The story of a student who temporarily houses his cousin. But yes, it’s such a hot girl who also needs a massage. Photo for illustration, that’s your 33-year-old cousin Layana.

“Well, come on. It’s no different.”, says Britney as she walks into the shower, dressed in an ice cap and a bikini, in front of Robin. “How can I film and throw a bucket of ice-cold water on you at the same time,” Robin grumbles. “I don’t know. Hang your phonograph around your neck or something”. Britney bends down to hang the douche head in the bucket. For a moment, Robin’s gaze lingers on his cousin’s nice, tight bottoms. Her busy behavior only gives him little time. Robin has to search for a solution to the filming problem. It becomes a hefty piece of double-sided tape. “Are you ready?”, Robin asks his cousin. He counts down, but already throws the bucket of water over her at “two”. “Goddamn Robin!!!,” Britney yells from the phone’s speakerphone.

Britney and Robin are sitting together on the couch.

Britney and Robin are sitting together on the couch. Britney sits with wet hair in a warm house suit, pressed up against her cousin. She warms her hands on a large cup of hot chocolate. Her cousin is showing the video he shot fifteen minutes ago. It’s a bit jerky and not quite neatly in focus, but the alternative New Year’s dive meets with Britney’s approval. Britney sits with wet hair in a warm house suit, pressed up against her cousin. She warms her hands on a large cup of hot chocolate.

Her cousin is showing the video he shot fifteen minutes ago. It’s a bit jerky and not quite neatly in focus, but the alternative lockdown New Year’s Eve dive meets with Britney’s approval. On-screen, they see Britney almost die of fright for the third time, and for the third time they have to chuckle about it together. Robin now has the by the third time, a little more attention on the hard nipples in the bikini top. He quickly shakes off the feelings that this arouses in him. It’s not very easy.

The fresh smell of her wet hair and her warm body.

His niece has a habit of hanging way too intimately and way too close to him. The fresh smell of her wet hair and her warm body against him makes the fact that he has taken his cousin into his small apartment by necessity still somewhat bearable. That and the banal fireplace on TV. Robin has experienced worse New Year’s days. … Robin lies in his bed, staring at the ceiling. His cousin is snoring softly in the living room on a mattress. Robin feels an awful need to masturbate, but he doesn’t dare to. Three weeks ago, his younger niece moved in with him after being evicted from her room over a huge rent debt.

Returning to the parental home was no longer an option because after Britney left home, her parents sold the place and moved to the French countryside. So “temporarily” moving in with Robin had been Britney’s only option. The problem is that the apartment is actually too small. There is a small kitchen with an open shower area and a small bedroom. All with an “open floor plan”, so no doors and therefore little privacy. Britney doesn’t seem to care, but Robin slowly starts to suffer from the lack of space. The lockdown that started just before Christmas doesn’t help either.

Finally, Robin manages to get some sleep. For the first time in his life, he dreams about his cousin. About her tight ass and her small but hard breasts. About her washboard and about her beautiful piercing. In his dream, he doesn’t throw water on his niece, but steps into the shower with her. Then he screams himself awake. “Are you okay?”, Britney asks softly.

She looks from her mattress in the living room, at Robin in the dusky darkness. Robin’s bed is behind a solid wall, but through the opening to the living room, the cousins can see each other. The first few days this was very cozy, and they stayed up late talking to each other. By now it has become habitual, and they have to negotiate together every day about when they will go to bed and what time they will get up. “Mmm. Yeah, right,” Robin says.

He is a little disturbed by the echoes of his dream. “You were moaning my name the whole time. You didn’t kill or assault me in your dream, did you?” “I did indeed dream about you. I think it’s too much for me for a moment.”, Robin mumbles. Britney gets up from her mattress and comes over to give Robin a kiss on his forehead. “I get you. I’ll try to be away from home a little more often and a little longer, so you can get a little more to yourself,” she says soothingly. Robin takes a very long time to fall back asleep. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, Britney stumbles into the apartment.

It just shoots into my bottom and into my hamstring

She has cramps in her legs, “It just shoots into my bottom and into my hamstring,” she says with cramped jaws. Britney went for a run because Robin had to follow a lecture via Zoom. In doing so, she apparently went too far. Robin jumps out from behind his laptop to catch his cousin’s eye. “Would you like to massage the cramp out?”, she asks as she pulls her mattress out from under the couch.

He tries to massage it out.

Robin doesn’t really get a chance to respond as Britney drops onto her stomach on the mattress. Britney points out the spot where it hurts. It’s the transition from her bottom to her hamstring. Robin stands there dully and doesn’t really act. “Come on man. I’m about to die!”, Britney urges him. Robin sits down next to her on the mattress and grabs her aching leg. He massages up and down her hamstring and feels the tension in her muscles slowly ease. “No, prudish silly, over here,” Britney says as she points to her buttocks again. Robin swallows and just does as he is asked. He grabs her hard buttocks and puts his thumbs under the curve of her buttocks. He indeed feels a knot in her right buttock. He tries to massage it out. “Hey, only the right hurts,” Britney chuckles. Caught, Robin lets go of her left buttock and massages the right one with two hands. Very slowly, Robin gets a little grip on the situation.

Carefully, a hatch opens in his mind. He looks at her tight buttocks and her beautiful, firm muscular legs. Very hesitantly, he feels a bit of desire look around the corner. Full of devotion, he massages her buttock. “Mmmmm, nice. It’s okay now,” says Britney after a while. She wants to get up again. “Shall I de-acidify your legs as well?”, Robin asks. He does not wait for the answer and puts his hands on her calves. Firmly, he massages her legs smoothly.

She still has her shoes on, so he takes them off to massage her feet. Robin sits up easily and places her feet in his lap. The bit of lust grows. The sight of her buttocks and legs, combined with her beautiful feet in his hands, make it harder and harder to see Britney as just a little niece. Her feet in particular are unusually arousing. Never before has he had this feeling at the sight of a pair of beautiful young, well-maintained feet.

Robin massages the soles of her feet vigorously and strokes her ankles very gently and teasingly. Suddenly he notices that he has an erection. Britney is lying on it with her feet and must be feeling it too. He doesn’t know if she does it on purpose, but sometimes she pushes softly with her feet into his lap and unmistakably touches his hard cock. Robin gets completely silent and also forgets to massage more and more. When he accidentally lets out a sigh after another push from his niece, Britney suddenly jumps up. “Hey, thank you. You’re an angel.”, she says as she kisses Robin on his forehead. Quickly she runs her hand through his hair and then hops into the kitchen to take a shower. Robin is left confused.

Getting horny on his cousin is completely new to him. When he hears splashing coming from the shower, he briefly thinks about taking a peek, but decency wins. He slides the mattress back under the couch and crawls back behind his laptop. He manages to restrain himself from looking when, moments later, Britney jumps naked from the kitchen to his bedroom to get dressed. Robin feels that Britney is becoming less and less concerned about their familiarity. More and more, she walks freely through the house in just her underwear.

Sometimes even without underwear. Then she always teasingly calls out for Robin to turn around, but she actually always calls out too late. Always when she is already pontifically naked in his field of vision. Robin decides to see how far she is willing to go with this. “In the evening, when he’s in the shower, he calls Britney in. “I want to have a little discussion.

I want you to do some more cooking over the next week. I have to turn in the first draft of my Bachelor’s thesis in two weeks, and I need all the time I can get.” Britney has sat down on the trash can in the kitchen and raised her leg. Attentively, she watches her showering cousin. They both act as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. “And also the groceries and stuff. That would be nice too,” Robin continues. Robin sees that Britney is relaxed but very interested in following the “conversation”. He decides he wants to go a little further. He hangs back a little and suddenly pulls the skin of his cock back. So-called very innocent to wash there, but the feeling is overwhelmingly horny. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees his niece swallow.

Her gaze is fixed on his cock. Robin is shocked by the situation he is causing himself. Of course, this is exactly what he had thought up, but now the inevitability of his action is suddenly scary. With some foam, he cleans his cock thoroughly. Needless to say, he swells up a little because of the hassle there. When he’s done, he looks at Britney.

She quickly shoots her gaze to his eyes. “Can you get me a towel?”, he asks as he turns off the shower. … Again, Robin can’t sleep. He’s as horny as a rabbit, but can’t do anything with it. In fact, he somewhat regrets his action earlier in the evening. He has tapped into a barrel of tension between him and his niece, of which he is now unsure which way it will go. Shortly after showering, Britney went to see a friend. After she got home, she immediately made the bed in the room.

After a short cuddle and a goodnight kiss, she crawled into bed. Robin got the idea that Britney was asleep and for the first time since she moved in with him, he whipped back his comforter and pulled his cock out of his underpants. Slowly and as quietly as possible, he jerks off, paying close attention to whether his niece is still breathing quietly. For a few minutes, he manages to keep on the verge of ejaculation and finally forgets about his niece. Then comes the biggest discharge he’s had in months. His semen shoots straight up and thick jets clatter back onto his hand, his belly and his chest. For a while, Robin lays back to pant out. Suddenly he notices that he no longer hears his cousin. He looks sideways into the living room and looks straight into his niece’s glittering eyes.

She smiles at him, throws and kissing hand at him and then turns around. Shocked and embarrassed, he cleans himself up. Meanwhile, he hears his niece’s quiet breathing again. The next few days pass in a daze. The busyness of preparing his thesis overrules everything in Robin’s head. The morning after his discharge, Britney did not hint at all about what she had seen. Robin also began to doubt more and more if she was really awake and if he hadn’t imagined it. The tension he felt in his contact with his cousin slowly ebbed away again. “I bought a nice bottle of wine for tonight,” Britney says. She has been shopping to make a party meal. Robin’s thesis proposal has been approved and Britney wants to celebrate. … It’s unusually cold.

After a few weeks of weirdly warm weather at the end of winter, it’s now as cold as New Year’s Day. Robin and Britney are sitting together on the couch. Both have a blanket wrapped over them. Robin is a little pink from the wine his cousin bought for dinner, the last of which he is drinking now. Britney has grabbed a beer from the fridge. “Thank you for the delicious food we just had and for taking care of him for the last few weeks. Anything for my little brother,” she responds a little absently. Britney turns half a turn and comes to sit opposite Robin. She slides her feet under his blanket and puts them in his lap. “Maybe that’s why I deserve a foot massage,” she says mischievously.

Britney turns off the television and searches for some old Latin Jazz on Spotify. From the speakers, “Girl from Panama” sounds. “You really got that archaic taste from your Dad,” she says. “Hush up little cousin. Just take off my socks and do your duty”. Robin obeys. Her feet are ice cold despite the thick socks she had on. Robin rubs the warmth back into her feet first. Britney sits dreamily staring at the ceiling, occasionally sipping her beer. “Nice. Why don’t you massage me more often? You’re perfect at this.” Robin doesn’t answer, but switches to deep pressure massage. He lifts one foot from his lap and works her as best he can. Her other foot is still in his lap. Britney seems to gently move her foot back and forth and before he knows it, his cock is growing under the touch.

At first, it seems like Britney isn’t doing this quite consciously, but when he has a firm erection in his sweatpants, Britney puts her heel against it and moves her foot back and forth over his cock. “Britney, maybe this is…” “Shh.” Robin obeys his cousin again and lets it pass. He lets go of her one foot and removes the other foot from his cock. The foot that was just massaged seamlessly takes over the role of the other. Britney is very purposefully turning him on. The fact that nothing is visible because the blanket is still over it makes it even more exciting. “You massage nicely,” Britney says after a while. “So do you.” Together they have to laugh. It relaxes the situation a bit. Britney pulls the blanket off Robin and puts both feet against his covered erection. “Maybe you should show me your cock again.” “Sorry about that yet,” Robin apologizes.

He realizes that she has actually seen him masturbate and that it is not a fantasy. Britney doesn’t respond but tries to use her toes to pull Robin’s sweatpants down. Robin notices that it is too difficult and helps her. Accidentally, he pulls his underpants down too, and suddenly he’s in full glory in front of his cousin. “Shit, sorry,” Robin says as he turns red. He tries to retrieve his underpants from his sweatpants. Britney pushes him back with her beautifully shaped foot again and without saying a word, she puts her soles around his cock. Quietly and decisively, she pulls him off with her feet. Robin doesn’t know what’s happening to him. He tries to catch Britney’s eyes, but she has closed them. He can see that she is under the blanket touching her breasts and that she has a hand between her legs. Finally, he gets the nerve to take action. He pulls the blanket off his niece.

Her nipples are hard and stick out.

It is indeed on her breasts, which she has exposed by pulling up her sweater. Her pussy is not visible. She sits with her hand in her ample house pants. She is obviously fingering herself. Robin’s eyes are glued to her beautiful muscular breasts. She has beautiful dark nipples that stand out sharply against her milky white skin. Her nipples are hard and stick out. With the back of her hand, she gently rubs one nipple. Robin’s gaze sinks down and lingers on her beautiful six-pack. Not too exaggerated, but still very obvious. The tightness of his niece’s body is so arousing that he feels he’s about to come. Britney is still steadily milking his cock with her feet. “Britney, I’m about to come,” Robin moans. “Just postpone it a bit. I’m about to come too. I do want to come together.” Robin pushes her feet away, because otherwise it’s really out of control, and pulls himself off very quietly and slowly. He lets his wet glans slide over her foot.

Britney finally opens her eyes and watches tightly as her cousin jerks off against her feet. The hand in her pants moves faster and faster and suddenly she shakes hard and violently. “Ffffffck… I’m coming,” she moans. This is the sign for Robin to stop holding back. He lets go and squirts his seed first over her calves and then a little less vigorously over her feet. Britney still has her eyes open. She fingers herself as she shakes and moans. The sight of his seed on her feet is obviously very horny, because Britney can’t seem to stop cumming. Finally, she relaxes completely and sinks back into the couch. For a moment she sits out panting and then she looks at Robin again. “Nice?”, she asks sultry. “Yummy!”

Britney grabs a towel from under the couch and tosses it to Robin. “Just clean me up,” she says with the sweetest smile she has. Robin wipes her legs, feet and his cock with the towel. He wonders if Britney staged this. That towel was lying there a little too easily for his hands. “Britney, this was really hot. What do you want now?”, Robin asks after a while. “Just put your underpants on. I don’t know what I want and I don’t know what we’ve gotten ourselves into with this,” Britney suddenly says very in a very matter-of-fact way. Britney and Robin prepare for the night. They cuddle for a moment and give each other a kiss. “Good night, little cousin,” Britney says from her mattress in the living room. “Good night cousin” Robin wakes up in the middle of the night because he notices Britney gently crawling into bed next to him. She gently puts her arm around them. Her hand lands on his cock and gently she caresses it. “Hey little cousin. Wake up. I think I know what I want,” she whispers in his ear..