Look, dear reader, the subject in this story is Caroline. You see her in the picture. Is that just beautiful, you can start a fantasy and make erotic contact with Caroline.

Getting laid, that’s what Tom was incredibly hungry for. The only problem was that he didn’t have a woman readily available with whom he could fuck. He was busy working as a computer programmer and otherwise lived a somewhat reclusive life. Tom wouldn’t walk straight into the pub to go woman hunting. The only thing he did occasionally got a beer in the neighborhood pub, and there were women there, but not exactly his kind of ladies.

However, that “nice fuck” had been in his system for a week or two and out of poverty he decided to go to the neighborhood pub and see if he could get Marie, an older lady with huge tits, to go home with him. He knew she thought he was a nice guy, and he liked older women, but it wasn’t an instant match made in heaven.

He didn’t like Internet dating, because he was already in front of a computer enough, and he knew that both men and women easily pretended to be different than they really were. He decided to masturbate for the umpteenth time, as semen was almost running out of his ears. He had laid down naked on the bed and taken his nice big cock in his hand. It came up immediately as he began his favorite fantasy, sex with the upstairs neighbor. That was a horny milf with big tits, who radiated sex. Just apparently not with him, he sighed.

He was just getting up to a nice pace when his cell phone rang. Deciding to ignore it, he pulled firmly on his cock for a few more minutes and then cummed hard. After his legs had eased a little, he had gotten up and grabbed his cell phone to see who had called him. It was a number he didn’t immediately recognize. Normally he never called back at an unknown number, but in some strange way, he knew he had to call back this time.

“Caroline speaking,” it sounded on the other end of the line. “Euuhhhh, hi, I’m Tom and you just called me. What’s up?”
“Ha, hello sub-neighbor,” Caroline said cheerfully, “you once gave me your card and said I could call you anytime I had a computer problem. My laptop has suddenly stopped working and I need to send some important files that are on it. Could you very please look at it. I will arrange for an appropriate reward.” Tom remembered again that during a flat meeting he had briefly struck up a conversation with his wet dream and given him his card, something he normally did, but her big tits were an important part of his decision-making.

“I’ll be right there, and a reward is really not necessary,” he said firmly. Just being in her presence for a while would be reward enough for him.

“I don’t think you’re going to say no, but we’ll see about that in a minute,” Caroline said, and Tom thought he heard a horny undertone in her voice, but that could also be down to his hormones and lack of sex. He had rushed through the shower, put on his clean shirt and jeans, and was at his upstairs neighbor’s door in exactly 8 minutes, a new record showering and dressing.

Unexpectedly In Sexy Lingerie

He didn’t know what he saw when he opened, because there stood his muse in sexy lingerie. She apparently hadn’t bothered to get dressed and what was worse, she seemed to want to challenge him on purpose. She made sure that her big tits were even more prominent in him. For a moment he didn’t know what to do with the situation and did something he never expected to dare. The neighbor asked for a welcoming kiss and he planted his hands around her waist and gave her a big kiss on her mouth.

“Oh,” she said in a horny voice, “we’ll get right to the reward.”

Tom felt like his cock had taken over because he never thought he would be so brave. He seemed like an experienced decorator, a man who was easy with women. The complete opposite of his true self.
His neighbor was apparently just as excited as he was because she let his hands go over her body and then said her laptop was in the bedroom. For a moment he regained both feet, for he was not here for a nice fuck, but to fix a laptop. He felt disappointed. She was probably going to have horny internet sex with her lover if he fixed her laptop.

His Head Between Her Big Tits

He was walking behind her upstairs toward her bedroom when those thoughts shot through his head. However, his disappointment disappeared immediately when Caroline said: “Would you like to be able to put your head between my tits, I very much feel the need for physical contact. I have a feeling that’s what you’re in the mood for, at least, you always just love looking at my memes when I’m around you.”
Normally he would get a red face and start apologizing, but now he just did as he was asked. Every once in a while, it was pretty handy when your cock made all the decisions. He almost cum when his mouth came into contact with her big tits. This was just the beginning of a very horny sex session because next he did something that was fueled by an indeterminate feeling. He went dominant and to his great relief it worked out well.

She is more dominant than he thought

He said in a confident voice, “get on your knees and suck me, horny slut.”
“Ohhhhh, sir is dominant, I am terribly horny for that. Of course, I’ll get on my knees right away, sir,” Caroline said. It appeared that he had struck a nerve with her because he pulled his cock out of his pants and the handsome mature mother immediately closed her divine lips around his glans and began to suck him terribly horny.
He had hired an expensive escort woman for an entire night, he had plenty of money, and he had thought that no one would be able to beat her blowjob. He was wrong because Caroline was a master of oral sex. She evoked feelings of pleasure in him that he had obviously managed to keep well hidden.

Blow And Nice Fucking

She quickly brought him to the edge of ejaculation and, through her experience, knew how to keep him on that edge. Every time he felt like he was going to squirt, she would suck softer and when the feeling was gone a little, she would go a little faster and the pleasure waves would shoot through his body again.

At one point he couldn’t hold it any longer and began to fuck her mouth. Caroline Notty willingly allowed that and just as he was about to fill her mouth, she let his cock slide out of her mouth and stood up.
“Will you come with me,” she said submissively, grabbing his hand and pulling him with her into her bedroom. He forgot for a moment about being dominant and demanding that she suck him off first and followed her. Arriving in her bedroom, he dropped on his back on her bed and waited for things to come, finally getting fucked.

His horny upstairs neighbor dove at him and continued where she had stopped on the stairs. She pampered his cock in an incredible way and the already familiar feeling that he was going to cum took possession of his body again, but again she managed to delay it. It almost drove him crazy. He pushed her onto her back and began to finger her soaking wet pussy hard. “Oh yes, horny man of mine, make sure I’m ready for your big cock.”

He never expected the horny mature milf to act so submissively, but he had no problem with it. By now he had quickly undressed and then let his cock disappear into her deliciously horny vagina, the nice fucking could begin. She still had her horny black lingerie on and he almost went crazy with lust at her nice big tits swaying back and forth while fucking. With a quick motion he had removed her big tits from her bra and began to knead them and suck on her nipples.

She Gets Her First Orgasm

Tom noticed that Caroline was getting very horny from this and he hadn’t expected it, but she actually cum before she did. She let herself go completely and, as her orgasm slowly subsided, pressed her fat tits together and Tom immediately did what was expected of him. He put his big cock between her big breasts and started fucking her there. She made it an essentially horny experience as at one point she was jerking him off with her tits.
These were all things he had dreamed of and never expected to come true. However, things got even hornier when Caroline got on her hands and knees on the bed and let herself be fucked from behind. She had only her bra, panties and high heels on and that alone made him even hornier. He fucked her in a steady rhythm, now trying his hardest not to cum, because he wanted this to last forever.

Whether He Wants to Fuck Her Between Her Big Tits?

The upper neighbor wasn’t done driving him crazy, though, because she got down on her knees on the bed and very sweetly asked if he would please fuck her tits again. It made her terribly horny because all he had to do was stand there. She jerked him off with her tits, and it was tastier than he had ever dreamed. It was getting harder and harder to hold back his orgasm, and he knew a moment was coming when he would either fill her pussy or squirt his seed on her big tits.
Caroline, meanwhile, was ready for another position. She asked him to lie on his back, and she then lowered herself over his big cock. It was the reversed-cowgirl position and she went hard with her fingers over her clit as she let Tom fuck her hard. By now, she had begun her second orgasm and was cumming shockingly on his big cock. “Jesus, she said, why didn’t we start this sooner?”, she said while moaning loudly.

Tom understood that this was a rhetorical question, which she didn’t want to be answered. However, he was beginning to wonder it too, kind of sitting in the neighborhood pub looking at Marie’s big memes, while above him sat a horny woman who appeared to be submissive and had some very big tits. Not only that, she was a beast in bed.
She wants his seed on her big breasts. For a moment it was too sensitive with her to continue fucking right away, so she started sucking him again until her pussy could be filled again. “Are you going to cum on my tits like that, honey? I want to feel your seed on my big breasts.” That was exactly what Tom had in mind, ever since he had first seen her. He felt them begin their final stand because he really couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer now. She rode him again, only now with her face and big tits facing him.

“Are you going to cum like that, my darling? Are you going to squirt my seed on my tits? Then I’m going to suck you again in a minute and then you can cum in my mouth. But first I want my lover to squirt on my tits.”
Tom heard only good things. He had already been promoted to lover, and she apparently wanted even more sex with him. Those thoughts made him really want to cum now. Caroline felt it immediately and quickly got down on her knees on the bed and squeezed her tits together. Tom had struggled to get on the bed and after one pull on his cock, he was already squirting. Thick jets of cum, landed on the large breasts of her upstairs neighbor.

He saw that Caroline was cumming for the third time and after he had squeezed his last drops of seed from his cock he let himself fall backward on the bed. He was staggering so much after his orgasm that it seemed to him the best option. Caroline bent over him and slowly began to lick his glans clean, all the while continuing to look at him with a horny expression.
A Couple Years of Repairing Her Laptop

“How about you, neighbor,” she said with excitement in her voice, “come fix my laptop for the next couple of years. I don’t think it’s ever going to work properly again. I’ll have to give you a reward every time, though.”
Tom looked at her with delight when he heard a few years. This was far beyond what he had dared to imagine. Afterward, Caroline had said to him as they lay in each other’s arms on the bed that he should have figured out her hints much earlier. She really didn’t open so many buttons of her blouse for all men when she would be in the elevator with them. He had never caught on, though, so she decided to take the bull by the horns and was overjoyed with how things had turned out.
“Maybe you should be here at my house more often, then you can help right away when my laptop stops working again. What do you think?” The beginning of a wonderful relationship that began with good fucking and sucking.