I absolutely love sucking! It’s one of my favorite things to do as a woman. I love giving ultimate pleasure! It’s so satisfying to see men enjoy it, and I love having the control to suck harder or softer, to suck deep or tease with my tongue over his glans. The moment he takes control and starts thrusting, up to the moment they can’t control themselves anymore and the seed sprays uncontrollably into my mouth or face—that’s the best part! But it all starts with the location! That often makes all the difference!

Blowjobs are always so horny! I love doing them in the bedroom or on the couch at someone’s house. It gets really exciting when you’re on your knees in some bushes, with the chance of being seen by a walker! Or you could be like me, sucking off a married guy in his car in a parking lot, or in a dirty toilet of a gas station along the highway. Then comes the fun part: the division of roles! As a sucker, you get to be submissive to the pleasure of the other person, which is a great feeling! The men I blow are mainly concerned with their own pleasure, and I love helping them achieve it with my warm mouth! That always gives me a wonderful “wrong” feeling, and it’s still there even after all the cocks I have already sucked! Then there’s the visual aspect! The moment you unbuckle his belt is an absolute rush!

With his crotch right in front of you! And often, a bulge is already visible! Then you undo his pants, buttons, or zipper, and pull his pants down a little further to discover the next layer—usually a delightfully exciting surprise! His underpants! The way his cock hangs in them…stiff and awaiting, the contours often visible, so you already know a little bit what size he is. And then, the moment you pull those pants down! Sometimes he is half-stiff, with a big, hanging, beautiful cock over his balls. But sometimes he flaps super hard, almost against your mouth! That image is so incredibly horny when you’re on your knees! Then comes the first touch, just cupping his balls… softly… or immediately your hand around his hard… or just between his legs behind his balls, just that touch.

Then your hand around it anyway… pulling his foreskin back… gently up and down… and then you hear the breathing change and sometimes you can already see some moisture forming on the glans. The eye contact. Eye contact is so important! It really emphasizes the proportions. He stands there, looking down at you. You look up, and you want him so badly. You want to tell him to go ahead and let himself go, because your mouth is for him, and he can cum anytime. Then you smile, and then… The taste! Every cock has its own taste! Sometimes, just before it is rock hard, you lick it, half-stiff over its glans. You sometimes taste the salty residue of pee. Or a strong, horny taste or smell. Then you know it! You look at him and take him in your mouth, your warm mouth around his cock. Then the sucking, the play.

All at once, overwhelming. During e sucking, my head goes up and down, but I also make love to his cock. I play with it. I tongue his glans, I spit on it and slurp it up again. My saliva mixes with his pre-cum, the taste is incredible. Eye contact, always. Deeply sucking then taking his cock out again. Sometimes I want to slap your cheek with it…then back into the heat…my mouth is wet. I massage his balls and pipe on…wet, sometimes slurping, loud but always with eye contact. The grand finale! The ultimate showdown. His breathing changes again. Usually it slows first because the control is no longer there. The rhythm is gone, for a moment he looks at you, deep into your eyes, and then his gaze tightens as his brain translates what he sees. Me, with eyes that say go ahead, squirt.

Then a growl, sometimes a moan or sigh. At that moment, you feel the first drops of thick pre-cum on your tongue. You feel his balls tighten and the first spasm of his cock that causes his seed to shoot from his balls, through his shaft into your mouth, against your palate, then I get greedy and suck harder…literally the seed out, and you feel your mouth fill up with his cum…your reward…his pleasure and your mouth is full of it! You swallow as he continues to jerk and squirt you full, sometimes too much, and it runs down your chin or corners of your mouth. Sometimes he pulls out of your mouth, and then you feel it land on your face and drip. You savor the taste as you swallow away the last remnants. Then the end, the spell is broken, the fairy tale over. I always feel like I’m Cinderella whose carriage and dress have been taken away, but it’s a good feeling! His cock becomes limp and hangs in front of you…usually still dripping a little, which you lick off.

The glint around your mouth from the daylight or a lamp, with me there is often some on my shirt. A kiss, often an awkward pat on the head or a quick greeting. And then you hope you are soon Cinderella again.