Story about an Asian beautiful woman dressed in leather. A man is looking for new clothes and comes in contact with her. Photo is for illustration and is provided by Arna Sunny

I am a bisexual man who loves nice clothes, shopping and paying attention to my looks. So I decided to look for a student from the fashion academy to design nice clothes especially for me. I placed a call on the Internet and soon came into contact with Arna Sunny. Arna Sunny was in her third year of training and made very nice things. I decided to make an appointment with her to measure me and to discuss my wishes. We met at her home on a winter’s day. I put on my best clothes and hoped that Arna Sunny would be a nice girl. When I rang the bell downstairs at her flat she let me in through the intercom. I was quite nervous and with a trembling finger, I pressed the doorbell.

When she opened the door I couldn’t say a word. Arna Sunny was an Asian girl of about 20 years of age, 1.73 tall with a perfect figure and dressed in leather. I always found it very horny to see an Asian girl in leather clothes. This might have been my chance. I had to make sure I could get Arna Sunny to go beyond taking my measurements. After a cup of coffee where I kept staring at her we started talking through ideas for the clothes. While we were talking I gently gave her a wink and I could see that she was blushing, but trying very hard to hide it. After talking through all the ideas, she wanted to take my measurements. She got behind me and started measuring my shoulder size.

Meanwhile, I felt the hard nipples of her full B cup poking through her shirt against my back. I had all the trouble not to get a bulge in my pants already. After several more measurements, she bent down in front of me to measure my thigh. Her head was only a few inches away from my cock and I felt that I was slowly starting to get a boner. Unfortunately, Arna Sunny noticed it too and I she laughed softly. A little longer than necessary she stayed there like that taking in my size. I looked down and got a beautiful view of her breasts. Delicious breasts. Unfortunately, she stood up again. She said that she had designed some pants in the past and that she would really like it if I tried them on. I was willing to do anything for this girl and of course agreed. Arna Sunny walked to a little room and came back with some nice pants.

She gave the first one to me. Now I had to go change my pants, right in front of this horny girl, while I had a boner. I decided to just do it and lowered my pants and quickly put the other pants back on. She had seen my erect cock, I was sure of that! I saw her blush gently again. After she inspected the pants, I had to go try on the second pair. Since she had been on me again while inspecting, my cock was now really at full strength. As I pulled my pants down to change them my cock came out above my boxers. “Want me to help you with that too?” she asked. With her palm, she gently touched the tip of my glans. A shudder went through my body! How delicious this was going to be, a tight Asian pussy! She removed my cock from my boxers and began to gently massage it. Gently she let her hand go around my cock and she gently went up and down with her hand. Meanwhile, she looked at me with her playful eyes, she was enjoying it!

After gently massaging my dick and glans with her hand she slowly went to my cock with her tongue. She slowly slid her tongue over my penis. Playfully, her tongue slid over the tip of my glans and slid along the base of my glans. Slowly, she slid her lips over my glans. The tip of my cock disappeared into her greedy little mouth. Meanwhile, she kept looking at me with those beautiful eyes of hers. She started sucking me slowly and my cock disappeared a little deeper into her mouth. It felt wonderful! Each time her lips and her tongue going over my hard cock. She sucked me so fast and deliciously that I couldn’t wait to fuck her. To insert my cock into her wet tight pussy soon. I took my cock out of her mouth and one more time she ran her tongue along my cock.

Now it was my turn to indulge her. I slowly pulled down her panties and thong. In front of me I saw a beautiful bare Asian pussy. Below her navel, she had a tattoo that added to my excitement. I gently started to run my hand along her thighs. Making smaller and smaller circles and moving more and more towards her pussy. When I first touched her pussy, I felt that she was super wet. This girl was ready to be fucked. Carefully I slid my hand through her labia. Then I slowly let a finger fly inside her pussy. She had a very tight pussy and the idea of getting my cock in there made me even hornier. After fingering her for a while I moved my tongue towards her clit. Slowly I let my tongue go over her clit. I licked the spots around it and played with the tip of my tongue on her clit. I saw her shudder with pleasure.

She started to moan softly and grabbed my head and pushed me closer between her legs. I ran my tongue through her pussy and gently entered it. I gently alternated between licking her clit and going inside her pussy. A little faster and a little harder pushing on her clit. She started panting a little heavier and heavier. She was really enjoying herself and that made me even hornier. My hands massaged her perfect breasts while eating her. Two beautiful tits that looked awfully horny. After I spent a little more time with my tongue to indulge her pussy she pushed me away. Fuck me, she cried. Of course I didn’t let her tell me that twice. Slowly I stood in front of her and took my cock in my hand. I let my cock slide into her tight pussy. It only just fitted, how horny this girl was. I heard her moan and I saw her bite her lower lip for a moment. Slowly I started thrusting my cock into her pussy.

She relaxed and started moaning softly again. My cock now slid easily into her wet pussy and I began to pick up the pace. My hard pole only just fit into her tight pussy. She gripped onto the cabinet as I thrust my cock into her faster and deeper. As I fucked her, I could see her horny tits and the pleasure was on her face. This was so horny to see, my cock slipping into her pussy faster and faster. After fucking her like this I put her against the wall and stood behind her. I put my hands around her breasts and let my cock go between her buttocks to pussy. Gently I entered her tight pussy again. She had a lovely ass with nice tight bulging buttocks. It was horny to see my cock underneath and to feel me enter her pussy. I started to pick up the pace again and my cock went deep into her pussy. She screamed out and I felt her body squirm around my cock. I was getting so horny from Arna Sunny.My cock disappeared all the way into her dripping pussy. After fucking her in this position for a while longer, I sat down on the floor and Arna Sunny hovered over my hard cock.

She lowered herself down and my cock slid right into her wet pussy. My entire cock disappeared into her tight pussy. I could see she had to bite her lip again. After sitting like that for a while she started enjoying herself again and slowly started riding my cock. She looked at me while doing so and I started playing with her tits. I licked her nipples and massaged her whole breast. Meanwhile, I felt her wet pussy around my stiff cock. We kissed fiercely and Arna Sunny picked up the pace and started panting more heavily. Her wet cunt slid around my pole each time and she began to drive and pant faster and faster. I felt that she was about to cum. So I started thrusting with her and my cock went rock hard into her pussy. She gave a loud scream and I felt her muscles tighten around my cock. What a horny fuck this was. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she started sucking me again, deliciously. She licked at my cock and bravely let it slide all the way into her little Asian mouth. She started sucking me faster and faster and after that horny fuck I couldn’t keep this up either. I felt I was going to cum and I spurted into her horny mouth. She looked at me and swallowed everything nicely. Afterward, we took a shower together and agreed on when I could come and get my clothes.