettier without curls. She laughed, lifted the blanket and came to lie beside me. “May I be in your arms?” she asked. I stretched out my right arm and she lay down on her side next to me. She laid her head half on my chest, put her hand on my stomach, and I felt her knee move over my leg. That’s how we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up from the cold, but also with a pleasant feeling in my crotch. I opened my eyes and saw that the blanket had been pulled off me. Raisa was slowly jerking me off with her right hand while her head was resting on my chest. When she noticed that I was awake, she came up with her head, gave me a kiss and said, “Hey snore, are you awake?” I nodded, but immediately closed my eyes again to enjoy the feeling Raisa was giving me. She laid her head on my chest again. Slowly she increased the speed and it didn’t take long until I came. My semen poured onto my chest and belly. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I had squirted my semen right up to Raisa’s lips. A little more force and she would have gotten it on her face. The idea seemed horny to me, but I was glad it hadn’t happened. She probably wouldn’t have appreciated it.

When my penis slackened, Raisa released it, came up with her head and gave me a kiss. “Good morning, beautiful,” I said to her. “That was quite a pleasant wake-up call,” I said as I cleaned myself with a tissue from the box on the nightstand. “But why did you call me a snore?” Raisa laughed, “Because you snore. But it was actually quite endearing. It was a soft snore that sounded like you were very content.” I was silent for a moment. “So am I… What about you? Did you have a good time?” Raisa nodded. “I had a very nice time.” That satisfied me. I asked her, “And is there anything else I can do for you now to make it even more enjoyable?” Raisa smiled, “No one has ever asked me that before. You are a sweet man.”

There was a silence for about twenty seconds and then I asked, “I don’t have an answer yet.” Raisa smiled, “Do what you want.” I gave her a kiss and said, “Maybe next time you will say to me, ‘Maxime, I want you to go down on me now. Because that next time is going to happen, I’m sure.” I began kissing her on the neck, descending to her breasts, taking her nipples in my mouth for a moment, and then slowly moving down. As I gently ran my tongue over her labia, I heard a soft moan, a deep sigh, and I heard her whisper, “Next time…please.”