Jerome was a fit widower in his 60s. When things had stabilised somewhat after the loss of his wife, he decided to move into a flat. No more hassle with the garden and closer to the city centre. What he noticed was that there were a lot of older women living there, most of them alone. He gradually got to know the residents. And a community meeting helped, of course. Jerome was someone who did not open up easily to others. He had his own hobbies and was a loner.

What he did notice was that one of the women, Debby, was quite spontaneous and open. Jerome estimated her to be in her late 60s, and she had no problem showing off her full bosom through her cleavage. When Jerome occasionally met her in the lift, she would smile enthusiastically at him and always ask if he was comfortable. At which point she would bend over so that he could not miss her full tits. After all, Debby was blessed with a DD cup and loved to let men enjoy them. Nobody knew her background, as she was not from the town where the flat was located. However, her appearance and manner gave rise to all sorts of gossip about her unknown past. When asked what she had done in the past, the answer was “I worked in the hospitality industry”. And because a broad answer only increased the gossip and speculation.

Jerome had only lived in the flat for a short time and had not yet heard all the gossip. He always managed to politely decline Debby’s invitations for a cup of coffee. Debby was also affectionate and enjoyed physical contact. In conversation, she liked to touch an arm or put a hand on a shoulder.

Over time, Jerome realised that he liked looking at Debby. She had full tits and wide hips, she was big but not fat. At least in Jerome’s eyes, she had a delicious body. And each time they met in the lift, his eyes wandered more and more to her tits. To his surprise, they began to itch a little here and there. The unpleasant personal circumstances in the years before he moved into the flat had kept him from having sex. But now that things had calmed down a bit and his life had returned to some sort of regularity, he found that his body and mind still craved sex. And he also found that Debby was feeding it. But she was not the type of woman that appealed to him. He was more into the slimmer types, and a C cup was enough for him. Debby’s behaviour had him visiting porn sites and masturbating again with some regularity.

“Hey Jerome, can you give me a hand?” Debby was standing by her car with two full bags of groceries. “Can you walk with me and put one of these bags by the front door of the flat?” “Yes, I can see you’ve stocked up quite a lot, but I’ll help you.” “I have a lot of people coming to visit me this weekend and I have to cook for them and you need a lot of things.” As they talked, they arrived at Debby’s front door. Jerome put the bag down and was about to say goodbye and go to his own flat. “You’ve never been this close to a cup of coffee. Please come in, so I can finally offer you a cup of coffee.” Jerome hesitated. But when Debby bent down and Jerome had a full view of her voluminous tits again, he decided to stay for a cup of coffee anyway.

Debby put the stuff in the kitchen and went to work on the Senseo, and a little later they sat down for coffee. Debby babbled out a hundred and let her body move to the rhythm of her words. It left Jerome with little to guess. Her tits and large brown nipple hips were clearly visible on several occasions. The agile talking caused her skirt to slide up. In short, Jerome had a full view of the ripe delights Debby had to offer. And to his own surprise, his cock began to harden. He shifted from time to time to give his prancing, not-so-boyish master some room. Whether Debby realised what was going on inside Jerome’s jeans was not clear. In any case, she made no attempt to hide her pleasure. Jerome was only getting hornier and his cock harder.

Debby went to the kitchen to get some fresh coffee. As she was about to put the cup on the table for Jerome, she dropped the spoon. “Oh, sorry,” was her reply as she bent down to pick up the spoon. She stood with her legs slightly apart and bent over to pick up the spoon. Was it accidental or deliberate? Either way, Debby’s bent position gave Jerome a fantastic view of her thighs. Jerome bent his head slightly so he could see even more of the deliciousness Debby had to offer. He was about to slide his hand between her thighs.
“I’ve got it,” Debby said triumphantly, showing Jerome the spoon she had picked up. She ran to the kitchen to get a clean one. But Jerome sat there red-faced, recovering from the shock. How could he have thought to put his hand between Debby’s thighs? “So, you have quite a colour. Is there anything that excites you?” “No, and I’m not aware of anything.” Debby sat back in the chair opposite him and chatted happily again. As she talked, she spread her legs a little further, giving poor Jerome more and more to look at.

“Um, thanks for the coffee, I think I’ll go back to my own place,” Jerome said. “Yes, then I can clean up the shopping,” was Debby’s reply. They walked past the kitchen to the door. In the kitchen, Debby bent down again to pick up a bag and put it on the counter. “Can I take it with me in one go?” But as she bent down to pick up the bag, something went wrong and she tripped and fell against Jerome. He grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall. And before he realised what was happening, he was standing against Debby with a full DD tit in his hands.

At that moment, all his fuses blew. He pushed his face between her tits. With one hand, he pinched a nipple that had become a teat. The other slipped between her thighs. “But Jerome, what are you doing now? Lewdly touching an honourable older woman. I didn’t expect this from you.” Jerome stood as if nailed to the floor. And could not say a word. Debby took a step back and looked at Jerome with a horny gaze. She ran her eyes down his body. And noticed that Jerome had a hard-on. “Hem, did you get that boner because of me or did you have it before?” Debby ran her hand down his bulging jeans. “Hm, that feels good. Want me to help you get rid of it?” “Um no, no, I’m going now and I apologise to you, sorry, sorry!” But Debby moved in front of him, blocking the way.

“Not so difficult, shall we follow the natural course? You look well. You overpower me a bit, but I’m horny enough to enjoy it.” As she spoke, Debby pushed Jerome towards the bedroom. She turned to him and kissed him hard on the mouth. She pressed her tits hard against him. She moved slightly so that her nipples were massaged. She could feel her nipples swelling and getting harder. Her pussy was also starting to get hot and, despite her age, a little wet again. She took Jerome’s hand and guided it to her pussy. Jerome felt the wet warmth. He felt her firm pussy lips through her panties. He rubbed gently. Debby gasped and spread her legs.

Debby stayed close to Ham and tried to undo his jeans. Jerome was too overwhelmed to cooperate. He let her have her way as he rubbed her pussy. Debby pushed her pelvis back a little so there was a little more room. This gave her the opportunity to remove Jerome’s trousers and boxers. She grabbed his stiff cock and felt it was a delicious boy. She marvelled at the hardness of his cock. Jerome wasn’t the youngest either, but his stiff cock didn’t show it.

Jerome enjoyed the wet warmth of her cunt. Debby’s pussy juices seeped through her panties. He felt her clit grow. Jerome squeezed it hard. “Ow yes,” Debby gasped. She spread her legs so that Jerome had virtually free access to her steaming cunt. “Yes, finger me cum, finger me cum, I’m so horny, shhh horny.” Jerome was getting hornier too, he had been dry for a long time and it was working now. He grabbed her panties and pulled them off with a ripping sound. He slid three fingers into her cunt and pushed them in as far as he could. Debby screamed for him to go deeper and that she was going to cum. By now Debby’s cunt was surrounded by swollen pussy lips as Jerome thrust in and out of her wet and swollen cunt. Debby hung like a mop on the sink. Jerome grabbed her outer clothes and tore them from her body in one swift motion. Torn, they fell to the floor. Debby found it delicious. “Jaahh jaahh,” she panted and at that moment she came screaming. Jerome felt her pussy muscles contract as he thrust his clenched fist deep into her cave.

” Yes, yes, yes, I come yes I come yes, yes make me ready make me ready, yes I come yes”. Pussy juices continued to flow from Debby’s contracted cunt. Debby trembled on her legs and lowered herself through her knees, her orgasm making all the power flow out of her horny body. She went to the bed and I remained on my knees in front of it. Jerome had also taken his clothes off and was looking at Debby’s deliciously fat ass with a super stiff cock. She still had her legs spread and he could see the pussy juices flowing from her fucking slit. But her thick buttocks caused even more excitement. He got on his knees behind Debby and shoved his hard cock into her dripping cunt. Debby screamed that she was coming and that he should thrust deeper and harder.

With all his might, he pushed his thick cock into his new slut. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass backwards, pushing his hard cock forward. He felt some resistance but he pushed on. “Ow ow horny bear you are fucking my womb ow, ow, stop ow you are fucking my womb.” But Jerome was unstoppable and continued to push and thrust. Debby was hanging on the bed, screaming and moaning. In and out went Jerome’s thick cock. He actually knew what he was doing. He hadn’t experienced this for years. Suddenly he grabbed Debby’s full bottom even harder and pressed his lower body against her ass with terrible force. And at that moment an orgasm raced through his body as he felt his hot seed shoot deep into Debby’s longing lower body. She realised what was happening. “Yes Yes I feel your warm seed squirt me full let my cunt drip squirt me womb full, jaahh I feel you squirt jaahh I jaahh”. Jerome felt Debby’s pussy muscles contract with each shot of cum he released. He felt like he was being milked dry. Shot after shot he emptied his balls.

He lowered himself forward onto Debby’s back. Their sweaty bodies seemed to stick together. Slowly they came to themselves. Jerome wrapped his arms around her and cupped her firm tits. Her nipples were still hard. “Oh how delicious that was, how you spoiled me.”

“Yes,” Jerome gasped, “but my cock is still hard, so you’ll get another round. “Hmm, let me recover, I came several times. But I want to feel your hard cock in my cunt one more time.” The moment Debby said that she squeezed her cunt so hard that Jerome’s cum and her pussy juices spurted out.
Jerome took his hand over her cunt and rubbed the horny juices between her cheeks, massaging her bum. He could feel her contracting at his touch. He slowly entered her. Debby gasped. As he rubbed, he occasionally pushed a finger in. He felt her sphincter contract. Debby let him. She moaned softly, “Yes jaahh.”

Jerome crawled closer to her. He felt her full thighs against his thighs. Again he brushed his hand over her still-dripping cunt. With his hand wet with Debby’s horny pussy juices, he worked his stiff cock. He crawled close behind her and pushed his glans against her wet starlet, against her wet sphincter. He pushed gently and felt Debby open up. “Wow, it’s been a long time in my ass, do it gently, but oh how good that feels.” Very slowly, Jerome slid his cock into her belly. With each thrust, Debby responded by contracting her sphincter. Jerome put his arm around her and searched for her clit. He squeezed hard, “aww!” Debby moaned. When Jerome was up to his balls in her cunt he stopped. With one hand he massaged and squeezed her swollen clit. With the other hand he worked on her tits and nipples. He did not move his cock, but felt Debby’s contraction and relaxation working his cock to the fullest. It was only a moment before Debby came again with an intense humming and panting. Jerome stopped but Debby continued to contract and relax her ass muscles.

Jerome straightened up a little and grabbed his bitch’s hips. He pulled his cock back until only the head was left in her anus. He waited a moment and slowly pushed his cock back in. “Jaahh, that feels good,” Debby gasped, “fill me up.” Jerome continued to go in and out of her anus at a steady pace. He felt the horny tension building up in his lower body. In and out went his thick cock. With each thrust, Debby moaned with pleasure and excitement. Suddenly he grabbed her hips and forcefully shoved his thick hard cock as deep as he could into his horny slut’s ass. With a ” Yes I come, I come, I squirt, I squirt. Horny whore I squirt your ass full horny whore of mine do you feel my seed?!!!” “Fill me up, fill me up. I feel your horny hot seed yeah yeah I want to be your whore fuck, fuck me!!!” Shot after shot, Jerome squirted his cum deep into his new girlfriend. After his last shot he fell forward and leaned against Debby’s sweaty back. “You may ask me to lift your shopping again next week,” he whispered into Debby’s ear. “In return, you can empty your full sack between my thighs.”

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