Absolutely new here, I would like to publish my story. I am a French man, sorry for any spelling mistakes. Truthfully, nothing about it is invented. Does not please me, frankly, also I would find then no pleasure in it. Before almost exactly 2 years with my ex-partner, so experienced. Already living separately, but continuing to maintain a good -or even better- relationship. Girl on picture looks a lot as my ex.

Surprisingly, she stands in the early evening in front of my door, knee-length skirt and gauzy black nylons and pumps and says:” Today is your lucky day! I am on the way to my lover. Pants down- I want to see what your little friend thinks!” No sooner said than done! Cheeky grinning, the bitch examines my growing little 14×3 friend and says curtly:” Get your lucky cage!” Meant is my so-called.

Pick up your penis cage and use it!

Penis cage, which I have to put on myself!” Touching by her or even sex with her has been taboo for a long time! After putting on the penis cage, I “must” now still pull a tight brown and by HER already worn nylon pantyhose over it at her behest. “Bravo, you please me!

I still have half an hour of time, that must be enough to let my lick servant bring me into the right mood! Should you bring me to a giga-orgasm, chances are good that I’ll drop by again after my date!” Skirt up, thighs spread wide, she then promptly lay on the sofa in front of the TV. The sight of her bare pussy, plus the black nylons without panties-the madness! Almost crazy with horniness and crazy jealousy, I began intensely and moaning to do what I was instructed.

She was outwardly disinterested in my doing and almost arrogantly watching TV. But her soft moaning in between and her increasingly wet pussy spoke a clear language. She also acknowledged the caressing, stroking and kissing of her feet with audible pleasure and then said: “That’s good – your foreplay is quite good. Now it’s time to really step on the gas!” My little one squeezed and throbbing in the cage and under the pantyhose made me as always half mad, which has always had a positive effect on my licking activities! Frenzied and crazy with jealousy and unsatisfied horniness, I licked her so fabulous that her initially quiet moans very soon turned into several long and loud screams.

The penis cage was hurting me.

At the same time, she “squirted” as if there were no tomorrow! True waterfalls poured out of her! Just as I love it so much in my partner. After she came to again she said only: “SO I know you, for that I have you! May remain further my lick servant. Jerk off is not by ME will cum another…smile. Play nice to your nipples, that’s after all better than nothing, and imagine in your mind’s watching what YOU so everything escapes!”

I was allowed to enjoy even 2 SMS said: “Am well arrived in FFB!” and later still “His giant has just cum in my mouth, I love his dominant vein during sex in general!” What (bitter-sweet) hell then, not even to be able to relieve himself. The key had as always hidden somewhere. As much as I love tender nipple treatment – that evening, both hurt like crazy from the continuous treatment.

In the morning at 2 o’clock she came to me again as promised to tell me in detail that and in what way they both came to a total of 3 super orgasms. Then she put me in prospect to open the cage if I lick her again before going to bed to an orgasm.

Nothing better than that – about 20 minutes later she came again to a great orgasm and this time I also worked her big titties and her nipples skillfully. And yes. Now I was allowed to remove the “horrible” cage and to relieve myself for cor the eyes of my grinning wife after her instructions in the hot nylon part.

An incredibly large gush of hot sperm poured into it. Also, my begging and pleading to be touched by HER was even heard….. So she twirled in between “gigantic” 3- 5 seconds long my nipples, her tongue licked tenderly and skillfully twice-as generously over my glans and her hand jerked my raging dwarf even approximately 5 seconds long.

When she was then gone home I came of course again a stiff that I again in her nylons, which I was allowed to keep As to this day absolutely unforgotten “horror” experience among many diverse experiences from the past.