Vanessa was a woman in her late forties. Firm, but with everything in the right place. She had very nice gray/green eyes, a pair of cheeky glasses and the best thing about her was her red hair. It was short, with a tuft on either side of her eyes and shaved in the back with a small pattern around the neck. Vanessa had recently married Peter.

Peter was a year older than her, bald with a little stubble. Peter had fallen in love with Vanessa a year and a half ago when he saw her at the local supermarket. After a few chats, they went on a date and one thing led to another. Soon they were living together and getting married. Everything was right, the household, the love life, and even the sex. Often they started on the couch and continued passionately in bed. The fact that Vanessa was not slim did not bother Peter at all; on the contrary, he began to appreciate it more and more. She was so delicious, big breasts, a delicious belly, very firm thighs, which Peter always liked, but especially delicious buttocks she has, Peter has a fondness for short red hair, just the way Vanessa wore it. But Peter always wanted to change something about her hair, to do something different with it. Vanessa did not want that at all and always cut her hair herself.

Peter had asked her several times to get a haircut, but Vanessa resolutely refused. One day, Peter and Vanessa were shopping in a city other than where they came from. They had a great time looking at all kinds of stores, eating delicious lunches, and buying their treats here and there. Until they walked down a street that was a little off the main shopping street. There were some exclusive stores with local entrepreneurs, not the stores you see in every city. Window after window they looked. Until Peter suddenly stopped in front of a barbershop he knew from the Internet. He had seen a video of this shop where a woman was going from long to short red hair. Peter found this kind of movie very interesting and sometimes fantasized about going there with Vanessa. Now he stood in front of it. Vanessa caught his eye and asked him if he had come here on purpose. Blushing slightly, Peter told her that he had considered it. Meanwhile, they both looked in the window and saw that there were no customers inside, only the barber himself. He saw Peter and Vanessa talking and went to the door. He opened the door and asked if he could help. Well, no, Vanessa said immediately, we were just passing by, nothing special. Too bad, said the barber, I think you could use a touch up on your hair. He was right. Vanessa had already bought hair dye to brighten up the red color, and she usually did that right along with her haircut. Peter’s heart skipped a beat. This can’t be true….

Hesitantly, he said to Vanessa, “Wouldn’t you like to try it, honey? No, Vanessa said, you know I don’t trust hairdressers, they always cut off more than I want and then I look like an idiot. The hairdresser heard this and said to her, “How can you be embarrassed, with those beautiful eyes and beautiful hair it always works, believe me. Peter saw Vanessa in doubt. You know what, honey, if you don’t like it, we’ll find another hairdresser to fix it, just until you’re happy. Vanessa continued to hesitate, she knew of Peter’s interest in a hairdresser, she knew his stories and she was quite willing to give him that pleasure for once. She had her doubts, the barber seemed to be a reliable man, also quite nice looking and from the pictures in the window she could see that he must be a professional. Okay, she suddenly said, I will do it, but I will owe you if she does not like it. Then you did it, Peter. Peter could only nod, wow! What a dream and now it seems to come true! Peter and Vanessa went inside and followed the hairdresser. He closed and locked the door of the shop. This way we won’t be disturbed and I can concentrate on you, he said to Vanessa. Go sit in the chair in the back and we will wash your hair first. In the meantime, Peter can take a seat across from you, coffee? With that, the hairdresser placed Vanessa in the chair by the sink and pushed it back until Vanessa was comfortably seated in the chair. He turned on the water and checked the temperature. Then he wet Vanessa’s hair and immediately massaged the water into her hair.

He washed her hair with a delicious shampoo. He took all the time he needed to do it, massaging it deliciously, rubbing the shampoo into Vanessa’s hair and immediately giving her a massage. Vanessa found it delicious, he did it with so much care that she even fainted a little. The barber jolted her out of her stupor by saying he was going to rinse it out. He washed the shampoo out of her hair with deliciously warm water and then gently dried it with a towel, which he then draped over her hair. Come with me to this chair, he said to Vanessa. Vanessa sat down in the chair in front of a large mirror. What are we going to do, said the barber. Well, said Vanessa, not too much, you know, I always cut it myself and only take off an inch and a half. I can see that, said the hairdresser, but wouldn’t you like to shave a little more at the back? He asked Vanessa. See, she said to Peter, that’s exactly what I mean, these barbers always want it shorter. I know, said the barber and picked up his tablet. He had a program on the thing where you could put a picture of someone with different hairstyles. He took a picture of Vanessa with the tablet and turned the tablet around. What Peter and Vanessa didn’t see was that he had already chosen some hairstyles. Meanwhile, Peter had gotten out of his chair and was standing behind Vanessa; he didn’t want to miss this!

When the barber turned the tablet over again, Vanessa could be seen with a haircut just like the one she had. This is what you want, said the barber. Right, said Vanessa, this is what I want. But, said the barber, look at this: and he showed Vanessa a picture of Vanessa with about the same hair, but shaved up on one side, one of the two strands was gone, and there was a fringe running from high on the left to low on the right, with the hair shaved up under the fringe. Peter couldn’t take it anymore, imagine her doing that, totally awesome. And then it happened, Vanessa looked at Peter and then at the hairdresser. Somehow she saw something in that haircut, provocative, but not too …. And before she knew it, she said, “Go ahead, I trust you. Peter didn’t know what he was talking about, is that what I’m hearing? The hairdresser did not waste any time and went to work, with some clips he put a part of Vanessa’s hair up and then started with the clippers. Chunks of hair flew off. Peter just stood there and watched his wife and the work of the hairdresser. Wow, Peter was dreaming. Vanessa, on the other hand, was a little shocked by the hair coming off and said, “It’s going to be okay, isn’t it? Rest assured, said the barber, whose name turned out to be Thomas. I know what I’m doing. After twenty minutes he was done shaving and cutting. He grabbed a hairdryer and started blow-drying and styling. Slowly the result emerged. Gorgeous, in a word gorgeous, Peter thought, and some excitement took hold of him.

Vanessa was still Vanessa, but her hair was so much better, more sophisticated and beautiful than ever. Finally the hairdresser left and Vanessa could see herself in the mirror. At first she didn’t say anything, but suddenly she started to laugh and looked at Peter, “Dirty bastard, you always wanted this, didn’t you? And it’s not a coincidence that we came here, friend, I’m onto you. The barber looked surprised and said, aren’t you satisfied? Yes, said Vanessa, I had a calculated fear of a hairdresser, but you understand your job, I’m completely satisfied and can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to this. Nice, said the hairdresser, but I’m not quite done yet. I still have to run the razor along the bottom to make the edges a little sharper. After 5 minutes he was done. Peter watched the whole time with his mouth open and something started to move in his pants. When the barber finished shaving, he actually said very casually, “Is there anything else I can do for you? And before Peter fully realized what he was saying, he blurted out, “Well, while you’re at it with that razor….

And then he was shocked by his words. The barber immediately asked, “What do you mean? Is there anything left to shave? Peter blushed and stammered, “Yes, but that’s not what I meant. We’ll do that later at home. Well said the barber, I think I know what you mean. It just so happens that we do it here sometimes. We have a separate room where no one can see us. Vanessa understood immediately what Peter meant and got a strange itch in her stomach. A strange guy who would shave her pubic hair? Well, I don’t think so. On the other hand, it was a dream come true for Peter, and the barber was not an ugly guy either. Slim guy, mid-30s, short black stubble, wearing leather pants, looks a bit tough. He had also done a very good job on her. But before she could think of anything, the barber grabbed her hand and said, “Come with me, you can see for yourself. They went into a room without windows. In the middle was a kind of barber’s chair. On the wall were posters and drawings of all kinds of people with haircuts, some half naked. No one will see us here, the barber said. It’s up to you,” and he looked at Vanessa and smiled. That smile did it.

Okay, she said, get on with it. Right, said the barber, then just take your clothes off and sit down. The barber folded the chair back a bit and pumped it up. Vanessa now lay forward with her naked lower body. In fact, she hadn’t shaved her pubic hair for a while, so there was a lot of hair standing up and over her pussy. Professionally, the barber grabbed a small pair of clippers and began to shave her longer hair. And Peter? He got eyes like lollipops, he couldn’t stand it anymore. When Thomas was done with the clippers, he wet her pubic area with some kind of sponge. Then he lathered them with soap. He started shaving with the razor. Each time, another strip of bare skin came into view.

Vanessa noticed that he did this more than once; she felt no pain and actually liked the attention. She also saw that Peter almost couldn’t hold it anymore. Meanwhile Thomas had reached her lips. And as professional as he was, he could not avoid touching her there from time to time. Vanessa did not find this unpleasant at all and felt an itch rising in her stomach. Thomas was almost finished and picked up the sponge again to wipe off the foam. He also touched her clit briefly and Vanessa felt it very well. She became somehow horny. Thomas noticed that too. So he said, now apply some nice oil against the itching. He grabbed some kind of oil and started to rub it on Vanessa’s mons veneris. Vanessa didnt have it anymore, that was delicious. And before Thomas reached her lips, she began to moan softly. I think it does you good, Thomas said. Meanwhile, he massaged her labia and gently touched her clit. Peter had a cock from here to Tokyo and could hardly keep himself from opening his pants and jerking off.

Thomas noticed this, too, of course, and then suddenly said, “I think I should let you go, I can’t send you out on the street like this. Peter went forward and knelt between Vanessa’s legs. Carefully he licked his tongue over Vanessas pussy who immediately started to pant. Oohh delicious she said, go on, go on. Peter started to lick her and Vanessa got hotter and hotter. At some point Thomas said, do you mind if I touch you to Vanessa? No, not at all. Thomas went behind the chair and took off Vanessa’s blouse and bra and began to gently suck on one of Vanessa’s nipples. Meanwhile, Peter took off his pants so that his cock could finally come out. Long strands of cum dripped from his glans. Take me, Vanessa said to Peter, fuck me. Peter did not hesitate for a moment and gently pushed his cock against Vanessa’s lips. Very gently he penetrated her, painfully slowly. He knew it would drive Vanessa crazy and it did. Fuck me said Vanessa, fuck me hard Peter, do it! Peter slowly picked up the pace, but he knew he couldn’t keep it up for long. Meanwhile Thomas was sucking on Vanessa’s nipple like it was his life and lust. He obviously enjoyed the attention. Peter noticed that he could not last much longer, but he wanted to come with Vanessa. So he told Vanessa to turn around and try to get on her knees. Vanessa turned around and Peter pushed his cock into her pussy again. And meanwhile he said to Thomas, fuck her in the ass ,,,, while I fuck her. Thomas undressed quickly. He had a nice thin cock.

He knelt down behind Vanessa and moistened his finger with Vanessa’s pussy juice. Skillfully Thomas posed his cock in front of Vanessa’s starlet. At first Vanessa was startled, but then she began to scream. This was a hidden dream of hers, to be taken by 2 cocks. Thomas pushed his cock far into Vanessa’s ass and began to thrust slowly. He could feel Peter’s cock moving. Vanessa was completely stuffed and went crazy from the feeling it gave her. Peter fucked her with long strokes. It didn’t take long until Vanessa started to scream louder and louder, I’m coming! she cried, go on, I’m coming! And an overwhelming feeling came over Anna. Shaking and screaming she came. Peter felt the vaginal fluid squirt all over his cock. Peter realized that his orgasm would not last long either and started to thrust a little faster. Thomas of course felt this too and joined in, he also felt his orgasm coming on. Vanessa had come to her senses and realized that she was not completely satisfied. She felt that she would come again. The itch became more and more intense and slowly she came again to a squirting orgasm.

Fuck me hard! she shouted to Peter and Thomas, who were thrusting hard. Almost at the same time Peter and Thomas also came. Thick jets of cum spurted Peter into Vanessa’s pussy, which was now hanging limply between the two men. Peter squirted so much cum that it ran down Vanessa’s legs. Thomas also came with a loud moan and filled Vanessa’s ass. Thomas did not squirt as much, but still enough to fill Vanessa’s starlet completely. After a few minutes all three came to their senses. Thomas climbed off Vanessa and Vanessa lowered her knees, leaving a trail of cum on her legs. Sorry, said Thomas, that was absolutely not the intention. No problem, said Vanessa, that was a dirty secret of mine. And I don’t regret it for a second. Thomas pointed out that there was a shower behind the room where they were now. Vanessa quickly jumped into the shower and Thomas and Peter washed her all over, taking turns to refresh themselves. Then all three put their clothes back on. Somewhat embarrassed, they went back to the barbershop where Thomas made himself a cup of coffee to recover from what had just happened.

Wow, he said, on an ordinary Wednesday. You should come here more often. Thomas straightened Vanessa’s hair after the shower. Peter asked him how much the haircut had cost. Thomas pointed out that it was on the house. With a big hug from Vanessa they said goodbye. Thank you Thomas, said Vanessa, that was delicious! Vanessa and Peter then walked out of the store arm in arm, barely realizing what had happened to them. Honey, Vanessa said to Peter, thank you. I feel so good now. Me too, said Peter, a dream of mine has come true. Meanwhile, they walked down the shopping street and Vanessa noticed that many people looked at her haircut approvingly. How happy she was that she had been persuaded.