I’ve been awake for nearly twenty hours now, and I’m still going strong! I’m writing this on my phone while lying on a bare mattress. I’m in a windowless room, on a mattress on the floor, under a thick down comforter.

My penis is burning inside and out, but I’m loving every second of it! What happened today is so bizarre that I want to capture as much of it as possible and store it in the corporate cloud. When something happens to me, Julie, my secretary, will eventually find the story. My day began quite normally. I had a few hours of work at my company. It was a software technical project in the defense industry. I started the day with a phone call to my girlfriend to make reservations at our regular restaurant. Then I showered at home, changed clothes, and on to my favorite terrace.

My girlfriend was already there. She was sitting on the terrace with two women and introduced me to them. One of them looked like she had run into a wall too hard. Her broad shoulders, wide hips, flat face, half-long straight hair, and anything but attractive appearance belied her inner beauty. Her name is Erika. The other is a lot nicer to look at. Redheaded, tad firm, athletically muscular, and Scottish by birth. She introduced herself as Maxine. I joined the ladies at the table and a nice conversation ensued. It turned out that Erika and Maxine were in a relationship and knew each other from their medical careers.

And Erika had just bought a house not far from mine. That house turned out to have quite a few defects, but my friend suggested that I could help with my knowledge and connections in terms of contractors. Finally, together with my childhood friend, who owns a large construction company, I transformed my house from slum to palace! I wasn’t exactly waiting for a job with a lesbian couple in my scarce days off, but I agreed to take inventory. I love my girlfriend, and I was excited to see what she had in store for me. Two days later, the alarm went off at four, and my girlfriend woke me up with her mouth around my cock. She never leaves without emptying my sack, as she puts it. Despite the fact that I was still waking up, she sucked me off so nicely that within ten minutes I was squirting my seed deep into her throat.

Deliberately smacking, she swallowed it all. “It will be two weeks before I can taste you again, so I have to enjoy it extra,” she said, her eyes twinkling with excitement. I had to take her to Schiphol Airport for a business trip, and she was going to visit her niece in Italy for another week after that. I had taken her away fairly early, and I was eager to fulfill the promise I’d made to Erika and Maxine. Then I had a change of heart. I rang the doorbell at the dyke house. It took a while before there was a response. Maxine answered the door. Dressed in a black fleece robe, she looked at me a little questioningly. “Last weekend my friend promised I would look at your chore list…,” I reminded her. The penny dropped, and with a smile she invited me in.

Erika was still doing her morning ritual, Maxine said. And she offered me a cup of tea. I’m more into coffee, I said, but she wasn’t having any. Moments later, I was sitting in their living room on the designer lounge sofa, drinking a cup of herbal tea. A mug full of leaves and other oddities. Maxine sat across from me with a little disturbing fun light in her eyes. Erika, meanwhile, had shown her face, saying she was going to take a quick shower. After the third sip of tea, the lights simply went out. I felt myself getting dizzy and my eyes sagged shut. I still felt myself fall over sideways on the couch, and after that I only remember a kind of vague dream. Like I was being dragged, and then I felt or dreamed that a warm hand was playing with my cock. I thought I was getting a little bit ready and that’s all I can remember.

I finally woke up in a white tiled room. To my right stood Erika. On the left stood Maxine. Both in a white doctor’s uniform. I tried to get up, but my wrists and ankles were fixed to the bed. I asked, my voice startled and angry, what this meant. Erika seemed a little nervous. Maxine smiled mischievously. She also took the floor. “Erika has been my heart friend for years. And since two years my partner and lover. Her unusual appearance is due to a hereditary transmissible syndrome. It is incredibly rare. And when Erika wants children, and she does, there are a few problems. The father must have a very specific genetic profile to avoid passing on her problem, and because of Erika’s syndrome, she has an aggressive immune system against sperm cells. So those sperm cells have to have some kind of defense.” Still waking from an involuntary sleep, I understood little of it. And excitement rose in my body. Meanwhile, Maxine continued to tell me.

“You had your blood tested the other day, and coincidentally it was done in my lab. As a result, I know that your DNA profile is perfect for our purposes. And that defense of your sperm cells Erika and I are going to do something about… I was now trying to stand up with more force. Erika was a little startled by this at first, but then got a combative look in her eyes. “We took a sperm sample from you while you were sleeping,” she said with a smile. “One part to test for fertility and suitability. That’s one hundred percent, and the last bit I smeared into a pair of worn panties. Should you think about resisting, I’ll charge you with rape. Then Maxine will testify that she came in while you were raping me and I’ll have your semen in my panties as evidence. We know you have government contracts. So even an accusation is enough to get your business off to a flying start! Let alone a conviction and imprisonment. I let it sink in for a moment.

And realized that Erika could indeed do this. It also explained my vague dream, which apparently was not a dream. “So you want me as a sperm donor?” I asked. Maxine replied. “It’s not that simple. Unfortunately. First, you could refuse, and there are very few men with a suitable profile. That we found you was like winning the lottery!” And second, making sure your sperm is made suitable requires treatment that very few men are willing or able to endure.” Now I was starting to get a little excited. These women had me completely in their power. If I had only had to donate sperm, I might have just done it. But drugging me, tying me up and while I was out jerking off in front of a sperm sample, apparently that was just the beginning. Maxine took the floor. “Let me sum it up in layman’s terms for you. Your urethra always contains tiny residues of urine. These come with an ejaculation, and that’s one of the things that triggers Erika’s immune system. In addition, there are enzymes in seminal fluid that do pretty much the same thing. So we have to both clean your urethra, and introduce an extract of Erika’s fluid into your urethra.

This makes Erika’s immune system think it’s the body’s own. And it will accept your sperm! We developed a special tool for this in my laboratory, and that tool has to fit in your urethra. So we are going to prepare you for what is needed, and it’s going to be great! When Maxine talked about inserting things into my urethra, I was so excited at the thought of it. Unconsciously, I lifted my head and looked at my crotch. I was thrilled to see that I had a sizable erection. And that I was lying under a sheet with a square recess from which my cock stood up. “Oh yes.” Said Maxine nonchalantly. “We also stirred a little Viagra into your tea. “That made taking a sperm sample a little easier. And so will what’s coming next.” Erika got a smile on her face from this. “The day after tomorrow I’ll be at my most fertile. So let’s get started on the treatment. You’ll need some time to cope with the diameter. And now, although I’m a lesbian, I find penetration incredibly exciting.”

Upon uttering that last sentence, she looked at something standing at the level of my left shoulder. I turned my head and saw a high table with a stainless steel tray on it. On that tray were some kind of shiny stainless steel knitting needles. Neatly sorted and increasing in thickness. I turned my head in the other direction and saw a similar table. Where Maxine just picked up a tube and a large syringe without a needle. She twisted the cap off the tube and pulled the syringe full of the stuff from the tube. “Water-based and cleansing lubricant.” She said. Meanwhile, without me noticing, Erika had replicated a washcloth with hot water. She squirted a disinfectant solution from some kind of squeeze bottle onto my stiff cock and began washing it thoroughly with the hot washcloth. Especially my glans got a lot of attention. Despite all the bizarre experiences so far, and the fact that Erika was not particularly attractive, I felt my cock getting even harder from the treatment.

With two fingers of her right hand, Erika squeezed the base of my glans. This caused my pee hole to open slightly, and Erika gently cleaned this as well. “He’s ready!” she said with a smile at Maxine. Maxine squeezed a few drops of lube from the syringe over my glans and into my pee hole, which was held open by Erika. Erika used her index finger to smear the lube around and a little in my pee hole. After this, Maxine grabbed my cock firmly with her left hand and with her right hand she pushed the tip of the syringe into my pee hole. With her thumb, she slowly but surely pressed the syringe half-empty into my cock. “Can you feel it sliding into your cock? We’re doing this because we have to, but it’s making me really horny anyway!” Spoke she a little hoarsely.

Then she grabbed the thinnest stainless steel knitting needle from the tray and lubricated it with even more lube from the syringe. “This is a dilator.” She said. “We’ll start with four millimeters, to get you used to it.” While Maxine was working on this, Erika played with my cock. She gently squeezed my glans and pulled me off very slowly. Maxine had the dilator in her right hand and used her left thumb and forefinger to open my pee hole. Erika seemed to sense my excitement and squeezed the base of my cock harder and harder. With the amazing combination of Viagra, the four hands at my cock, and the intense horny gaze of the two ladies, my cock was rock hard and ready to go! My pee hole was glistening with lube. As was the four-millimeter-thick dilator that Maxine was now gently pushing into my open hole. Inch by inch, I felt the steel rod slide into my cock. With the rod pushed about four inches into my cock, Maxine held it still for a moment.

With her left hand, she squeezed my glans rhythmically. And Erika began to slowly jerk me off. Each time she reached down with her hand, Maxine let the dilator slide further into my penis. I was amazed at how delicious it was! It felt like I was being jerked off inside and out. Despite the bizarre situation, I loved the experience and it was a sensation I had never felt before. Maxine had completely slipped the 4-millimeter dilator into my cock. She let it rest for a moment, and Erika was playing with my glans. Then, Maxine began to slowly pull the dilator up and down. Erika was right there with her, pulling me off in the exact same slow rhythm. I felt my balls contracting and my cock getting even harder in a jerky way. This seemed to be the signal for Erika and Maxine to step up. Maxine pulled the dilator out of my cock and placed it in a stainless steel dish.