Our family parties are more like a reunion, when there is a wedding the family (uncles, aunts, cousins) come from all over the country to the party. So it was 5 years ago, also I am Lars now 23, so then 17, a cousin got married, my parents made me go with them to the wedding, but I would have preferred to go out with my friends.

The wedding was in full swing when we came in, we congratulated the couple and for a moment the chatter started, everyone stopped by, one shook hands and said how are you, the other gave three kisses, you know how it goes. Suddenly there was Kim, a slightly older cousin, she was 23 and lived with her boyfriend William (27). Kim had always been my favorite cousin, we got along very well despite our age difference, probably because our parents were on vacation together.

Kim greeted me warmly and started to smile and kissed me on both cheeks and the last kiss on my mouth and said look what, you have become my favorite cousin. William stood next to me looking jealous and a moment later he shook my hand and said, so you are Lars. Kim tells me sometimes, sometimes too often, how well you two got along. I looked a little surprised, also because Kim looked beautiful, I hadn’t seen her for a while. She had beautiful long blonde hair now, she was slim, almost a little too slim, a couple of beautiful breasts were tight in her short dress, which was certainly not too long, and I am sure if she would bend down normally you would see her buttocks and maybe more. But Kim kept chatting, I had to tell her how school was going, and Kim asked me if I had a date yet.

I got red in the face and said I wasn’t dating yet, you’re an adolescent and you probably think it’s not normal that you’re not dating at seventeen. I asked her out of politeness how she was doing, you could tell that Kim had been with me that afternoon at the reception, which was also normal because it was her brother’s wedding, because Kim had a glass of wine in her hand and you could tell it was not the first glass she had had. But I asked how it was going, Kim said it was fine, only the sex could be better, William has some problems with sex.

That was enough for William, he walked away angry. We talked for a while and Kim went to the bar and got another glass of wine and stayed there talking for a while. Later that night, I was sitting on a chair in a quiet corner using my phone. Kim was standing with William, and Kim asked her friend if he could get a chair because her pumps were hurting her legs and Kim wanted to sit down. There was no empty chair, William said arrogantly, then you will sit on your favorite nephew’s lap, then this adolescent will also have the night of his life. Kim immediately came over and demonstratively sat down with her buttocks and back to me and said to William that’s fine, this feels better than your cock. Kim wiggled her ass a little and I felt my dick grow. William walked away grumbling and I heard him say slut. Kim looked back as she wiggled a bit, her skirt had moved up a bit and her panties were now going over my pants.

Kim asked are you getting a hard dick now because of me? I said nothing, but Kim said I had to pee and came back a moment later, she turned her back to me, lifted the back of her dress and I looked straight at her bare wet pussy. Kim lowered herself, opened my pants and pulled them down a bit, my stiff cock almost broke, now she lowered herself, my cock remained stiff and stood against my belly. Kim pressed her wet pussy against my cock, her hand went under her dress, opened her lips, grabbed my cock and put it between her wet pussy lips and lowered herself. She stayed still at first, for me it was the first time I was in a pussy, I did not dare to move, but Kim went slowly up and down.

Except for a couple of giggling cousins who walked by near us, the rest of us were secluded enough not to be noticed. Kim mumbled, “What a nice cock you have,” and she tightened her lips and I emptied my cock into her pussy. I felt my cock getting smaller, but immediately we heard William’s voice asking Kim, “Will you dance with me? Okay, Kim said cheerfully, but I have to pee first. William walked away and Kim stood up and I had a big puddle on my belly, quickly closed my pants and Kim gave me a kiss and thanked me. A little later my mother came to ask if I was coming home, the party was over. Kim came to say goodbye and said we should do this again, my mother looked surprised. A month ago there was another wedding and Kim called to ask if she could stay with us.