A while back we had a wedding. An old school friend of my wife was getting married, and we were also invited to the party. After congratulating the bride and groom, we looked for a place at one of the tables and ended up sitting opposite a Korean couple. Pictured Asian girl Spice.

I could not really identify them, because they were neither Chinese nor Japanese. Later, it turned out that they were originally from South Korea. We looked at each other a little dully, but the Oriental female held out her hand and all four of us introduced ourselves. Her name was Soo-Yun and I couldn’t quite make out her husband’s name. She was a feisty female and started talking to us animatedly. He was a dullard and barely interfered with the conversation. A little later, another couple sat down next to them and my wife became enraptured because it turned out that the wife of the couple who had just joined them was an old colleague of my wife.

It didn’t take long before they were busy chatting, and so I was left as the contact person for Soo-Yun. She kept talking to me and we actually got to chatting. She was a little hard to understand, especially when the band was doing their best to lighten the mood. When she talked to her own husband for a moment, I picked her up. Actually, she was a very pretty female with shiny black hair and large model gold-rimmed glasses, which looked very good on her. And of course, she had slit eyes, but she had flawless skin with a sweet face and beautiful, pearly white teeth, which glinted at me every time she smiled. She was, as is often the case with Asians, small in stature, but it was clear to see that she had a firm set of breasts. Her husband was no slouch either but clearly had Indian or Indonese blood in him.

I’m Korean not Chinese, she said

She told us that she was a former colleague of the groom, came from Brussels, had lived in Belgium for fifteen years, had a daughter of two, and that it had been quite a journey to the far north. They had never been further than the Dutch and German border, and it seemed as if they were now at the far end of the inhabited world. They had also had to find their way, and that had not been easy. Furthermore, they also complained about the many two-lane roads and the scanty signposting. That stung me a bit, because I got the feeling that I was facing a couple of arrogant Westerners, who considered the rest of the Belgium second-rate. I remarked that at least they hadn’t had to stand in traffic jams and that if they wanted to come and live here, the houses were still affordable.

Soo-Yun agreed with me and then started to disapprove of living in the big city. I recognized the Asian submissiveness and said that she did not owe me an explanation. We came to the conclusion that everything had its pros and cons, and she smiled at me with those beautiful teeth and that disarming look in her eyes.

I was captivated by her and was happy to have met her. My wife didn’t interfere with us at all anymore, especially since another old school friend had joined her, with whom she was also engaged in conversation. When the music started up again, I asked Soo-Yun to dance and she didn’t want to, because she couldn’t dance at all. I told her I wasn’t very good at it either and trotted her out to the dance floor. She walked in front of me and I thought she was a piece. She had very nice slim legs with beautifully shaped calves and a small, narrow ass. It was just that she was a lot smaller than me and I had to stand slightly forward to dance properly with her. She was really clueless and I guess we were getting a lot of attention because the way we were moving on the dance floor was a sight to behold. But we had fun, and sometimes I would affectionately squeeze her side or grab her hand a little harder as a sign of affection.

Her reaction was, that she pressed herself more rigidly against me and I felt her nipples poking against my belly, which caused me to get a hard-on. Actually, I felt like isolating myself with her and putting some more eroticism into our relationship, but of course that was totally impossible given the circumstances. The members of the marching band took a break, and Soo-Yun and I made preparations to return to our seats. I took the opportunity to caress her and touched her breasts without immediate intention. She looked at me and smiled mysteriously. She nestled against me and cuddling, we walked arm in arm back to our partners. My wife was still busy talking and Soo-Yun’s husband was still looking around the room bored. However, Soo-Yun and I were having a great time and couldn’t stop talking about everyday topics.

When the band started playing again, we made our way to the dance floor once more later in the evening, and then Soo-Yun had to go to the bathroom. I walked with her and dove into the men’s restroom myself. When I came back out, she was already waiting for me and when I took her in my arms, she gave me a kiss. I said, “give me your address later because if I ever get close to Brussels, I’ll look you up”. That was agreed upon, but what she didn’t know was that I was often on the road and often stayed near the capital, so not much time would pass until we would see each other again. We went back to the ballroom and had another drink.

The evening was already progressing steadily and the party was coming to an end. We talked some more, and I danced one more time with my own wife. Later, when she and I were in the car on the way home, my wife said, “You were getting along with that Chinese one, weren’t you?” “Korean,” I corrected her. “Yes, I had quite a good time. She was very nice and told me all kinds of things about her origins and their culture, and I also know a bit more about Brussels”. My wife, thanks to her old friends, had also enjoyed the evening and we drove home with a satisfied feeling.

Two weeks later I had to go to French for my boss and I saw my chance. After visiting the company I had to go to, I called my wife and told her that I would not be back until late because things were running late, so to speak. Then I drove to Brussels and bought a big bouquet of flowers on the way. Then I drove to the address that Soo-Yun had given me and rang the bell with my knees buckling. When Soo-Yun opened the door, she looked at me as if she saw water burning. I greeted her and handed her the bunch of flowers. I got a kiss right away and it immediately clicked between us again. “You’re welcome,” she said, “because my husband is in Delft all week and my little daughter has just fallen asleep. So I felt a bit alone and was just thinking about what I could do, but I’m glad you’re here now”. A little while later, we were sitting in the room on the couch leaning against each other with a nice cup of tea and Soo-Yun nestled into my arms. I admired her again, and she was even more beautiful than in my memory.

I complimented her on her appearance and she turned to me. “You are sweet to me,”, “I am going to spoil you.” Before I could blink it off, she had unbuttoned my pants and was playing with my cock, which was still hidden in my underpants. She had it stiff in an instant, and the glans were bulging above the rim. “I’ll make you cum nice,” she said softly, “stand up.” I stood up, and my pants automatically dropped to my ankles. Soo-Yun sat up straight and stroked down my underpants. Immediately, when my cock was bared, she snatched it up and started sucking me deliciously. Well, she could do some of that. She licked along the thick edge of my glans and took my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt a couple of fingers playing with my anus and I learned, that she had my glans in the back of her throat. She moved her head back and forth smoothly, and then she opened her mouth even further.

My entire cock disappeared into her Korean throat

My entire cock disappeared into her throat, and I felt her lips against the skin under my pubic hair. The glans disappeared into her gullet and she moved her head so that I felt like I was fucking her in the mouth. It felt fantastic and when my cock was completely gone, she closed her lips around my rod and had my entire cock captured in her desirable mouth. I felt her fingers penetrate my gut and excite exactly every spot there, which was sensitive to it. I couldn’t possibly last long like that, and my balls were already contracting. My leg muscles were also tensing up and when Soo-Yun noticed this, she went even harder. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it to the fullest. There I felt the seed shoot through my cock and thick jets I discharged into the back of her throat. Quietly she kept moving and with each thrust forward a jet of cum escaped me. Then she took my cock less deeply into her mouth and closed her lips around my glans. She sucked on until my balls were empty and without spilling a drop, she had given me an amazing climax. I sank through my knees onto the floor between her legs and let myself fall forward against her belly. I had to regain my strength for a while, but when I did, I said to her, “Now I want to indulge you.”

“Oh, you want to fuck,” she said.

She tried to get loose so she could undress. “No”, I said, “I want to make you cum”. “It’s not usual with us for a man to pay attention to the woman”, she said, “a woman is there to serve the man and for her own orgasm she has ten fingers at her disposal, and she just has to manage”. “Well, with us, it’s not like that”, I said and pulled her up off the couch. I began to undress her and kissed each exposed piece of skin. She visibly enjoyed the attention I was paying to her body and when I took off her panties, I took a step back. I looked at her all over and besides a pitch-black pussy, she looked incredibly feminine despite her short height. I said to her, “You are incredibly beautiful and I feel strongly drawn to you.” She had a very slender waist and a sizable set of tits, which went up and down quickly from excitement. Her skin was white and soft, and she had a very narrow ass. She came to stand against me and we gave each other a kiss, which soon turned into a French kiss.

Now we were physically one, and we were both very aware of the intimacy of that moment. I felt happy and so did she, for she said, “my husband never says such sweet things to me and only urges me on to quick activities to cum as soon as possible, where I always get comments afterward because he is never completely satisfied.” I pushed her down on the couch and began to caress her breasts. With my hand, I stroked her thighs and she sat further and further apart with her legs. In the end, I touched her pussy and this caused a violent reaction. It was obvious that she was not used to this and when I touched her clit, she tried to withdraw from my hands, because she was hypersensitive there.

My tongue could serve better there, as then the touches were a little less rough and uncontrolled. I sank down with my mouth, but she stopped me. When I demanded an explanation, she said, “I must serve you, not the other way around.” “Then together at the same time,” I suggested, and a moment later we rolled off the couch onto the floor. I made sure, that I was lying underneath and Soo-Yun crawled over me and wanted to start sucking me. But she was lying in such a way that I couldn’t possibly reach her pussy and I changed position so that I could. It was obvious from all sides that this was new for her, and she uncomfortably underwent my touch. We formed position sixty-nine and Soo-Yun lay on top of me sucking, while I now began to tenderly lick out her pussy. It only took a moment for her to totally swallow my cock again, and I let my tongue slide between her labia into her pussy. It was like she was exploding because it made violent reactions in her.

She had never felt this before, and she penetrated my ass again with a few fingers. This gave me an idea and I replaced my tongue with a couple of fingers and started licking her arse. This made her shiver all over, as her arse was particularly sensitive. It was the ultimate for her because immediately she had an orgasm. Shaking all over, she let my cock slip out of her mouth and almost cried she came. When she had recovered a bit, she turned her head and said, “That a man licks my ass; that is unthinkable with us.” “I just like it”, I said, “shall we fuck now?”. Soo-Yun wanted nothing more and turned around. But I wanted the initiative, and we rolled over each other so that she ended up under me. I aimed my stiff cock at her open, shiny slit and I pushed my glans between her wet labia. Gut, how nice she was tight. That was the advantage, being so small, and carefully I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy.

Soo-Yun began to moan wildly and became completely ecstatic with every inch of cock that filled her pussy. I began to fuck her calmly, but Soo-Yun was completely out of control. When I increased my pace slightly, she began to jerk again and cooed as she climaxed again. It occurred to me, that if she had such a tight pussy, then her narrow ass must feel even more delicious. I pulled my cock out of her, eliciting a cry of disappointment. “Turn around,” I said and Soo-Yun lay down on her stomach in front of me. I pulled a pillow from the couch and put it under her hips, raising her ass quite a bit. “Do you have any oil or anything?”, I asked.

She pointed to me a bottle of body oil, which was in a bottle the size of lipstick. I twisted off the cap and pushed a bottle into her pussy. Quickly, I pulled it out again and ran some oil through her buttock. I put the rest on my glans, which was already slippery from visiting her pussy. With my finger, I massaged her artery opening and I requested her to pull her buttocks apart. “I’ve never been taken there before,” she said in a concerned voice. “It will feel wonderful,” I said, “I will be very careful.” With effort, I pressed my glans into her sphincter and she relaxed wonderfully so that the head slid in slowly. I stopped my movement for a moment and gave her a chance to get used to my stiff prick in her ass. Carefully, I moved forward and thrust deeper inside. She was slippery enough and it felt fantastic. She was wonderfully tight and my cock had never been so good in anything. I pushed on and that caused a loud scream. Startled, I held back, but Soo-Yun urged me on, for she was not in pain, but it was purely a scream of pleasure.

Now I dared to go full throttle and without holding back I worked my entire cock into her gut. She squirmed under my fucking motions, which became wilder and wilder, and which stirred her lust more and more. Suddenly she began to tremble all over and scream, she came for the third time. In the process, her sphincter muscle cramped completely and the shaft of my cock was squeezed even further. That wonderful feeling traveled down my lower abdomen to my balls and caused an immediate climax. Rattling wildly, I pumped her ass full of seed and an incredible amount of cum disappeared into her rectum. Tired, I sank down on her and we stayed like that for quite some time. By the end, my cock was completely limp and flopped out of her ass by itself.

I slid off her and made a grab for my clothes. But Soo-Yun stopped me and said, “You won’t get off that easily, I want to experience that amazing feeling in my ass again.” She laid me on my back and sucked my cock stiff. I played with her tits a bit and then she came and sat on me. Without hesitation, she sat her ass down on my rock-hard pole and slumped over my jutting cock. Up to the root it was in her ass and she began to finger herself. I felt in her pussy a finger against my cock and she rode up and down like a madman. She had also discovered something new because every time she went up, she squeezed her sphincter muscle and this made me hornier than horny. Suddenly she let out a long cry and with a few jerks, she stopped moving. She had already cummed again, and now she raised her hips and then sat still.

So there were about ten inches of space between our lower bodies and only the head of my cock was still sticking inside her. Now I could set the pace, and I moved my lower body up and down and fucked her blissfully narrow ass as a man possessed. When Soo-Yun noticed that my climax was approaching, she turned away and my cock shot out of her ass. Quickly, she took it into her mouth and sucked me to a thunderous explosion. She held her mouth over my cock and let herself squirt full. Thick jets of cum disappeared down her throat, but some also landed in her face. When empty, I saw a few strands on her lips, and her teeth were also covered in a layer of the white stuff. Slurping, she worked it in and enjoyed swallowing it. Then she came and lay on top of me and we tongue-kissed for a while.

When she asked if I would stay for the evening, I couldn’t possibly refuse and when in the evening her daughter had gone to bed again and Soo-Yun arrived with a steaming cup of coffee, I knew what time it was. I took off my pants and pulled her against me on the couch. A few minutes later, my cock had disappeared into her tight little ass again, and we continued to make out all evening.

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