His heart was beating up to his neck, his head was in chaos. And as if that wasn’t enough, he was struggling with a sizable erection that wouldn’t even dream of dying down. Responsible for this was the highly erotic slide show that ran like an endless loop in Tom’s brain: the revealing white plastic that had flashed so seductively from the waistband of the attractive nurse Julia, her sudden pause followed by an unmistakable relaxation while she had undoubtedly peed into a diaper under her work pants. And this in his presence – this arousing event, not three feet from him. Actually, it had been no more than a routine house call to an old lady, when the unexpectedly provocative situation in her living room had simply overwhelmed him.

How tingly and warm it must have felt to her, he thought, and how incredibly exciting. Surely sweet Julia had assumed that no one would notice, but I could see exactly what she was doing. His imagination began to take on a life of its own. I wonder if she’s into it too, he thought heatedly. Had it turned her on to just let it go? Maybe we have the same fetish? More blood flowed into the erectile chambers of his erect penis, making him struggle to fully erect himself in the confines of the white doctor’s pants. No, don’t! You shall not grow bigger, but finally become soft again! He ordered the growing hardening in his mind, and at the same time tugged the polo shirt out of the waistband of his pants to put it over the mighty bulge in his lap as visual protection. Minutes later, his pulse rate slowly calmed.

Tom sat behind the wheel of his car, into which he had fled in complete haste on some flimsy excuse. The most inappropriate bulge of his most intimate body region for that moment had been the trigger. Inside the car it was hot, the young physician was sweating heavily. However, not only the heat of the sunny summer afternoon was responsible for this, but also the desperate attempt to distract his thoughts from what he had just experienced. No, he had no choice but to stop the fetish film in his head – at least until all the house appointments were finished and he had closed the practice. It has to work, he told himself, with this capital boner in my pants I can’t possibly return to Mrs. Salomon – and certainly not while Julia is still with her horny, wet diaper pants. So now it’s time to think about something completely different … What was that about the tax return? Until when does it have to be done?

Imagine she’s as into it as you are, if his libido interferes again, wouldn’t that be gigantic? And hey, it looks like it, don’t you think? But hello! He answered these questions to himself and knew at that moment that he would do everything to see the pleasure-loving girl again. And not just by chance during a house call…
Tom had no way of knowing that Bridgette’s diaper, which she had stolen from the storage room of the nursing service’s headquarters during her lunch break and put on without further ado, had been nothing more than a welcome solution in a hurry. Due to an annoying bladder infection that forced her to go to the bathroom far more often than usual, she had followed her older colleague’s suggestion and taken this measure.

The single-use diaper was intended to give her security and prevent her from having to rely on strange and not always clean toilets in the midst of her assignment in the various households of the city. To her great joy, the plan had worked and, in addition to the liberating relief, had provided emotions that she had not previously expected. Giving in to the pressure of the bladder and the immensely burning urge without sitting on the toilet was unusual, but exceedingly stimulating. She had peed, and no one else in the room had been able to hear it, or so she thought.

In addition, there was the feeling of the warm-wet fleece of the diaper, which she had felt afterward almost lustfully on her vagina. All in all, it was a stimulating new experience that had triggered something in her, of which she had no idea what heavenly dimensions it would be able to lift her up too.
Meeting the doctor again after leaving the house had not seemed unusual to her, but the profound look with which he had regarded her had been. Arriving at her official car, she had already been about to start the engine when she saw the folded note discreetly stuck under the windshield wiper. Curious, she stretched her arm forward and took the sheet of paper. Well, a message from Dr. Tom?

She read in amazement. And wow, he’s inviting me to dinner! How did I get this honor? She joked secretly but was nevertheless pleased by his apparent interest in her. Thank God he doesn’t know about my wet diaper, then he definitely wouldn’t have done that, Bridgette mused just a train of thought later, not remotely knowing how fundamentally wrong she was with this conjecture. Why not do something crazy for once and go out with a complete stranger? the pretty, red-blond nurse decided after a moment’s consideration. And tomorrow at twenty o’clock fits great, besides, the Italian is not far from my apartment. She wrote her acceptance on the same piece of paper and clipped it to his car as well.

The following evening, in the restaurant, Tom told her about the circumstances of his spontaneous decision to invite her. Like the day before, his heartbeat faster as he leaned over and told her in a discreet whisper about the flash of diaper tape from her waistband. About how much it had caught his attention and how captivated he had been by that observation. “You were standing very close to me, I was watching you and even heard a little. Gosh, Bridgette, to witness that so directly … I myself also find diapers totally erotic and was really put out of action by yours,” he confessed to her, not realizing at this that she froze for a brief moment and raised her eyebrows in amazement. “That’s the only reason it took me so long to supposedly get something out of the car afterward,” he added, grinning sheepishly. Of course, Bridgette realized, he suspected, we ticked completely alike in that respect.

Does the doctor has a diaper fetish?

She was less shocked than stirred by his revelation, as if it were self-evident, that wearing adult diapers aroused him. Gently, and no less agitated by the explosive nature of the situation than her companion, she then admitted to him what the real reason for the previous afternoon’s wetness protection had been: “I’m sorry, Tom, this is a misunderstanding,” she whispered sensitively, “in my case, it’s not a fetish or anything like that, but it was the pure desperation of a bladder infection that had led me to put on a diaper. Although I must admit that it was still kind of …” He took the rest in bits and pieces. Up to this point, he had firmly assumed that she possessed the same passion as he did. Embarrassed, he lowered his eyes; his thoughts circled feverishly around explanations and a sincere apology.

Searching for the right words, Bridgette’s description of the feelings that had come over her during the liberated running reached his ears as if from a distance. She literally raved and, now that she knew his passion, gladly let him share in her new, exhilarating experience. He listened with interest. She had clearly enjoyed it, he realized, and lifted his head in relief to look his pretty date straight in the eye. In addition to her wonderful sentences, which had triggered an avalanche of pure happiness within him, he detected something in the brilliant blue of her iris that fueled a long-awaited hope – promising and tingling to the very tips of his nerves.
A week later, the dark-haired general practitioner and the young, outgoing woman had become a couple. They understood each other almost wordlessly, slept together passionately and often, and met on a common humor level.

They spent every minute of their free time together

They spent every minute of their free time together, laughing, cuddling, and letting lust drive them. During this time, Tom avoided bringing up the subject of diapers – he planned to introduce his new girlfriend to this gently and not overwhelm her with his innermost desires right at the start. However, Bridgette was more eager to experiment than he estimated her to be. She was inquisitive, wanted to experience the unforgettable impressions of pissing a second time. Now, however, in a light-hearted, completely opposite context.

So the following Sunday morning, she announced to him that she intended to put on a disposable diaper under her jeans for the upcoming visit to the medieval market. “I brought one home from work,” she explained exuberantly, “you know, I’d love to have that feeling again from the other day. That was so incredibly exciting, just peeing away no matter where you are … just thinking about how crazy that tingled … Besides, I imagine you’d like it too, right?” What a question! Speechless and delighted, Tom pulled her into his arms and kissed her stormily. After Bridgette had caught her breath, she looked into her boyfriend’s face with a teasing grin, “So it’s a deal then?” He still nodded mutely, unable to adequately articulate the outpouring of emotion. The gleam in his eyes, however, betrayed the agitated emotional state inside him. “Would you have a diaper there for you, too?”

Again Tom agreed, nodding; his mouth was open a bit, he felt as if he was in some kind of trance. “Oh great, why don’t you put one on yourself later? That way we can do it together, what do you say?” As if intoxicated by her daring proposal, he kissed her again – this time more long-lasting, more intimate and infused with the irrefutable certainty that in the attractive nurse he had found not only the great love but also his soul mate.

After their lips parted again, he nevertheless left her face in his hands. The tips of their noses almost touched when Tom found his way back to his own language and tenderly murmured, “If you only knew how long I’ve dreamed of this. Of a woman as unique as you, who understands me completely. I can hardly believe my luck, sweetheart, with your wishes come true before they were spoken – you not only play along with my fantasies but even give the impetus!” “After all, it’s fun for me, and knowing that diaper-wearing really turns you on adds a kick on top.

What do you think it’s going to be like when we’re about to wander across the market and you alone have any idea about the special, leak-proof lingerie I’ll have on under my jeans? And I’ll use them without anyone catching on … kind of crazy, right?” Moaning softly, Tom leaned his forehead against hers. He closed his eyes as a hot movie involuntarily started in his head. “And if you put something in it, big or small …” he began to describe the initial scene, gasping as he felt the erectile tissue of his member fill with blood. “Then I won’t tell you,” Bridgette saucily finished his sentence. Since both of them were wearing nothing more than their underwear and were standing exceedingly close to each other, she felt the increasing hardening in Tom’s retro shorts at the same moment. “Hey, you’re getting horny just thinking about it …” she teased him tenderly, noticing at that moment how his hand unerringly made its way into her panties. “Nah, nix that,” the younger girl lovingly stopped her friend, “we’ll save that for later.”

Thanks to the soft, cotton-like material, the diapers did not crackle while walking, nor did they show visibly underneath the clothing. Thus, in fact, none of the many visitors to the medieval sales market had any idea of the couple’s intentions, as they strolled from stall to stall, looking highly interested. “Wearing them so deliberately and in the erotic mood today is totally different from last week when I only put them on as a precaution,” Bridgette murmured to the taller Tom, standing at one of the many jewelry booths. “I can imagine,” the latter returned, squinting his eyes a bit as he stood facing the bright midday sun. “And especially since you’re there, and think it’s hot …” she added unceremoniously. “Speaking of which, could you already?” His inquiring gaze scrutinized her face and traveled downward from there. “You don’t have to look like that,” the twenty-something giggled, “I wouldn’t tell you anyway.” “So-so, I better not let you out of my sight then, huh?”

Bridgette discreetly asked: how’s your bladder?

Half an hour passed. The sun burned hotly down from a brilliant blue sky; amid the stalls and booths, the air seemed to be just standing there. Reason enough to take advantage of the food and drink offered by the exhibitors and to order a large glass of mineral water each. When both drinking vessels were almost completely emptied, Bridgette discreetly asked, “How’s your bladder?” A single word was all she needed to answer, “Full.” “So you have to go urgently?” she echoed in a whisper, to which Tom nodded and drank the last sip from his water glass. “And I’m sure I’ll be running something in a minute,” he informed his girlfriend with anticipation. “Me too,” she slipped out unintentionally in anticipation of the shared experience.

With a pounding heart, the young medic passed over the inadvertent announcement and wisely pretended not to have heard it. “And because I can’t take it much longer and don’t want to do it sitting here, I’m going to ask you to drink up quickly so we can move on,” he followed up on his advance announcement for this reason. “Yeah sure, no problem.” One last sip, after which Bridgette placed the empty glass on the table in front of her and rose from her chair at the same moment. At the same time, Tom also stood up, so that they leaned forward synchronously and their faces came within a few centimeters of each other above the rough tabletop. Puzzled and laughing softly, they took the opportunity for a brief, soft kiss before leaving the medieval-looking tavern hand in hand.

Keeping quiet about the moment when the urine should flow into the diaper with full intention, Bridgette did not succeed in the end. She, too, had to in the meantime; moreover, the longing to share this incomparable experience with her new love was greater than the pleasure that secrecy would have given her. So she snuggled tenderly against his chest as Tom pulled her into his arms away from the commotion and whispered in her ear in a quivering voice that he could hardly hold it in and would now let out his bladder contents. “There, it’s coming …” he commented, audibly aroused, at the hot jet that at that very second was flowing from his urethra into the soft fleece of the diaper. “How horny it is to feel that,” he murmured, “my God sweetie, I’m p**sing myself so close to you that you’re …” “I’m getting it on too,” she interrupted him impulsively, already sorry as the words left her mouth. But she could not have influenced it – it had been her inner desire to tell the dark-haired doctor about her letting go and flooding the diaper pants.

It gets so nice wet and warm

The doctor pressed her tightly against him. He put his hands on her padded bottom and grasped it voluptuously. “You can’t imagine what this does to me …” His lips tickled the shell of her ear, his breath caressed her skin. He pictured it shooting out of her, yellow and softly hissing, as he continued to empty his bladder. “But,” she objected with relish, speaking into the crook of his neck, “if it’s half as brilliant as it is with me. It feels so delightfully liberating, so light, and it tingles like a thousand ants. Plus, it gets so nice and warm between your legs and in front of your pussy.” A deep moan was his response; his penis instantly stiffened within the moist sheath, hormones readying themselves for a sensual continuation.

“I want to make love to you right now,” Tom gasped in a breathy whisper. “But I’m still peeing, and it’s not going to be sex here anyway …” ” Girl, you’re wetting your diaper right in front of me, right in my arm … I’ve got such a beastly boner, I could ejaculate right then and there, no problem.” There was a definite tremor in Tom’s tone, only with difficulty did he keep his emotions under control. Not surprisingly, the pretty red-blonde was infected, “Oh madness, how hot that is.” “You’re hot, sweetie, you and your courage to go through with this with me. Your wet diaper ass, your column wet from peeing, and that we just did it at the same time. That makes me unspeakably horny.

If you put your hand down my pants, you could feel how fucking hard he is.” They were standing suitably far away from the hustle and bustle of the market that no one present would have been able to follow their conversation, as Bridgette registered with relief at that moment. “Hearing that turns me on quite a bit,” she admitted, beating her boyfriend to the punch with the suggestion that they waste no more time and hurry back to his house. An intense kiss underscored his unqualified approval. And as he took her away with him and hurried to the parking lot where they had parked the car two hours earlier, Bridgette noticed how he, too, was longing for intimacy and togetherness.

With his nose buried deep in the warm, moist fleece, Tom knelt on the sheet of the mattress and inhaled with pleasure. His large, stiff penis twitched impatiently, his bulging testicles tugged covetously. Bridgette’s wet diaper, which had been penetrated by another gush of her urine on the way home, lay unfolded in front of him, on top of which lay the firm, round bottom of his breathtakingly sweet girlfriend, who was no less aroused than he was. Ever since she had let herself be carried away by his all-encompassing lust far from the market stalls, she now longed for fulfillment. He lay on his knees between her wide-open thighs, watching the lust well up in fine rivulets from her pussy, and was sure he was the most satisfied man in the world. He had reached the goal of all his dreams – to experience the diaper fetish in pairs, he had already had with other girlfriends, but to savor it with a woman who enjoyed it so passionately and daringly, was happiness at its best. And it was thrillingly beautiful. He closed his eyes, took one last deep breath, and then sank his mouth into Bridgette’s deliciously scented Delta of Love.

Tom licked over the salty-tasting skin

Her moans filled the room. Tom licked over the salty-tasting skin of her clam, sucked the pleasure swollen clit between his lips, and at the same time took in the amazing aphrodisiac nectar of her unbridled desire. She writhed before him as if out of her mind, gasping breathlessly and spurring him on at the same time. The vehemence and the high degree of her horniness pushed him to the limit of any restraint, yet at the same moment, Tom pulled her used diaper out a little from under her bottom and lifted the middle part up to his face. He pushed it next to his chin towards his nose, breathing the spicy pee scent far into his lungs as he continually caressed his partner with his tongue and lips.

“Go on, go on, it’s coming to me!” she screamed at him, which he noticed in parallel by the growth of her pleasure pearl, which stretched out covetously towards the tip of his tongue. The rest of her oyster swelled as well, slippery wetness seeping out from her center. Tom moaned silently; he couldn’t hold back any longer, wanting nothing more urgently than to orgasm together with the gorgeous young woman who was so hotly craving it. Determined, he took his face from her lap and, before Bridgette could protest the sudden cessation of his oral ministrations, lifted himself onto her soft body. As he kissed his girlfriend on the mouth, she tasted her own pleasure. Immediately, she crossed her legs over his buttocks, pressing him firmly down on top of her. As if of his own accord, he slid into her, feeling her inviting tightness and the pulsing of his steel-hard phallus abundantly clear.

This twitched impatiently, demanding vehemently to finally be allowed to explode and unload his love cocktail. They moaned at the same time – it took only a few thrusting movements from the hips, which also rapidly lifted Bridgette to the peak, to let him reach an extremely fulminant climax after a very short time. While it came to him almost endlessly, he continued to move in her center tightly embracing him, perceiving deep inside the orgiastic tremor and the fine contractions that were so lustfully reflected in Bridgette’s face. In those seconds, they embraced each other especially intimately, giving free rein to their feelings and sensing nothing but the unconditional love that filled their souls and hearts.