Also, when I turn 18, I will once again receive a very strange gift from my mother. Or do I get a present? I think I am the gift? In our living room sits a man of +- 25 years old. She begins her story with the fact that I have already had some experience in the last few years, but that she wishes me the real pleasure. Photo from Renee.

She ends her story very clearly with the fact that above all I have to do everything the gentleman expects of me, only in this way I can get the best out of this evening. My mother gives us 2 bottles of wine and 2 glasses and tells us to go to her bedroom. She has completely decorated her bedroom with pink leaves and candles to make it romantic. Mister, whose name I don’t even know, opens a bottle of wine and pours it into our glasses. We toast to a nice evening and begin to make small talk. This makes me feel more comfortable, and as soon as we open the second bottle of wine, I notice that I am loosening up. I have lost track of time because we are having such a good time together.

When Mister asks me to lie down on the bed, I understand that it is time. I get a little nervous and tell him that I’ve never had sex before and I don’t really know what to do. He doesn’t say anything, just starts kissing me and one by one his clothes and mine come off. As soon as his pants come off, I see a stiff dick for the first time in my life. Luckily it is not as big as my biggest dildo, but it is much bigger than my little dildo. He kisses and licks my nipple piercings for a while while his hand plays with my pussy.

By now my tits have grown to a nice cup E and he clearly enjoys this as he squeezes them. He takes good care of me because as soon as he notices that I am well wet he starts to eat me. He does everything he can to make me feel comfortable as well. Slowly 1 finger slides into my pussy and after a while number 2 joins in. When I really come for the first time, I don’t know what is happening to me. I intensely enjoy his fingers in me and his tongue on my clit, I start to make sounds I didn’t even know I could make. He grabs a dildo with a suction cup and a bottle of lube from my mother’s closet, he clearly knows where everything is. He puts some lube on the dildo and puts it on the floor.

I have to sit on it and immediately notice that this dildo is bigger than mine, my pussy is immediately under tension and is completely filled. I get on my knees and let him hold his cock in front of my face. I open my mouth and let his thing in a little uncomfortably. Mister gives me some instructions so I know what to do and what he likes. He grabs my head and sets the rhythm, but sometimes he just pushes too hard and his dick goes so deep into my throat that I almost vomit. I pull back a little, but he holds me so tight that I can’t get his dick out of my mouth.

It is immediately clear that from now on it is time for his pleasure and that I should get used to it very quickly. I blow him for quite a while and even get cramps in my jaw, but that should not spoil the fun. As soon as he thinks he has had enough he takes his dick out of my mouth and I can lie back down on the bed. As soon as I get off the dildo it really feels like a relief, my pussy has been under so much tension that now it just feels like I am still open as soon as I am lying on the bed. Sir puts some lube on his cock and pushes it all the way into my pussy.

A real flesh and blood cock that is warm still feels different than a dildo in my pussy but as soon as he starts thrusting I still long for that thick and big dildo in my pussy. It feels like his cock is coming up to my belly button and every thrust he gives hurts again. Obviously, real sex is different from just playing with my dildo. Luckily Sir doesn’t need much and within less than 5 minutes of sex he is already coming. I feel his cock jerking and his semen squirting into my pussy. When he has completely emptied his jizz, he takes his cock out of my pussy and tries to push it into my mouth. Before he gets the chance I turn my face away, I think it smells so dirty and his cock is completely full of dirt from him and me that I almost throw up.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back, then he pushes his dick right against my lips and says: “If you just open your mouth and clean it for a moment, we are done. Since I still keep my mouth closed, he rubs his cock through my face a few times, spreading the smell of cum and pussy all over my face. When I open my mouth to gasp for air because my nose is totally disturbed by the foul smells, he takes his chance, puts his half flaccid cock in my mouth and makes me suck it again. When he has rammed his cock deep into my mouth a few times, he lets me go and is ready for tonight. Naked, he goes out into the hallway and calls for my mother to come upstairs. He comes up on the bed next to me and holds me tight for a few more minutes. I am still impressed that he just put his dirty, freshly used dick in my mouth.

I had expected the sex to hurt a little and I was enjoying the evening until he put his dirty dick in my mouth. As soon as my mother comes in I am shocked, I am lying naked with semen all over the bed while a naked man is holding me. I am embarrassed to death because I feel his cum on my face and running out of my pussy while my mother is now standing at the foot of the bed. She calmly asks if everything is satisfactory? To which the gentleman replies: I had a very nice and delicious evening, although your daughter should become more willing to suck during sex, because that is minimally expected. The gentleman gets up, gets dressed, and gives my mother a packet of money and a kiss on the cheek before leaving. I don’t know what I find more uncomfortable at this point. 1) the fact that I am naked and covered in semen on the bed in front of my mom, or 2) the fact that my mom just got money from a man I had sex with? As I walk to the bathroom to take a shower, I also see my mother’s dildo on the floor, also obviously dirty and used. Before I reach the bathroom I feel a lot of semen coming out of me down my leg. I wipe it off my leg with my hand before I dirty the floor. While I am in the shower my mother comes in to clean her dildo.

While I am still trying to process all the embarrassment of the last 5 minutes, my mom is making another one. Very relaxed, like it’s the most normal thing in the world, like ordering your food at McDrive, my mom starts asking me all sorts of things she wants an immediate answer to. Mom: So honey you did a good job, didn’t it hurt to use that dildo I think it’s pretty big myself? Me: Mom, do we really have to do this right now? Mom: Why shouldn’t we talk about it? You have nothing to be ashamed of, right? Everyone has sex, only you have the advantage of making money from it. Me: I am ashamed! None of my girlfriends get paid for having sex and when they do have sex, their mothers don’t see them naked while the semen is running out of their pussies! Mom: Your friends are stupid if they don’t get paid for the sex they have. Your classmates are too inexperienced to please a woman properly.

Your friends get fucked, get little pleasure from it, and don’t even keep any money from it. And it is great that we can be so open and honest with each other that we can share these moments together. It just shows how strong our bond is. I am really proud of you. Now come on, just answer my question. Me: It didn’t really hurt, I just sat still on it, but it felt more like I could break apart at any moment and that I stayed open when I got off. Mom: If you start doing this more often, you will get used to it and it will feel better and better. You’ll find that you feel less and less tension when you use a big dildo, and you won’t feel like you’re still open afterwards. Of course you had to suck it when you were on the dildo?

Me: Mom, do we really have to discuss this right now? Mom: Honey, anyway, I’m just really curious about your first experience? Usually when he wants me to use this dildo, I have to suck it. So I was curious if he expected you to do that? Me: You don’t want to say that you have sex with him too, do you? Mom: Why do you think it’s okay for him to have sex with you? He is only allowed to do that because I know he is very sweet, otherwise he would never have been allowed to do it. Me: Bah mom, you really can’t do that, it’s really dirty to have sex with the same man.

Mom: Dear, if I have a date with him, I get 150 euros and then I have to work much harder than you had to do tonight. We get 1000 Euros now because he had to deflower you for these 2 hours. Next time he will pay 650 Euros to suck and have vaginal sex. If you have a date 2x a month, you will earn almost as much as I have to work with my boss for a whole month. That would give us enough money to send you and your brothers and sisters to sports.

We could finally go on vacation as a family after years. You and your siblings could buy new clothes, and we could even pay for your driver’s license. And all you have to do is just have sex, as long as you don’t have a steady boyfriend, you can enjoy sex and make a lot of money for the family at the same time. Think about it, of course I don’t need an immediate answer, but you will help all of us, but especially your brothers and sisters, a lot. As I wash the cum off me, my pussy still feels wide open.

The dildo was really thick and stretched me a lot. I am still impressed by everything that happened and I still have the bad taste of cum and pussy in my mouth. That night I sleep badly and think a lot. The foreplay and the sex itself were quite nice, but the blowjob afterwards I found just disgusting and especially that he put his dick in my mouth when I did not want it. The next morning, before I go to school, I discuss this with my mother.

She thinks I should just do it more often, ”the first few times you didn’t like playing with your dildo, now you find it delicious, with blowjobs during sex it’s the same”. Says my mother. The more you do it, the more you get used to it and it gets easier and easier. It’s not always fun, but once it’s okay for you, it’s okay.