A story of two German webcam women who have no money for gasoline. They knock on the door of a house and there is a beautiful lady waiting…. In the picture you see Esther.

“What is that strange sound?” Asked Jenny in surprise. She was sitting next to her friend and German webcam colleague Esther, who was steering the red Volvo through the residential area in Munich. Ah, my tummy is making funny noises: I think it’s time to eat something somewhere.” Jenny sighed deeply and made her aware that they were almost out of money and that they also needed to have some leftover to fill up: after all, it’s nice to tour the country in a borrowed car, but coming home would be nice too…. Jenny was leaning out of the window, bored, and letting the hot rays of the sun burn her face. Suddenly, she turned to her companion and said enthusiastically, “stop right there; I think with a little luck we can get some gasoline off if we do it just like we did with that guy we borrowed that car from.”

Asking for gasoline to a beautiful woman

Esther, who at 26 years of age had more experience in life wisdom, continually marveled at her younger colleague; time and again she managed to get what she wanted with the help of her body, including a few splurging hours… So it seemed best to her to let Jenny have her way. She knew she only had to play along with the game and didn’t have to be afraid. Jenny had and much pickier taste than herself, so if anything was going to happen, their victim was more than worth the trouble… They parked the car on the side of the road and took out of the trunk a small Jerrycan. Slowly they walked up the driveway of a stately mansion, with opulence shining from afar. Pressing the bell, they looked at each other, determined to get their tank, stomach, and pussy well-filled….

Moments later, Jenny and Esther were standing in the lush backyard. At the edge of the pool, a brown-haired girl introduced herself to them. “Hi, I’m Carmen, can I help you with something?” Both visitors still looked around in surprise and were disappointed with the reception. They had expected an old fart, but instead, they were addressed by a gorgeous, dark-skinned teenager…. Jenny looked into Carmen’s smiling face and asked, “Are you the daughter of the house?” Carmen grinned and explained how her body and sexual prowess had brought her to this house. “Not bad, huh, for someone of 19 springs…” Slowly the ice was broken and the three girls started talking. They told how they planned to seduce an old stalker, in order to get some loosening up, but they need more gasoline. Esther struck a sexy pose and Jenny slid her top over her firm tits. She stroked the nipples, and it was only a moment before they perked up.

Carmen watched with interest and noted that they had done everything for some gasoline and a good turn…. She shifted back and forth a bit on her lawn chair, and then thought about how excited she had been all afternoon. Who knows, maybe these girls could make her enjoy something new in sex quite a bit….. “Now imagine if you had to seduce me to get certain things, how would you do that….?” It had long been obvious to Jenny and Esther that Carmen was just as horny as they were, so they didn’t let it grow on them. Together, they stroked the top of her bathing suit down to her waist and bent their heads to the beautiful, sun-tanned breasts. They were not surprised when they felt Carmen press them against them….She stretched her body all the way out when she felt a pair of lips close around her nipples, this was much nicer than the stubble of her husband she was married to…. She didn’t imagine that her visitor’s hands were wandering over her body and getting more and more purposeful as they stuck between her legs….

It had never happened to her before that she had longed for a horny climax in such a short time; the idea of being seduced uninhibited by two beautiful girls made her doubly hot…. Slowly her hands made their way up Jenny’s legs and she loved feeling that she was wearing no panties under the provocative miniskirt. Slowly, her fingers searched the slightly hairy hill, exploring everything millimeter by millimeter. She bent her head and as their tongues entwined, she saw out of the corner of her eye how Esther was undressing to get ready for an even hotter battle! It wasn’t long before Carmen had wriggled her finger into Jenny’s moist slit and as they continued to kiss tightly, they rubbed their tender titties against each other. Esther, meanwhile, was busy undressing them and willingly they stuck their asses back to make it easier for her. Carmen allowed herself to be carried away in time to the air mattress, which lay in the grass a little further away. As the kissing became more intense, she felt the attention of the visitors increasingly focused on her slit and she decided to give them a reward for the excitement so far.

Agonizingly slowly, she spread her raised legs and held her slit open with her long nails. Admiring moans indicated how beautiful she was in the eyes of the 2 blonde colleagues. They were enamored with her bare slit; her sun-tanned large labia transitioned into many darker small lips and between them lured a striking shiny pink opening. What Carmen expected happened, slowly the first finger slid in and she felt a nail rasp along her insides… Esther groaned excitedly as she felt Carmen tensing her muscles and she noticed from Jenny’s sighing that she was already warming up her own pussy a bit…. The actions followed each other in rapid succession. Although Carmen was not used to making love to another woman, she needed very little; instinctively she knew what to do to make each other even hornier. She no longer cared what exactly was happening or who she was fingering. With her eyes closed, she did what her body told her to do. In the same way, she didn’t notice that Jenny had gotten up from the table by the pool to pick up some alternative toys.

She noticed from a strange sopping sound that something different was going on than she had been used to until now. She straightened up and looked into Jenny’s wet crotch. Surprised, but interested, she watched Jenny’s hands pump a huge cucumber up and down her slit. Slowly the green exterior became as wet as the slit it was in and at that moment she didn’t know which of the three of them was getting the most excited about it…. She could clearly see how Jenny was enjoying her slit. Her distorted face and soft moans indicated that she had forgotten the world around her and was unabashedly surrendering to her horniness. It seemed that she was itching to keep her legs as far apart as possible and wanted to show off her pussy to them as best she could. She sensed that Esther wasn’t exactly unmoved by it either, as the fidgeting movements at Carmen’s pussy became more and more insistent…. Carmen stretched out her arm and could just barely reach a banana, which Jenny had placed near them. It took her absolutely no effort at all to slip the yellow tip into Esther’s narrow slit. Slowly the fruit slid into the languorous slit and while Esther pushed her ass back to get as much as possible inside her, they both watched the violently writhing Jenny squeeze the green piece of vegetable into her slit with all her might and lay there cumming unabashedly with sweat on her forehead.

Carmen laughed softly as she watched this, as Esther straightened up a moment later. She stood up, still holding her toy in her slit. It was only when she spread her legs slightly apart and relaxed her muscles that the green gadget slipped out of her as if regretting it had to leave its warm surroundings. With a light thud it landed on the air bed. Carmen allowed Jenny to turn onto her back and relax completely, so she could enjoy what she had planned much more. She bent her face to the scented pussy and as she made gentle pumping motions with the banana, she let her mouth swirl inquisitively over the various folds. Esther provided reinforcement and massaged Johnny’s breasts with her long nails. Carmen loved to lick the moisture from the fruit when she saw it come out of the sopping slit. Alternately, her tongue shot over the gleaming clit and the oozing banana…. She never expected to enjoy drinking pussy fluid so much, but now she wanted nothing more than for Jenny to get as wet as possible. Unaware of Carmen’s desire, Jenny complied with her befuddled partner’s dream desire. The conditions she was in made her much hotter and wetter than times of a quick fuck at the office or the goods warehouse…. Carmen didn’t know what made Jenny hornier; the pumping of the ever-softening banana, the fidgeting of her tongue and fingers. She loved the way her body struggled to stay still. The irregularly contracting muscles in her abdomen were a good indication of how intensely she was enjoying herself. Carmen left the banana and pressed her mouth over the tormented slit and licked until she tasted only her own saliva… Slowly Johnny’s breathing recovered and she looked at her colleague with a look of understanding. They turned Carmen on her back and made it clear that they also wanted her to enjoy herself, in a way that would not be out of place for a purebred lesbian… With her legs raised Carmen waited to see what would happen and when she felt the first caress on her lips, her hands slipped to her small and sensitive breasts.

She encompassed her tanned titties and kneaded them lovingly. Her long, red-painted nails rasped over the stiff, chocolate brown nipples and she enjoyed this exciting game. She knew full well that she was being watched now, and she felt herself getting hornier and hornier. It was wonderful to know that you can be uninhibitedly horny and that someone else finds that wonderful to see… The caresses around her slit became heavier and heavier and sometimes her lips were pulled apart to get a good look at her insides. She felt the occasional small drip well up from her held open pussy, which slowly slid down, where it was smeared across her asshole by inquisitive fingers… Suddenly, she shuddered when something cold slid along her lips. Still, she didn’t open her eyes, because she felt she was in good hands. The wetness of her wet teenage pussy was not a luxury as Jenny slowly slid the cucumber into her in circular motions.

The fruit was much thicker than her husband’s cock, but she got used to it very quickly. She couldn’t remember for a long time how long it had been since she had been filled so nicely. Slowly but surely she began to feel herself all slit up. The caresses of various hands passed like a blur… She brought her hands to her slit and pulled the lips as far apart as she could, pulling her legs all the way up. From the contracting anus and open mouth, the effect of the sopping cucumber was obvious. So it was no surprise to Esther and Jenny that Carmen screamed almost unintelligibly that she was coming divinely…! With a slurping sound, Jenny took the cucumber out of the leaking slit and lovingly the girlfriends spread the oozing fluid from the pussy over the tanned legs. A loving spark struck them when they heard Carmen’s voice say, “You must be too tired to drive all that way home; stay here for the weekend…..”