Anne was a webcam model from Brazil and living in Colombia. She was a sultry Latina with big glasses who knew how to finally turn me on during my six-month stay in that country. She had invited me, and actually I preferred to leave it at friendship. I found her rather shallow and rough in the mouth.

That turned out to be a way of survival, as I found out later. But she flirted with me a lot and clearly wanted more, until then I had kept her at a distance. She was intelligent, but in a way rough. She had stuck such a sticker of life on herself. But that was not going to work. She had a new home thanks to her webcam work, and I came to visit. I thought… I didn’t know she was already there. Shortly after I entered her room, she was pulling one of her breasts out of her dress.

The sultry Latina had me hooked

She was clearly not wearing a brassiere, and a bondage dream came to mind. The bared bosom went down immediately. A firm, small bosom that leaned toward her belly. But a part that was already giving me an initial thrill in my pants. A moment later, the second bosom also hung over the airy dress. My breath caught in my throat: I had rarely seen such great breasts before. Anne is now standing very close to me. She takes my hand and holds it against one of her beautiful breasts, knowing full well that she can win me over quickly this way.

And she is even right: there is a lot of happening in my pants now. It’s just getting too tight down there for my best piece. I decide to take off my clothes. Then I stand stark naked in front of Anne. My penis is already showing quite a bit of size. Anne herself seems in no hurry to undress. She still has her airy dress on, her beautiful breasts hanging down promisingly.

I get very close to Anne, touching her breasts, caressing them, running my hand over her long, round bosom and tugging lightly on the nipples. Meanwhile, Anne grabs my balls and begins to tenderly touch and caress them: alternating between stroking them with the back of her hand and with her fingers. This is a wonderful turn-on, my penis is really pointing upwards now; almost at full size.

I reach under Anne’s dress and pull off her panties

I reach under Anne’s dress and pull off her panties. Then I caress her firm muscular thighs, and she’s enjoy these lovely touches. Anne makes frantic attempts to get at my mouth and tongue. With a dreamy look and half-closed eyes, she takes her chance. A moment later, I am gently stroking her pussy with the back of my hand. Anne rolls her eyes slightly, and I can feel her getting easily aroused down there. I keep stroking and caressing, and soon she is as wet as a water cave down there. The excitement is written all over Anne’s face. She keeps her eyes closed, moans softly and pleasantly to herself, and enjoys it….

She also enjoys massaging my balls and later my penis. Very gently, so that not too much happens; but equally strongly, so that the excitement becomes stronger and stronger. Now my penis is well-prepared to get going. I thought of horny intercourse in the super wet Latina cave.

But Anne has something else in mind, which, as it turns out later, is much more erotic, sensual and moving than intercourse. Anne points to her bed and tells me to lie there. I let myself be surprised and sit on the edge of the bed for now. My legs are well spread, my penis large and very stiff. Anne kneels down in front of me.

She is also completely naked

By now, she is also completely naked. Once again, I get the chance to fondle and caress her sultry Latina breasts. “There is actually a very large highway between the giant breasts; just big enough for my adult penis to fit in,” I think to myself. No sooner had I thought that than Anne deftly takes my penis in her highway.

Then she lightly squeezes her huge breasts with her hands, which turns me on very much. Then she presses the breasts a little harder against my penis and starts rubbing slowly. This pleases me, and my penis might as well develop between such amazing breasts. I lay my head on the bed and spread my legs as far as I can. Anne rubs and rubs. Now I close my eyes and enjoy. The rubbing gets a little harder and faster.

The head of my penis gets slightly wet, droplets of pleasure flow. Anne massages so skillfully with her breasts that I am aroused to the extreme, but just as skillfully that I cannot cum. This dichotomy between the desire to cum quickly and the reality that Anne doesn’t even want me to cum yet almost drives me crazy inside. – Crazy in a positive sense, because this orgasm delay is in turn erotically gripping. Anne smiles mockingly at me.

In addition to squeezing my bosom, Anne is now squeezing my balls. Sometimes she squeezes my balls by holding them alternately between her index finger and thumb. I feel a slight pain, tingling at the same time. Breast massage and kneading in combination excite me so much that I cum all over and spill my cream all over the breasts, so that the cream runs down the breasts and drips from the nipples!

After a 15-minute break and some cuddling, Anne lights a cigarette and starts cursing because a pigeon is sitting on her balcony depositing its droppings with a well-aimed shot. With her nice wide buttocks and dancing breasts, she runs to the balcony to chase the animal away. That was a trigger, a trigger to tie her up and fuck her.

I got up and stood behind her, the cigarette smoke curling up along my face. But how delicious she smelled, I got an instant hard penis. Anne notices this too and with a sultry look she asks: “Fuck me hard in the pussy”. I pull her white panties down hard, with a shudder she makes her legs wide. I tell her she is now my wife and start tying her up with a piece of rope left over from the construction. Anne automatically gives her hands and after tying her up on the bed and stomach, with one motion I push my penis into her super wet delicious Latina slit. Anne throws her head up and enjoys it intensely.

After about five thrusts, her eyes turn upward and drops of sweat open down my back. Like a heavy sledgehammer delivering blow after blow, I penetrate her pussy. Determined to cum vigorously deep in her belly. The sultry Latina’s breasts move with each thrust.

She pushes her ass further up to give me better access to her wet slit. I want to turn her over now and like a dog following its full manger, she carries out my command. In no time, she grabs my sex and stuffs it back into her wet, scented pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me. I’m your wife now” moans the sultry Latina.

Anne clearly needed more, she pulled all the energy out of me and after a few more thrusts started to come. I had to cum, I tongue kissed Anne and pushed my sack empty between the legs of this lovely sultry Latina, the imaginary sticker of roughness I could remove from her. Behind this rough mask hid a sweet and gentle woman. She doesn’t smoke anymore and about half a year later Anne joined me.