It was a quiet Saturday morning in our student flat. Most of the flatmates had gone home and the rest would be sleeping in, I expected. I am a morning person, so I was up early, the perfect time for me to do my laundry without anyone stealing my clothes, as our house had shared washing machines and dryers. I am usually all alone and do my laundry in peace and quiet. Just throw everything in as quickly as possible, put it in the dryer when it is done, and that is it!

On this early Saturday morning, however, there was also a beautiful student present. She was sitting on a bar stool with her laptop on a narrow table, working against the wall. It was a wonderfully quiet spot where you couldn’t be seen when others came in. She was small in stature with nice curves. She was also wearing an oversized blood-red shirt, her blonde hair pulled back in a bun. She had a pair of bright blue slippers on her feet. One was on the floor and the other, with its beautifully lacquered toes, was dangling from her foot.

I decided to ignore her and get on with my laundry. As I finished stuffing all my clothes into the washer, I heard her let out a deep sigh. “Frustration?” I asked, she looked at me. “Yes. Do you know anything about Greek mythology?” I laughed and told her I was studying French. “You’re no use to me either.” She smiled. I walked over to her and looked at her screen with her. The blouse she was wearing was buttoned up or closed with just one button. I could see the bulge of her breasts. She smiled at me. “Dirty peeper.” And we laughed together. As we stared at the screen together, I saw some text and questions. It was about the story of Icarus.

I had given a talk on it once, and as I read the questions, the answers came to me. I looked difficult and knew I could help her. I let her flounder a bit more to see what I could get out of it… Such a pretty girl, scantily dressed… My imagination could do with that. I was also scantily dressed. Both my jeans and sweaters were in the wash. I was wearing poor sports shorts and a sports shirt. My washing machine beeped, “OK, first wash to the dryer.

As I walked to the dryer, she sat up. Her blouse crept up, revealing her bottom. Did I see right? She wasn’t wearing any panties. I turned around again and took a closer look. I bumped into a table. She laughed out loud as she realised what was distracting me. I saw a black strip of fabric, it looked like she was wearing a thong. I could only imagine what she must have felt as the cold metal stool touched her bare legs, in addition to the cold air blowing past her crack. Surely she knew she was exposing herself to me.

She intrigued me, so I went up to her and introduced myself. I told her I could help her with her homework while trying to catch a few subtle glimpses of her bum. I needed some fantasy to jerk off to later. Her shirt crept up, and I could see even more of her bottom. I couldn’t get a good look without her noticing, but I was determined to find out what it looked like up her blouse. I was lucky because she turned to me as I stood next to her and the blouse fell open at the front. I had a nice view of her breasts.

Not too big, but with nice big puffy nipples. The thought of kissing them made my cock stiffen. Ignoring my gaze, she turned around. Her arm slid along my crotch. For a moment, she pressed her wrist against my hard-on. She smiled. “What are you going to do with it later?” Her voice sounded like a deliciously soft strawberry. I smiled stupidly and didn’t answer. I wanted to make sure she was wearing knickers.

Her hand moved back and forth over my sex. “I got you through, horny boy” It was as if she was reading my mind. Her laundry was done and she needed to take it out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer. She slid off the bar stool. She stopped and looked at me. She put her hands under her blouse and pulled down a pair of panties.

She looked at me and asked if we could study together later that day. I asked why she wanted to wait… She walked over to the dryer and bent down, I looked up at her delicious ass and a little lower I saw her labia. She was neatly shaved, her labia glistening. I was standing right behind her. She looked at me… “Here and now or…” I pulled my sweatpants down and stroked her bum. “Get on with it, or are you a bluffer…” She looked back and put her hands on the dryer. In my mind, I did a probability calculation. What were the chances of getting caught? There was a wooden staircase to the cellar. It always creaked. She knew exactly what she was doing and what could happen.

I took my cock and let it slide between her labia. She moaned. “Go on then…” With a quick thrust, my sex was halfway inside her. I grabbed her flanks and pulled back a little, thrusting all the way in. She moaned loudly. I grabbed the front of her blouse and tugged. The button flew off. My hands cupped her tits and I began to fuck her with long strokes. She moaned and supported my cock every time my balls hit her lips as I thrust deep. Suddenly she pushed me off and jumped on the tumble dryer. “Go on then… Take me. Give it to me. Fill me with your cock!” I didn’t let her tell me twice and thrust my cock into her again. “Look at me when you come…” she moaned softly. We didn’t take long and came almost simultaneously. I shot the first few jets into her and she pushed me away. The next shots landed on her stomach and thighs. She kissed my forehead. “Get out of here before we get caught.” Her voice sounded. She blushed as I kissed her.

I grabbed my laundry basket and my things and went to my room. After hanging up the washing, I sat down on the sofa and mentally went back to the laundry room. The door opened. “Holy shit, that was hot…” said Saskia, my girlfriend. “So open and exposed in the laundry room.” She was still wearing my red blouse, and the semen stains on her stomach and legs were clearly visible.

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