Igor walked down the street and had a goal. The nicest thing would be if he could pick up a nice girl somewhere in a pub and have great, hard sex with her. The problem was that Igor was never to be found in pubs because he was terribly shy. If he went there, every woman would be wherever he was not.

Of course, this was very unpleasant for Igor, so he had decided not to go to the pub anymore. Sometimes he went to the movies, but there wasn’t much to do there either. Still, he decided to go to the movies again, because there was a new one in the theater that he really wanted to see. He walked for another fifteen minutes and without really noticing, he had already arrived at the theater.

He went inside and saw that it was anything but crowded. The heat inside was of the stuffy kind. It was always like that here. Somehow it was never really nice. But once you were in a room, it was okay because there was air conditioning. “1 ticket for The Body Slasher, please. ” The girl behind the counter was new and looked up in surprise. “Body Slasher is a bad movie. Really very gruesome and without any story. The girl looked at Igor for a moment and took him completely into her pretty little head. You know what you are going to do?’ she said. You come back tonight after closing and we’ll watch the movie together.

I’d like to see it too, but I’m a little afraid to watch it alone. And I’m not allowed by the boss to watch movies during working hours. Whether he’s busy or not. Rules. She smiled at Igor a little mischievously, and a pleasant feeling shot through Igor’s body. Girls never laughed AFTER him, they always laughed ABOUT him. “Is good…. Then see me tonight at 12:30.” Igor said without hesitation.

He went back home, and in the meantime he had the wildest fantasies in his head about the brown-haired girl behind the cash register. In his dream, he had fucked her in all positions. Just before he left the theater, Igor had taken her completely. She had gotten up to move some props. One of the props had fallen over, and the girl had had to bend down. Her beautiful ass was sticking out slightly and Igor could clearly see the outline of her beautiful bottom through her tight white pants. From the looks of it, she was either wearing panties OR she had no panties on. Igor was actually hoping for the latter. She had nice breasts that stuck out well and she had nice hard nipples. Could this be because of her little conversation with Igor?

His self-confidence began to grow considerably, and that wasn’t the only thing that was experiencing a growth spurt! As soon as he got home, Igor started playing with his hard cock. He hadn’t closed the front door yet, and his pants were already down to his ankles. “Maybe she wants to have sex with me, and then I’ll shoot all my powder now,” he said to himself, and so he decided not to continue playing, no matter how tempting. The time between this moment and the closing of the theater seemed like an eternity. Igor had already showered, shaved – although it was not necessary at all – and he had eaten only a little.

The TV was full of programs about sex and the most delicious techniques. Igor knew this very well and he wanted to try it with the beautiful girl from the movie. And the programs on television did not help to suppress the horny feeling in Igor’s lower abdomen and pants. It was noon. Igor decided to leave, otherwise he might be late. He arrived 5 minutes before closing time and everyone had already left the theater and the lights were out! “Shit. Now I’m late.” Igor said loudly. “Now I can forget about that horny girl. No sex again. If only I had jerked off now!”

He rattled the door once more, but to no avail. Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him. “Well, I can jerk off for you too, you know. It was the girl from the movie theater. She was still there, waving a key around. I thought I’d lock up and wait for you, so no one will bother us anymore, my nice boy. Are you coming?” She walked in front of Igor and opened the theater doors. She turned on the lights and Igor saw that the doors were still open and the lights were on. The movie was also running, but there seemed to be commercials. I must have turned it on. I’ve seen it done before, and I thought, you’re going to be so … What’s your name, anyway?” “Igor.” “Nice. My name is Irina. Would you like to join me?” They went into the small room and sat down in a corner so that the boxes were nice and close, “in connection with the special effects,” Igor said.

By now the movie had started, it was already off to a good start. They saw how some people were killed in a gruesome way, and Irina was horrified. She cuddled up to Igor. Immediately Igor felt the familiar activity begin in his pants and Irina noticed it too. Gently she began to rub her hands over Igor’s hard bulge and Igor felt that this only made him more horny. And Igor? Do you still want me to give you a hand job? Or do you want me to take your cock out of your pants and just start riding you? Seems wonderful, your hard cock between my shaved lips. And I’m already wet since I saw you at the beginning of the evening. I’m going to take my pants off, okay?

All Igor could do was nod yes and wait to see what would literally come over him later. Irina took off her white pants and Igor saw what he had hoped for: no panties. Igor. Do you want to lick my delicious pussy? Come on. I’ll lie here with my legs on your strong neck, and then you’ll lick me until I come. Or rather to a climax. I want to come together. Getting hornier and hornier, Igor complied with Irina’s demands. She wrapped her legs around his neck and Igor’s tongue slid along the wet labia as he quietly sought out the clit and began to suck and suck on it. “Oohh Igor. How nice you are doing that. Igor pushed his index finger in with his long tongue and as he began to finger the girl, an icy scream sounded on the movie screen, but it could not drown out Irina’s loud moans. Igor. I want to feel your cock inside me…. Now! Igor didn’t let her say that a second time and lifted the beautiful girl out of the theater and sat her down next to him, leaning back relaxed.

Irina unzipped his tight pants and pulled them down to his ankles. Igor’s hard, wet cock popped up and Irina took it in her warm hands. She began to jerk him hard and Igor felt a very nice sensation in his balls and warned Irina to stop, at least if he wanted to come in her. Irina agreed and stepped over Igor with one leg so that she could lower herself gently over his cock. She began to ride him like a wild amazon and Igor felt that he didn’t have long before his hot semen would shoot deep into her belly. Harder and faster Irina began to ride him and Igor heard how the going in and out of his wet cock made sopping sounds that were many times more beautiful than any special effect on the movie screen.

Irina began to move and jerk more violently as she felt Igor’s hard cock drilling deep into her pussy. “Igor…I’m coming…Yes, yes…I’m coming !!!!! And as if they were magic words, Igor felt his glans swell a little and Irina felt it too. Like a syringe of fire, Igor squirted his precious seed deep into her belly and like a waterfall, Irina let her horn flow over Igor’s hard cock.

Igor’s cock jerked a bit after that as Irina moved up and down a bit still on his lap, and a small residue of seed spurted into her wet, horny pussy for a while. …… Two days later, Igor came back to the movie theater. The girl behind the box office was new…”