Hello Cougerlovers. The whole thing happened in reality. I am 42 years old German man and have a wonderful Russian girlfriend for a year, but sexually it is so-so. But my mother-in-law is complete different. Edit: photo is by Jennifer. Edit: photo is by Jennifer.

I got together with my girlfriend last year in Russia, and then she told me that her parents and she were nudist fans, where I have no problem with. This story was written long before that the Russian aggressor and Kremlin troll (careful hate site) started a war, I can tell you that, since she’s in Germany her eyes are open.

So we sit with us and talk about what we still want to do so on the Saturday called her mother and invited us to her on the nudist place, after a short think we said yes, from a certain time you can run around there dressed. So we go there to greet her mom and I don’t look at that pu…, there she stands naked in front of me and takes me in the arm.

Anna so she is called, 64 years old has a good 95 D bust and a top figure, I had to take a deep breath. Her husband Guido also came naked from the small house, but that bothered me less, I rather watched Anna in everything she does and noticed that in my pants what stirred. We grilled together I helped to dry off and, as if it is natural for her, she bent over so that I had a clear view of her clean-shaven pussy. But my fantasies run wild.

When we were back in her parent’s second house, I had to lick and fuck my partner extensively. A few days later I lay on the couch and looked on my phone Euro webcam girls and fixate me one girl, when all at once the front door opened and Anna stood there and watched me with huge eyes and called loudly what are you doing there.

I was so perplexed as I jumped up with open pants and said after what it looks like here, she looked at my phone and just saw that I’m watching a cam chat as a woman blew a younger one. I said to her, your daughter does not do that, so I have to put up with it. She left without saying anything.

Naughty mother-in-law at home

4 months passed, and I was supposed to help my future mother-in-law at home because her husband was not there and would come home late, because my girlfriend was not there I agreed and went to her. She opened the door for me and asked me in and explained to me what I should help her with, we got to work and did everything. After a good 2 hours she asked me that the new shower rod should be fixed, of course I said, and we went into the shower.

Anna stood in her housedress in front of me on the ladder, and I held the shower rod. It came as it had to come she bent too far forward lost the balance and much of the ladder while she tore her dress broken and tore the faucet with from the wall, I had tried to catch her and had my hands on her breasts lie because she was also naked under the dress I saw everything of her.

Because the armature was torn off we were totally splashed wet, and we stood there and laughed only. I stood with my wet clothes still in the shower and watched her as she dried off and thereby grew my cock in my pants, which of course did not remain hidden from her. She said nothing but smiled and dried himself further. When she was done, I asked her if she could go out because I was embarrassed that I have a stiff because of her.

She came up to me said nothing opened my pants and give a hand job first one and when he was really stiff she looked at me and said only, well if my daughter does not do that I do it for it and she took my cock completely in her mouth and blew me one until I came.