Story from me, Carl. Hannah is a 42-year-old woman, long wavy dark hair, blue eyes, 1.88 tall, and she wears tight leather pants. Her figure is perfectly formed in those calves, thighs and buttocks, small breasts, but I love those beautiful shapes. So yes, I like to look at her. But now she has her hands full in front of me and I am sitting in my chair drinking coffee.

And someone has to walk by, so she steps back, and now she’s only 20 centimeters away from me. And she drops everything from her hands. Also, her coffee and so she bends down and stands even closer to me with these long legs. She talks to me, and my dick spontaneously gets hard.

She picks up her things, gets paper and towels to clean up the coffee. And again she bends down, but to get better access she steps back and almost pushes her crotch against my head. She flinches, lowers her body and sits on my lap where she feels my rock hard cock. She looks at me and turns fire red, yes, what do you want when you stand so close to me, I am a man made of flesh and blood and most of the blood is now in my crotch. She doesn’t dare get up because the others would see it too. Now she is so red that they know what is going on. And as long as she wiggles on my lap, nothing will shrink. Ooooh she says, yes, it is hard and big. So I grab my dick and put it right, and it’s nice. I walk away to clear my mind, so my dick gets soft. But then Hannah comes out into the hallway and spontaneously it gets bigger again. Shit Hannah, it had just gone limp, she grabs my hand and pulls me along and apologizes, I’ll fix it.

We go into the shower room and there she pulls my pants down and starts to give me a blowjob and she does a good job. But now I want more, I lift her up, grab her leather pants and we both pull them down and off. I lift her up, turn her around so I can suck her and she can suck me. And soon she cums. I turn her over and lower her so that she nods. And she takes my cock in her pussy. It feels divine and tight. All 23 cm disappear in her pussy and it feels good. Fuck me hard and deep and fast. I am only too happy to do so. But with this beautiful young tight woman the orgasm is fast and I come deep in her pussy like there is no end. Shit, that was way too fast. Two hours later, I come back to the cafeteria and see the looks of all the women present. Most of them are young except Trudy who is 36 years old and still young for me.

Now I am bold, but not today, but who wants tomorrow. And each woman raises her arm okay quietly no argument, I take 5 rudder woods and make 5 different lengths, each one chooses 1 rudder wood and the longest one wins. And everyone chooses 1 wood don’t say anything, the winner I will see the winner tonight at my house and I put my card with my address on it down. I will see the winner alone. And I go home and when I get home Hannah is waiting for me? But she didn’t even enter. And there comes Amy Parks, gets out in super tight leggings, it’s between her labia. Here I did not count on ladies, but I have enough for 2 threesomes then, but they look at each other and go with me in, yes, so. Once inside I close all the curtains and we start kissing and within a minute all three of us are naked.

I caress and kiss Amy all over her body the horns are already coming out of her body in abundance and I now start kissing and fingering her at the same time and Hannah crawls under me and sucks my balls and then my cock. And when Amy has come 2x, the ladies change positions and I let Hannah come 3x while Amy is busy with my balls and cock. Now Amy joins Hannah next to her knees and I look at two super beautiful asses I grab Amy’s feet pull them back so she lands on her flat belly and so I penetrate her vagina 1 long deep sigh and moan as I penetrate her. I see that Hannah is also lying on her belly, but first I take Amy firmly for a while and when I hear and feel her cum I ram deep into her 4 more times and then lie on top of Hannah and penetrate her delicious pussy.

But fucking her until she comes is not possible because then I would come first. So I quickly get off Hannah Amy on her knees and Hannah on her knees and I take them alternately and then I quickly lie on my back so they can ride me alternately and while one is on my cock the other is licking my balls. And when Amy is on my dick I can’t hold back anymore, I come deep inside Amy. And then they both lick my cock clean. Can we do it more often? Yes of course, but wait your turn, there are four more colleagues who want to do it. With a curse word, I hear Hannah say, “Shit, if I had just kept my mouth shut, I would have had you all to myself now.