Hello, I am a 22-year-old submissive girl. I have had a number of horny experiences. In real life but also through phone assignments and email assignments, I have had several email masters and mistresses, I will now recount a few experiences from a horny contact with Mistress Nanda. Photo is slave Jenny.

Monday morning 7:30 a.m.: It is actually much too early to get up, but unfortunately it is not always a weekend. First, just checking to see if I’ve had any responses to my ad on Latexdating.com. So, no less than 21 new reactions, I will read them right away. Most reactions are not serious, or they tell so little that I can’t do anything with them. I decide to respond to 6 reactions. I send them all the same response back: I am wholeheartedly willing to receive and carry out Your commands.

I want to be a submissive girl and need a Mistress.

Your little slave Charlotte, so and now just wait and see what comes back. Monday evening 7 p.m., after dinner, I go straight to the computer. All day I have been fantasizing about the responses I will receive, I am already quite excited and since my mother is not here anyway, I take off my pants and get behind the PC in my panties. It turns out that 4 responses have come back (+ about 20 more new ones, which I will leave for what they are first). I start reading. The first: Lie on your bed and play with yourself. Well I don’t need an email master for that, no this one probably won’t be it. The second one gets a little more serious, at least he asks me to fill out a list he sent him. I will fill it out later and email it back.

The third one sends me a long fantasy. Mmm, I do get very horny, my hand goes into my panties and plays with my slit. Humm he describes exactly what he wants to do with young sluts. It’s by the beast. Delicious. I write him a thank you back and ask if he wants more. Then the 4th. It comes from Mistress Nanda. She asks me to give an exact breakdown of my week to match her assignments, furthermore she wants to know how and with whom I live, if I am in a relationship, and when my period is, and I am on the pill!

Especially these last questions make me very excited about Mistress Nanda, what does she want with that information? What kind of commands will she want to give with it? I decide to answer her in detail right away, I give her all the information she asked for and tell her that I will probably get my period as early as this week. In any case, the pill has already run out for this period.

I send the message and can hardly wait for a first order from Mistress Nanda, I stay online for now. Who knows, maybe she will already respond tonight, in the meantime I will have a nice horny chat on Camhunk.com. In the Dark Room, I have had many a horny chat. I spend about an hour there and then I go back to see if there is any new mail.

Mistress Nanda has responded and as subject she gives: assignment 1.so she has hired me! Without reading, I am already getting wet. Quickly open it. Horny slut! From now on, you address me as Mistress NANDA. So, with capital letters! Here is your first (simple) assignment: Tomorrow morning you will shower as normal and then put on your bathing suit WITHOUT DRYING YOU! I get horny from sluts in bathing suits. You will leave this bathing suit on all day, over the bathing suit you will put on a white blouse and a short skirt, preferably a very short tight skirt, but because it is your first assignment you can still choose.

At work, I want you to email me EVERY HOUR saying: Slave Charlotte is the property of Mistress NANDA! That, horny little slut, is the first very simple assignment. If you do everything exactly as I say and want it will be very horny, you will want to devote yourself completely to me. Keep an eye on your mailbox. The next assignment will follow soon and will already go further! Your Mistress NANDA Well. The horn is running out of my pussy. Not that it is such an extreme assignment now. But Mistress NANDA’s tone makes me completely horny and willing.

Mistress NANDA needs to know about my sanitary napkin.

I immediately look for my bathing suit and lay it ready. I chat some more, and then I go to bed. Furthermore, I finger myself deliciously to orgasm once, I do wonder if I am still allowed to do that, but tasty it certainly is! There is not so much to say about performing this task. It is indeed not difficult, only at the end the bathing suit starts to pinch and chafe a little. Other than that, it all went well, and I think I always sent the emails on time. I will submit my report to Mistress NANDA and ask her for a second assignment.

When I open my mailbox, I see to my horny surprise that a second assignment is already in. Horny slut. I don’t need a report from your first assignment, I believe that is just as well. Here’s the 2nd assignment: starting tomorrow and until your period is over, you will wear white leggings to work (preferably something too small)you will take your sanitary pads/tampons out of your purse. You put a bag of sandwiches in its place. Also at home you keep these leggings on Also at night you keep these leggings on Mail me tonight.

Tell me what you think I expect from you with this assignment! Your Mistress NANDA exercise. Sopping wet is my pussy. Without touching my slit it is sopping all over, in my opinion this is THE mistress for me I have a feeling she is going to give me the assignments I so often fantasize about when I am fingering myself. I will respond immediately, kind of embarrassing to have to form my own order!

Mistress NANDA I think when I become uncounted, instead of a tampon or sanitary napkin, I should put a sandwich against my slit. So I will have to go to the bathroom often, especially the first few days to change the sandwich, because a sandwich is not very absorbent and that doesn’t seem so safe in white leggings I hope I have summed it up so well.