“And so you could start immediately?”
“I’m free. Tomorrow, if you like.”
The young man on the other side of the desk continued to look at her boldly. Daina was somewhat annoyed, but at the same time fascinated by the guy’s nerve. He was a candidate for the job of assistant.

Her pharmacy’s clientele had increased tremendously lately, and she desperately needed help. And Alard, who had just graduated with great distinction, was the only one immediately free. He was a handsome fellow, tall, slim, with a southern type of charm, with short frizzy hair and blue eyes. Throughout the conversation, he had looked at her with a sparkle.

Unashamedly, he had passed his gaze over her breasts, and now he looked into her décolletage without fail. Daina was fifty, from Lithuania but now living in Belgium with her husband. No one would have guessed she was older than forty. Her figure was still perfect. So everyone around her was surprised that she was still without a partner since her divorce ten years ago. After some hesitation, she decided to go for it: ‘Good, then I expect you Monday at 9 am.’ In his white coat, he looked even more handsome, with his tanned skin.

‘May I call you Daina?’ – ‘Don’t you think I’m too old for that?’ “I could be your mother.”
“You are handsome, Daina. I’d quite like to have a number with you!”
Daina was taken aback for a moment. What impertinence!
“Alard, I didn’t hear that! In the presence of the clientele, you address me as madam, understood?”
“Certainly, ma’am!” – The tone was slightly teasing, and in the meantime, his gaze went from top to bottom and lingered on her legs. ‘Handsome tits, beautiful legs!” he said.

Daina felt herself turning a bit pale and then a bit red. But before she could react, the store bell rang. After a quick glance, she turned and strode toward the pharmacy. It was not very busy that morning, so Daina had time to show her young assistant around. He was very attentive and refrained from any further insolence. He couldn’t help but touch her now and then. His hand briefly on hers as they looked at documents together, or a fleeting touch on her back when he passed behind her to the desk, and even a pat on her bum once.

Daina was a little embarrassed by her reaction. She felt like she should have responded, and perhaps even more so for having to admit to herself that she didn’t find it entirely unpleasant. The day went smoothly. Alard’s efficient help was already bringing relief. And quite a few female clients were clearly looking with interest at that handsome assistant. The next morning, Daina caught herself humming in the bathroom while getting dressed in front of the mirror. It was true that her figure was still excellent. Like this in her black bra and panties, she really still looked sexy. With more care than usual, she prepared herself. Alard was punctual. He immediately complimented her: “Wow! You look great today!” Daina felt herself blushing. “It’s all right. Now get to work!” It was a very busy morning, barely time to stand in the office and have a cup of coffee. Daina was glad it was afternoon.

Alard had brought a packed lunch and would stay on site. Daina, as usual, went to do some shopping first and then would have a bite to eat at home. The pharmacy didn’t reopen until two o’clock, but Daina wanted to take care of some paperwork first, so she stepped back into her store at 1:30. From inside the store, she heard strange noises coming from her desk: gasping, moaning. What on earth was going on? Daina quickly stepped into the corridor, but then stopped, looking a little confused at what she could see through the open door of her desk. The panting and moaning was coming from a blonde girl with long hair who was sitting wide-legged on the table, head back, leaning into the arms of Alard, who was standing between her thighs and giving her a big hug.

His pants hung at his ankles, his tight ass tightened and relaxed under the thrusting. Daina couldn’t say a word. She leaned back against the wall and kept watching. The thrusting got faster, and the girl started moaning louder. Daina wanted to jump in and stop it, but she was too excited. She started panting a little, and she touched her breasts with her hand. She felt heat in her lower abdomen. Then the girl saw her and screamed in dismay.

Alard turned suddenly. His huge cock was wet with moisture. He grinned as he pulled up his pants, saying, “Don’t be afraid, dear. Madam likes it quite a lot, don’t you, madam?” Daina could not utter anything, continued to stand leaning against the wall watching. “You like it,” she heard him say. “Let’s see how nice your underwear is. Do you do it yourself, or do you want me to do it?” Daina began unbuttoning her blouse, her eyes closed, feeling both embarrassed and excited.

“Your breasts are so beautiful and firm,” Alard said with a smile. “I think you should try a bra with open cups. Then your nipples will become hard and clearly visible under your blouse, which will be very sexy! And now lift up your skirt!” Daina heard herself moan softly as she lifted the hem of her skirt with both hands and bared her long legs. “Higher, so I can see your panties!” Daina did as she was asked. She hung against the wall, her arms at her sides, her body open and vulnerable.

She felt herself getting wet, and she was embarrassed that it might be visible. ‘Your legs are more open, even more!’ He would surely see it now. But he said nothing about it. “Hold your skirt up high and turn around.” Like an automaton, Daina executed the command, panting louder and louder, almost sobbing, with her forehead against the cold wall and her tight buttocks turned toward him. Her whole body now shuddered with distress and excitement. “Your panties are a bit too big, my dear. Next time, a thong, okay? And now stay like this until the first customer comes. Your turn is coming!”
Behind her, Daina heard the girl get dressed again and leave the office with Alard. The bell rang and there was silence for quite a while. He did not return, leaving her standing like that, with her forehead against the wall, her blouse wide open and her skirt up in her trembling hands. In a state of distress, she finally sank to her knees and remained there, dazed, until voices in the pharmacy called her back to reality. She nervously buttoned her blouse again, pulled her skirt right, and headed for the store.

Alard was chatting with a customer like nothing was wrong. Other people came in, and Daina had to join them. She wasn’t really there, making mistakes and feeling her wet panties. When there were no customers for a moment, she quickly went to the toilet, took it off, and put it in her purse. It felt a little strange being so without panties behind the counter. As she was serving another customer, she suddenly felt hands around her ankles. She let out a little scream, which startled the lady on the other side of the counter.

“Are you not feeling well?”
“I’m fine,” said Daina. “I just got a sudden toothache. I really need to go to the dentist.”
“Oh, yes, you can’t put that off,” said the lady.
While they were talking, several more people had entered. To her dismay, Daina saw that Alard was behind the counter, grinning broadly. She felt his hands come up, caressingly, higher and higher, above her knees, even higher, stroking between her thighs, up and down.

Daina was now totally confused, making miscalculations, repeatedly mistaken. His hands now came up to her pussy. Involuntarily, she spread her thighs. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter. The fingers were now massaging her labia. She squirmed slightly with excitement, speaking stutteringly to them. Almost, she began to gasp when a finger penetrated her, moved up and down her pussy. Then a second finger. Looking down, she saw that his head was poking under her skirt. And then she felt his tongue on her clit. He licked with short strokes and then began to suck. Daina could only continue talking and serving the customers with great difficulty. When she thought she was going to faint, finally the last one went outside. Alard immediately stood up and looked at her with a playful smile.

“Now you should hear…” she began, stammering a bit. He didn’t let her continue, though. “Now you have to hear. You are going to do what I tell you. Go to your desk, now, bend over on the table, with your head on your crossed arms, and wait for me like that!” Daina bowed her head, feeling a bit nervous but also excited, her juices leaking down her thighs. She went to her desk and carried out his command. With a racing heart, she heard him close the store door and lower the shutters. What was waiting for her? She trembled with fear and desire at the same time. Then she heard him enter. He was behind her, she felt. Slowly he lifted her skirt, to above her hips. His hands went caressing over her buttocks, and then suddenly a firm tap, and another and another. Tears stood in her eyes, from pain and pleasure. She squirmed under the spanks, giggling as he kept spanking until her buttocks glowed. Then, suddenly, it stopped. “Your legs open!” Daina showed all of herself now, twisted with her behind.

He could do anything now, anything! “Sit in the seat, with your legs over the armrests.” Daina straightened, turned, and looked pleadingly into his cold eyes. But she did as he asked, even pulling her labia apart so he could look into her leaking cunt. “Ok, all out now. I’ll wait for you at the store!” And he left the desk. Feverishly, Daina took off all her clothes, skirt, blouse, and bra. She kept on her high-heeled shoes.

She practically ran down the hallway, her heart racing. He was waiting for her behind the counter, all the lights on. Stark naked, one arm in front of her breasts and one arm protecting her lower abdomen, she stood there in the middle of her own business. “Come on, now, walk around, in circles, with your arms high, like horses walk, run girl!”

Daina began to run, slowly and hesitantly at first. “Faster, faster, your knees high, run, run!” She ran like crazy, head on her neck, hair blowing. She felt her breasts dancing. Alard came out from behind the counter, holding a small whip. “Run, faster, knees higher!” Every time she passed, he patted her buttocks. She was getting drunk from spinning around, panting, moaning. “Stop,” he said, and opened the store door. “To the other side of the square, and back!” It was dark, and no one could be seen, but there were lighted windows everywhere. Daina hesitated on the threshold, wincing. “Run!” She ran into the square, panicking, afraid someone would come, or someone would look out the window. Almost there! She was almost across the street when the door of the café opened and two men, obviously drunk, talking loudly, came out. Daina let out a scream, turned, and ran back.

The two men, who were clearly quite drunk, looked at the naked woman running away from them in disbelief. Daina heard them call out to her, and when she looked back anxiously, she saw that the two men also began to run after her! Twenty more meters. And then suddenly the light in the pharmacy went out! Daina tugged at the doorknob, but it was closed! She didn’t dare shout, pounding on the glass with all her might.

The two drunks were now right there, about to grab her, when the door suddenly opened and she was pulled inside. She stumbled a bit, but he was there to catch her. He was also naked and pulled her against him. “Darling!” he whispered, lifting her up and taking her in his arms to the desk. The two drunks pounded on the door, trying to see with a hand over their eyes if what they thought they had seen was true.