I am Jolise, now 23, and Eve, my best friend, also 23, had already done something sexual with each other, I think like almost all young girls do. You sleep together after a party, and often with a few drinks you go further than you intended. We were 16 when we did it for the first time, we had sex education that week, the teacher told us about the flowers and the bees with a red head and a visible stiff dick in his pants.

The girls asked a lot more questions, and especially when it came to girls having sex with each other, there was also a photo and movie part to the explanation, and from the looks of it, the teacher had not seen these before it became especially quiet among the boys when some movies with explanations were shown. Movies of naked girls fingering and caressing each other. When the video stopped for a moment, Jack started to ask if all girls did that, the teacher said that a lot of girls did that, Jack joked, he said sin and that he could do it much better.

Immediately the teacher started the movie again and now 2 boys were doing it with each other and immediately among the boys could be heard murmuring, and the boys were making noises that they didn’t think was normal, especially when the boys were jerking each other off and sucking each other’s dicks it became noisy. The teacher stopped the movie again and now Eva immediately asked, “Master, do boys do that a lot? Yes, they do, said the teacher, but we have noticed that boys find it less normal. Anyway, the weekend was over, we had a party and I stayed over at Eve’s, we had a few glasses of wine and were in bed when Eva’s parents came home. Eve gave me a kiss, which I thought was a little strange, but she is my very best friend, and I gave her a kiss back.

Now she kissed me on the mouth and began to stroke my breasts with a trembling hand, Eve whispered, “I want to try out what we have learned this week. And at least you have real breasts, okay, my breasts were then a D cup and Eve’s were A cup. Eve brought my hand to her panties, which were soaking wet, I looked surprised and Eve said, I am so horny, massage my pussy. And immediately I felt her hand in my panties and Eve massaged my pussy. Eve took off my night shirt and panties and a moment later she was naked next to me, and we massaged each other. We were busy and there was no blanket or sheet over us and I finished and to my horror I saw Eve’s father standing in the doorway stuttering and saying, “I wanted to check if you were home, but you are. I was embarrassed, of course, but yes, it was happening and it was delicious.

Eve had a boyfriend for a few months, so I was certainly not expecting this. The next morning we had breakfast with Eve’s parents and I had the feeling that the father was still thinking about what he had seen the night before, and when he got up I saw that he quickly put his hand in his pants and pulled up his dick. I thought it was funny that he was getting excited about us. Luckily it was summer, and you could wear short skirts and tight shirts, or I would suggest lying in the garden in a bikini and if you pulled your pants a little tight you could see the pussy lips through the fabric, it’s mean I know, but he often walked around with a stiff cock. I had to pee and I went to the bathroom where Eve’s toilet is, I had to pee and I went in and Eve’s dad was taking a shower, I pulled my pants down and started to pee, his eyes were wide open and I didn’t know a dick could get that big that fast. And God, what a thing.

I felt my clit grow and my lips swell and realized that this could not be, quickly pulled up my panties and walked out of the bathroom and just ran into Eve’s mother who also had to go and looked surprised that I came out of the bathroom while her husband was showering. I said I had to go, she laughed and said I know the feeling, I’ll go quickly, or it will be on the floor. I wonder if she saw what a hard-on her husband had.