I am married to a beautiful woman of 35, Wendy. She has a beautiful face with a lovely mouth and blue eyes, beautiful long curly hair and a slim figure with a nice ass; not too small and not too big. Because she had a small bosom that had gotten worse after the pregnancies, she recently had her breasts enlarged to a nice C-cup.

Her new breasts are firm but natural and bear beautiful round dark nipples. She is very proud of them and wears her breasts with verve. Although we have been married for a long time, our sex life is fine.

Nevertheless, I would like to go further than we have always done. My fantasy was to see my wife with someone else or to know about it. Whenever I asked about who she had been with before we were married, and she told me about it, I would get ready in no time. I fantasized about her and her childhood sweethearts.

How she had let herself be touched for the first time.

How she had let herself be touched for the first time, how she had pulled off and sucked off a guy for the first time, who she had allowed to finger and lick her. She always assured me that she had never fucked anyone else, but I kept having doubts. Lately, my fantasy about her having sex with someone else was growing.

During sex with her, I fantasized a lot and recently, for the first time, I dared to ask her if she ever fantasized about sex with others. At that time, she did not or would not answer. That told me enough, because if it would not occur to her, she would say no immediately. When she came home one evening from a night out, she was tipsy and when she was, she was always looser and hornier.

She snuggled up to me and smelled of going out; I find that a horny smell. I asked her if she had had a good time and if she had received any attention from the men. She told me that she had had a fling with a guy in his early thirties who was very good-looking and clearly wanted something from her. It was a nice guy, and they had been talking for a long time. Did he touch you? I asked. Wendy was silent for a moment and answered, yes, he did touch me a lot.

My cock immediately shot up with horniness. Where did he touch you? I asked, “Tell me what happened. You find that horny to hear, Wendy asked? I groaned in agreement.

Wendy started her story saying that the boy, John’s name, complimented her figure quite quickly. With her new breasts, Wendy was of course extremely sensitive to this. He said that everything seemed so well-balanced; face, mouth, buttocks, breasts and legs. Everything was beautiful, although of course it was difficult to see in that crowded pub. Wendy had replied that they should meet somewhere else in daylight, so that he could see her better.

John replied that he didn’t want to wait that long and wanted to see more now. Wendy had then used her hands to pull her shirt a little tighter so that her breasts showed better. Better already, she had asked.
Good, but could it get any better? Said John. Wendy grabbed both her breasts and played with them a bit. In the crowded pub, others could hardly see them.

Can I have some too? Asked John, who was getting horny, Wendy said yes, as long as you do it gently. John moved close to Wendy and gently rubbed her breasts. Wendy’s nipples reacted immediately and poked through her bra and thin shirt. Wendy looked at him with a mischievous expression and said: ‘I like the way you do that’. At that moment, John kissed her and went to her buttocks with his other hand, feeling them through her short skirt.

Like two horny teenagers, they stood in the middle of the pub.

Like two horny teenagers, they stood in the middle of the pub, kissing and touching each other. John directed Wendy to a corner of the bar so that they had a bit more privacy, or rather a lot of privacy because it was a dead end where hardly any people had to pass. There, they kissed lustily.

John ran his one hand harder over Wendy’s breasts, and with his other hand he explored Wendy’s lovely buttocks. Wendy was wearing a beautiful pair of butterfly panties under her skirt and very soon, John had his hand in her panties. Wendy moaned softly. Now John went on looking for Wendy’s pussy. He found a beautifully shaven pussy that was already soaking wet. Now Wendy started moaning more loudly and twisting her hips. John stuck a finger in her soaking wet slit and slowly went up and down. Lovely, how lovely is this? Moaned Wendy.

Take off your shorts, horny girl, and give them to me as a souvenir, said John. Wendy looked around and went down on her knees to take off her panties. She handed the little black panties to him and said she wanted to pick them up at his place. I live a few hundred meters from here. Come, she said, I want you to fuck me. Wendy left John in front of the bar and swayed with her horny buttocks. On the way to John’s house, she couldn’t stay away from him. And he couldn’t stay away from her. When we arrived at his flat, Wendy asked John to put on some horny music so that she could spoil him. She quickly sank to her knees and explored the hard-on in John’s trousers through the fabric of his trousers. She rubbed the big bulge and slowly unzipped his trousers. John had a huge cock, and Wendy let out an approving moan. She started pulling on his cock slowly and looked at John at that moment.

You have a lovely cock. Do you want me to suck you? John could only nod, and Wendy licked her lips while looking John straight in the eyes. With a huge horny look in her eyes, she slowly slipped the head of his cock between her lips and slurped it. Meanwhile, she kept looking at him during penetratingly. Deeper and deeper, and with ever more insistent sounds, she was sucking the strange man she had just met in the pub. Deeper and deeper, she took the delicious cock in her mouth and sucked harder and harder. John had a hard time and started moaning louder and louder.

This girl could suck very well and she seemed to like it very much. Wendy also noticed that John was having a hard time and slowly stood up. With her horny mouth, she went to John’s ear and whispered: “Shall I show you my bare pussy? She went to the couch and sat down on it. Slowly and exasperatingly, she spread her legs so that John could see more and more of that bare pussy.
When her legs were completely apart, she reached down with her right hand and started to rub her clit with two fingers. She moaned louder and louder, and her pussy seemed to get wet more and more visibly. This girl was horny and soaking wet and was going to finger herself for this man before she was fucked.

She rubbed her clit and pussy more and more violently.

She rubbed her clit and pussy more and more violently, and her orgasm could not be far away. A little later, she came screaming and John had to support her to prevent her from falling over. She enjoyed it a lot and crawled close to John and moaned in his ear. Now I want that big cock of yours in my wet pussy. Fuck me like a wild man. I really want to be fucked by you, baby. John lifted her up and carried her to his bed.

He laid her on it and she pulled her legs wide apart. John took his cock in his hand and guided it into Wendy’s soaking wet pussy. In one hard stroke, he pushed his thick cock into her cunt. She screamed out of pleasure and hammered her nails into his back. Fuck me horny bear. Fuck me like you want to. You can do anything to me. While being fucked, she moaned louder and louder and said more and more horny things. Like a real slut, she let herself be fucked by an unknown guy on this strange bed. And she enjoyed it to the full. Pumping hard and moaning loudly, John fucked on.

He pulled her shirt up and grabbed her nice tits through her bra. Do I have nice tits? Do you like to squeeze them? She asked. Pull my bra off. Go ahead, I’m so horny, you can do anything you want to me? John became hornier and pumped harder and harder. He pulled Wendy’s bra and her tits jumped out. He squeezed her tits hard and she loved it. Horny wild sex with a nice unknown guy from the pub.

It couldn’t get any hotter. Do you want to cum all over my tits while I jerk you off? She asked. John grunted yes and Wendy got up and started pulling John’s cock. She aimed his horny cock at her hard breasts and it all worked too hard for John. Screaming, he came and spurted all his seed on Wendy’s tits. Wendy rubbed his sperm out on her tits and licked his seed from her fingers.

After that, she took his limp cock in her mouth and licked it clean, after which she snuggled up to him. I have to go home? She had said to him. I’ll see you again and then I’ll suck you all off. When we got home, she told me the whole story. I came 2 times while she was telling me.

At the end she asked me if I had liked the story? Story? I asked. Yes? She said. Honey, I would never do that without you knowing it.