The story of a woman who must listen to her Master. The attached photo by topless Amelia

When I got home there was a bill on the table. “Be home soon, you take care of dinner and if you do this right I have a surprise for you, it said”. I was very surprised by this. Normally he had dinner ready when he was free. I then looked in the refrigerator, what kind of meat was in it and found chicken. I spiced it up and roasted it and put the potatoes on and made some nice red cabbage to go with it. Dinner was almost ready, when he came home, he said, not yet ready. Afraid I looked at him, no Master, but almost, I replied. You are lucky, that I am in a good mood, so the surprise continues, but remember. There is a penalty open on this, that you don’t have the food ready. Yes Master, I could now pour off the potatoes and then we would eat. When I had served the food, I sat down at his feet and waited until I could eat. He fed me my food and then I had to go and clean it up. Finished with that, he called me and had to get on my knees in front of him.

So tell me if you have been listening to this week. No Master, I answered, knowing that he always found something. Good, you are learning. What do you think, how much punishment you get. Horrified I look at him, how should I know, I thought, but then said five times. Well, he said, do you think this or is this so. Truthfully I told him, that I thought this. You are 1 wrong, but because you say this yourself, you get five punishments. Shit I thought, it was four, but okay, now I had to endure five. But now your surprise, go shower and shave all bare and then wait for me. Quickly I walked to the shower and started to shower well, then I shaved my armpits and my pussy. I then got down on my knees and waited for him. To my mind, it took a long time, but it was 3 minutes at most. He came to get me now and sternly he said, come with me immediately.I walked after him with my head bowed. He walked to the bedroom. Sit down and close my eyes, quickly I did as I was asked. Suddenly I felt something being put around my neck, and then he grabbed my arms and handcuffed me.

Get up, he called, because I was scared I almost lost my balance and was caught by him. So said, he, walk with me, before I was in the hallway, he said, stand with your face to the wall. I obeyed and I heard him go outside. A little while after that he came back and ordered me to come with him. In the car, he attached me to the seat and went back inside. Then he came out with a suitcase and placed it in the trunk. He got in and started the car, he said, getting curious. Yes, Master, I replied, well he said, just wait. At this, he smiled meanly. Then he drove off, anxiously looking to see if I could see where he was going. We had been on the road for a while when he stopped at a gas station and asked me to close my eyes. Startled I looked at him, quick, he shouted, or do you want punishment already. No, I shook and closed my eyes.

I felt him reach back with his arm and suddenly I got a collar on and a blindfold. Should I continue like this, I asked anxiously what will people think? I have nothing to do with that and if you don’t keep quiet you will also get a gag in your mouth. I said nothing so as not to get even more punishment, because I would certainly get that, by the questions I asked. Again he started the car and after about an hour and a half, he stopped and got out of the car. I waited tensely to see what he was going to do, but it took him a while to get back. Suddenly the door opened roughly and that frightened me. Someone called out to me to come with me, but it was not my husband. Because it took too long for him, he dragged me out of the car, just wait, this is going to be hard on you. Arriving inside, I was pushed hard to the ground, go I sat the position. I buckled my legs and bowed my head and put my hands on my neck and waited tensely. I heard him whisper, and suddenly I felt a slap on my buttocks. So, said my Master, you didn’t listen, that’s 50 penalty points, just so you know. I’ll decide when. Get up now, he shouted, when I got up I was grabbed in my neck skin, so now you walk, but only small steps, as if you, have your ankle cuffs on. Obediently, I did what I was asked.

Because you did not listen, you may not sleep in bed. What, did I hear right, he wanted me to sleep on the floor, meanly he laughed as if he could read my thought, Not on the floor, you’ll notice. You now wait on your knees for me with your hands on your neck until I come back. Laughing he walked away, about ten minutes later he arrived. So, you listened, he said, still you get your punishment to hear. Stand up and walk with me, he pushed me towards the closet, shocked I looked at him, you can’t be serious, not in the closet. Then you had but to listen, this is your punishment. He pushed me inside, luckily the closet was a bit big, so you could sit down anyway. When I wake up, I want you on your knees with your hands on your neck, have you understood this. Yes, Master, I answered. Then he closed and locked the door. Still, panic overtook me. So I had not slept much during the night either, so I had heard him get up. The door opened and I waited for him on my knees and with my hands on my neck and my eyes lowered.

Good, said my Master, get up and go take a shower. Then get dressed in the clothes I have laid out for you and we’ll have a nice breakfast. In about fifteen minutes I was ready and when I looked in the mirror I was amazed to see that the clothes he had picked out looked good on me. Completely in black leather with a white see-through blouse on. Now he came and stood in front of me and put a small leather collar on me. He also gave me handcuffs and ankle cuffs without a chain between them. So, he said, this is how we go down. Startled, I looked at him. Not like this, I asked, oh yes, like this, he replied. Walk-in front of me and don’t you dare stop, only at the elevator. In the corridor, we met a couple and they looked at us. Unrelentingly I had to walk on and in the elevator, there was an older gentleman standing with us in the elevator.

He also looked at me and I immediately looked down to avoid turning red. Laughing, he said to my husband, who had been naughty. Yes, she doesn’t listen to me very well and this is a punishment for her, she doesn’t like to walk in public like this. I can imagine, but it looks beautiful. Are you going to give her a treatment? Yes, my Master replied. Then I can give you a good place for it, go down to the basement, there you can play well with the sub. Thank you, will do for sure. When we arrived downstairs we walked into the restaurant and we took our seats. My hands were now tied together and I had to sit on the floor. He was eating, while I had to watch, finally I got my food. I had to eat from a bowl on the floor while everyone watched.

Humiliating, but I had no choice because this was my food for the day. I hadn’t finished it yet, or he pulled me up by my hair. Walking forward he said and again we met the gentleman of the elevator. Are you going to the basement now, yes said my Master, do you mind if I accompany you then. No, come along quietly. Startled, I looked at my husband. Yes, you heard right, sir goes with us then you should have listened. That’s what you get. He laughed in a mean way. Red in the face, I walked ahead of them. Here we have to go down, then we arrive in the first room. It was dark here, with only some candles on. In the corner you, meekly I walked to the corner and waited what would come. I heard him talking to the gentleman, but couldn’t hear what about it, this made me a little nervous. What would they be discussing, this could not be good. Suddenly I felt a hand on my neck and I was pushed to my knees. Kneel and put your hands above your head. Suddenly around my neck, collard clicked shut with a lock and I was also given metal handcuffs.

Now he pulled me up, come with me you slut, you were supposed to listen to me this week, did you do this. No Master, I quickly replied. Good, so you know anyway. What do you get, punishment Master? Okay, you know what, you think of something now, me, I asked, yes you, he said. Think about this carefully, if it pleases me, I will think about whether to give you this punishment. Now sit on the couch, with your legs spread. I sit on the couch how he told me and meanwhile I hear, that he grabs something in a box. Now I get a blindfold on and a gag in my mouth, this ball is so big, that he spreads my jaws far apart. This is not pleasant, now you attach my ankles to the bench so that my legs are spread wide. Now you take my arms and attach them to a hoist that is attached to the ceiling above the couch. You now pull on the rope so that my arms are well above my head. I have a feeling of being pulled apart.

Now I feel you pulling on my nipples and they respond immediately and are suddenly hard, in common you put clamps on these and now you go down slowly with your head and play with my clit for a moment. Suddenly I feel a gasp of pain goes through it. Here too you have put a clamp-on. I cry softly and because of that, I get a slap in my face. Stop it and don’t act like that, you yell. Now you walk away from me and I don’t know if you are still here or not. Suddenly I hear you talking to someone, definitely the man from the elevator. “So, she’s tight, may I take a closer look,” yes, I hear you say and suddenly he’s standing in front of me and grabbing my neck and whispering, this is just the beginning. Just prepare for the worst. I sighed deeply and wondered what he meant. I didn’t have to wait long because now I felt a whip go over me, softly at first but harder and harder. I don’t want to hear you, understood. I nodded yes, as soon as it started as soon as it stopped. Now I was untied and my gag was removed. Now I had to stand the corner and I had to wait for him to call me again. Meanwhile, I heard various noises and wondered what was coming.

Now he called me to come to him and I was immediately grabbed by my neck and given a leash to my collard, now I had to lie on a table on my back. My arms and legs were attached to the table legs and also my belt at the end of the table. Around my head, I got a mask with only a hole for my mouth and nose. This was attached to the table so that I could not move my head. Frightened, I waited to see what would come. But I heard the door open and close again. For at least half an hour I lay there, and suddenly the door opened again. Now I felt a hand between my legs going slowly to my pussy and despite everything, it made me very horny. I didn’t know if it was my Master or someone else, because he didn’t say a word. Suddenly he pushed two fingers in and then another and went up and down a few times. Then I got a dildo in and it was very big. My pussy filled up completely and was stretched. Again he left me alone and after fifteen minutes he came back and took out the dildo and put a new one in and now one in my anus too, without any warning…. So he suddenly said, have you, figured out what your punishment is. Yes I answered, leave me like this for a night and then use me how you want tomorrow. Are you sure about this, really sure? Yes, I answered, just at the thoughts alone I became horny. Good he said, this pleases me for sure, your wish will be fulfilled, but prepare for tomorrow, because then your punishment really begins.