Photo is for illustration purposes, that’s blonde Marie

Even though it’s bright outside and everything seems normal, something wild is going to happen today. I’m going to meet my Master! We’ve never met before. I’ve never done anything so wild in my life! But I’ve been captivated. It’s like I’ve been driven by an inner little devil that’s actually been in there for a long time. I’ve often fantasized about being handcuffed and blindfolded. But it’s always been a fantasy! We agreed in advance to meet just outside the city, and drive together, to Joy’s. Like just to check each other out a bit before we get to enjoy each other’s bodies! I smile shyly at you, but you manage to give me an amazing calm after you give me a hug! In the car, we don’t say much to each other, but you can feel the excitement. Even though I tried to look as good as possible, I was still worried if the Lord would think I wasn’t pretty enough.

I see lust in my Master

I can’t see anything but lust in his face though! I really would have liked to have some super-naughty underwear to wear, but I don’t have anything on the naughty end that I think is needed. You’ve already booked a room, so we’re almost going straight in, you a bit after me. I look around the room, seeing various remedies. The scent is of leather and you can also smell detergent. My heart is starting to gallop. Partly from excitement, partly from desire. Everything is murky. The daylight is completely gone, and in here it might as well be evening. It’s kind of nice. Soon you’ll be behind me, and I’ll be blindfolded right away. Now you’ll get your punishment” you say. It shivers all the way through me. I’m kind of scared, but my curiosity makes me just wait for what’s going to happen. “Take off your clothes” you command. I carefully start to undress. I don’t like being naked in front of someone I don’t even know!

My body clearly bears the marks of pregnancy and too much weight. Because before you called it ‘cheeky’ but one is always unsure. I’m naked in front of you, and all I can hear is my own heartbeat. I listen frantically for where you are, and I think I hear said steps. Suddenly I feel your strong hands grab me and they force me up a wall! While you have a firm grip on me, you kiss me lustfully! I can feel it go right down between my legs and I get even wetter than I was. You let go with one arm, letting your hand feel my pussy. You note that I’m horny, and let me lick my juices off your fingers. “So you’re such a horny bitch?” You ask. “Yes Master,” I say quietly. You turn me around and let your hands slide all the way down my back and down to my buttocks.

Soft and nice. But all at once, you slap me on the butt, and I gasp out loud! I was startled, and before I could think, a slap falls on the other buttock! “You’ve been bad. I have quite a few marks in my black book for you to take your punishment,” I nod and you lead me over to the tray, I think. You tell me to lie down on it. I obey, and soon I get more spankings on my bottom! You enjoy watching me wince, after each blow, but you can also see that I enjoy it. My buttocks are starting to get red and hot, and you are now spreading my legs. I willingly help, even to. I can feel you caressing, with your fingers, up and down my thighs and you also stroke my after hand rather swollen vulva. Furthermore, I lift my end to give you more room, but you return the favor with a slap on my warm buttocks! I’m not allowed to decide anything, but it’s hard when you’re so horny!

You buckle me in and put my legs up in the stirrups. It’s a bit humiliating to lie like this. I can hear a chair on wheels rolling across the floor. I sense you’re putting yourself between my legs. I can feel you looking at me hornily, and soon I have your fingers in my wet pussy! You caress my clit with one hand and gently insert two fingers into my wet hole! I soon come in a delicious orgasm, but you only give me a few seconds break before I can feel a vibrator in my pussy. It’s not that big, but it’s powerful! You spread my lips and start licking me! It blacks out before my eyes, and soon I’m screaming the next orgasm out into the room, with no thought for if anyone hears me. In the next moment, the chair rolls away. I’m sweating and out of breath, waiting for your next move!

I’m trying to listen, to figure out what’s going to happen, and before I know it, I can feel your cock next to my mouth! I hornily open my mouth and lick and suck as best I can, without using my hands! You taste delicious! Love the taste and smell of cock! But just as quickly as your cock was in my mouth, just as quickly it was gone again. You thrust your cock, all you can, into my wet pussy, fucking me hard while you have a good grip on me. I get spanked, and just before you come, you pull out and come all over me! A moment later you walk out the door. I lie there, still strapped in, and am in ecstasy until the door slams behind you. I’m filled with discomfort, but try to take it easy! After all, I’m still naked on the tray, with my legs in the stirrups. I try to remove the blindfold from my eyes, to no avail.

Wiggling my hands and feet, as if that will help? But there’s only one thing to do: wait! I lie thinking about the process and get horny again. I smile a little to myself when I hear the door open. It’s obvious there are more than you! “Look, there’s the horny bitch I was talking about,” you say, and I hear faint sighs all around from! “What’s this?” I think, but before the thought is finished, I have a stiff cock in my cunt! This wasn’t the deal? You whisper in my ear that I’ve earned so much cock that I can’t walk for the next three days, all the while clamping a gag in my mouth so I can’t scream for help. One guy fucking me is several taking me on, I have hands all over me. My pussy is starting to get sore, but in a way it might be a bit naughty! To be fucked by several men and my Master! My tits are being licked and sucked on, hard, the way I like it! I can’t help but moan loudly, as best I can, because of the gag, and start to enjoy it! Even though it was something I had feared, it was insanely hot!

Blonde needs Master