An erotic story of a man who meets a very beautiful woman in the swimming pool. The lust makes for a lot more water! The beautiful lady in the image you want to take a bath with is Kendra.

It is a rainy day and I decide to go to the tropical swimming paradise near me for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing. Because it is vacation time, it is already quite busy when I arrive at the swimming pool. I show my season ticket and quickly head for the men’s changing room. I take off my clothes and put on my swimming shorts and take out my towel and diving goggles. I make my way through the families and teenagers past the lockers towards the showers to quickly wash up. There is a recreational area with all the necessary equipment, rapids, whirlpool, slide, and waterfall. I turn to the 50 m pool where it is, fortunately, quieter and take a dip in the lovely freshwater.

After a few laps of back and chest crawl, my heart rate has already risen considerably. But when I look in the direction of the showers, my heartbeat increases even more. Under the shower steps a gorgeous milf in a mint green bikini. She is an estimated 175 cm tall, has beautiful long legs, long dark hair with a twist, lovely round buttocks and beautiful breasts that are elegantly supported by her top. Our eyes cross, and I feel a spark and a tingle in my balls. I think she has noticed this and she starts rinsing herself off very sensually; her hands slide down her long legs so that her ass is arched up temptingly, then they go over her beautiful belly and then she runs her fingers through her wet hair and then puts them over her left shoulder. What a scene and I notice that my penis is getting so hard that my head is just sticking out from under the top of my shorts Fortunately I have my dive glasses off, otherwise, they would certainly have fogged up by now. I pull myself together and swim for another 10 minutes, so I can get out of the pool safely. Then I walk to the recreational area to relax in the bubble bath.

Her breasts shake happily back and forth in the swimming pool

From the hot tub, I have a good view of the rest of the recreational swimming pool, and I soon spot my horny milf in the rapids. She meekly lets herself be carried along by the current, and sometimes I notice that she stops for a moment at one of the jet jets. She thinks no one notices, but I see her relax as the hard jet sprays onto the fabric of her bikini bottoms. Judging by her facial expression, this gives her a very pleasant feeling. And I think to myself what a nice little slut without any shame this is. After the water rapids, she goes down the slide a few times, and every time she lands in the water, her breasts shake happily back and forth in the brassieres of her bikini top. Just when I actually want to get out of the hot tub to swim some more laps, I see that coming my way. Now that I suspect that she is also going into the bubble bath, my heart starts beating faster again, and I stay put for a while. When she comes down the steps of the bubble bath, our eyes cross, and she smiles at me with a seductive smile. Without saying a word she takes a position next to me and not long afterward the bubbles are turned on as well. Just as well because my cock starts to get hard again with the sight of such a horny slut next to me. She has now closed her eyes and holds her head back, enjoying the surrounding bubbles. I slowly bend down and whisper in her ear, “I did see what you just did in the rapids, I think you are a very naughty little slut”. She jerks up, looks at me with her horny eyes, and then starts to blush.

Without giving her time to respond, I continued, “I want you to go to the changing cubicles now, close the door and wait for me. I will find you, and then I will give you an appropriate punishment for your slutty behavior, naughty girl! Do you understand this?”. She looks at me with a hint of surprise, embarrassment, but mostly horny. She whispers “yes sir”, gets up, and leaves in the direction of the changing cubicles. As I get out, I get a view of her beautifully round buttocks, and I have to restrain myself not to give it a hard tap right now. I wait another ten minutes to get my hard dick back in line and leave for the locker rooms with my towel and goggles. I arrive at the changing rooms and check to see which ones are closed. At one of the cubicles, I just see dark painted toenails and I know that I have arrived at the right cubicle. I knock softly on the door and she opens. I step inside, close the door and hang my towel and goggles on the hooks. Not only that, but I push her against the wall and begin kissing her passionately. Our tongues wrestle, and I notice that she has become very horny.

I tell her again that she has been a very naughty girl and that she deserves proper punishment for her slutty ways. I then ask her what this slut is called and she replies “My name is Marloe sir”. There is no more fitting name for such a slutty girl I thought to myself. I sit down on the bench and tell her to get on her knees on the floor with her back to me. I undo her bikini top and place it on the bench next to me. I bring both my hands forward through the back of her back and place her breasts in my hand. With my right hand I take hold of her now hard right nipple with my thumb and forefinger and squeeze it hard for a moment. She can’t suppress a small moan, and I stop and tell her not to make a sound. I then tell her to bring her hands back. She feels very submissive and waits with a mix of excitement and lust to see what is to come. I take my goggles and tie them around her wrists and command her to turn around, so I have a good view of her delicious breasts. I tell her “Open your horny mouth Marloe” and put my rolled-up towel between her teeth.

Completely helpless and full of abandon, she is on her knees in front of me and I tell her, “I am now going to punish you for behaving slutty. If you want to moan, you may do so in the towel. Do you understand this?”. She answers mumbled, “Yes sir”. I bring both hands to her breasts and begin to squeeze them firmly. Besides the pain she is feeling now, it is mostly her horny nature that is taking over, and she notices that she is already starting to get quite wet in her pussy. After the kneading, I take both her nipples between my fingers and start pinching them, softly at first and then harder and harder. I hear her moans through the towel and then begin to twist as well. She gets all wild with pain and lust and starts to squirm slightly on her knees. I now move my right hand along her waist towards her bikini bottoms and put my hand under them. My hand slides down her Venus mound and a narrow strip of hair shows the way through her clit to her soaking wet pussy. On the way, I feel the wetness increase and two fingers slide into her soaking wet fuck pussy like through butter. She lets out a muffled squeal in the towel as deeper and faster my fingers slide in and out of her pussy. Meanwhile, my left hand descends through her back to that horny round ass. My hand disappears into her panties and my middle finger gently caresses her tight asshole. This makes Marloe so horny, two fingers going in and out of her pussy and a middle finger pressing against her anus.

She does her ass back so it presses even harder against my middle finger. I smooth out my middle finger by running it through her wet pussy and then moisten her asshole with it. After three times, her asshole is also deliciously wet, and I slowly push my middle finger in. Her tight ass muscles slowly enclose my finger and I slowly go back and forth. Marloe doesn’t know where to look for it, two fingers in her pussy and one in her asshole. She is getting hornier and starts moving along to the rhythm of my fingers. I remove my fingers from her pussy and ass and remove her bikini bottoms and command her to stand. I stand behind her and with my right hand grab her hair and pull. Not too hard, but hard enough, so she knows she has no place to go and is completely at my mercy. By now, my cock is so stiff from all the horny stuff that it’s impatiently steepling. With my left hand, I bring her pelvis back and position my hard penis between Marloe’s soaking wet labia.

A shudder goes through her body as I push it up to my balls in the soaking wet fucking grotto with 1 thrust. It’s a good thing she has the towel or she would have moaned all over the pool. The sight of that brutal slut with her hair grabbed, hands tied behind her back and my cock flashing in and out of her almost makes me want to come. But she has 1 more punishment to endure for her slutty behavior. I pull my rock-hard fuck rod out of her wet slit and slowly push it against her asshole. Slowly I push my glans between her sphincter and slowly penetrate her. Oh my god, what a nice ass fuck this girl feels nice around my throbbing penis. For a first-time anal, Marloe feels so horny now that she barely feels the pain. She didn’t know this could feel so good, such a big cock in your poop hole. She has never felt so slutty and naughty as she does now with this cock in her ass. His movements quicken and she notices her breathing quickening and that she is about to reach her orgasm. Her pussy muscles and ass muscles contract as she squirts and ejaculates on the floor of the locker room.

The contraction of her ass muscles makes her asshole feel even tighter than before, and he too can’t hold it anymore. From inside my balls, a huge amount of seed bubbles to the surface, which I spray into her asshole. When my balls are completely empty, I take my penis out of her asshole. With small jets, the semen drips into the pool of Marloe’s pussy juices. Tired and satisfied, he kisses her neck, removing the towel and goggles from around her wrists to then kiss her on her sensual lips as well. He says “Have you learned your lesson now naughty ass fucker?”, and Marloe replies “Yes sir” and “Thank you sir”. I put my shorts back on and leave Marloe still a little bewildered and tired in the locker room. I think I’ll go for another swim….