Harder, she screamed, and I pulsed all I could. I took off her jogging pants and she closed her eyes and gasped for air as I rode the young, firm body of her into probably an orgasm.

The neighbor’s name was Irina and she was around 21 years old and Spanish-looking. She was a pretty girl, with long dark hair, brown eyes, and sexy in her jogging pants. The last thing was probably that she played soccer in the local club, but I think it just made her sexier. Irina was a girl who knew that guys were watching her and she enjoyed it. I had noticed that she wiggled her butt a little extra, pushed her boobs out and gave me a long, sassy look the times we met in the hallway. Even if one of her pronounced schoolteachers was there. Sometimes we had a little chat and I wondered if there would ever be a chance to show her what I was good at. She could not have failed to notice that I had stared at her too long on the occasions when we had met.

Sexy in her shiny jogging pants

I had roommates but had always been curious about what it would be like to fuck a sexy Spanish-looking girl. I tried to keep in shape and jogged several times a week. On Thursday, I had come home from the run at the same time as Irina came home from the training. We met outside and I was pretty sweaty. She looked great in the shiny jogging pants and the fact that she complimented me on my jogging didn’t make me any less interested. Next Thursday I started the run a bit earlier than usual and made the trip inside the training track where I knew the boys were stopping. On the way out I saw several of the boys on their way home and I hoped this wouldn’t be too noticeable. The track was a bit out of the way, through a small forest, and when I came out onto the grass I saw Irina and a girl lying in the grass. On the way across the course, she spots me and waves me off to her. The other girl is already on her way home. Hey, she says, you’re jogging again then, you have time for a little break. This is going better than my wildest fantasies, I thought and snaked down onto the grass next to her. I was pretty out of breath from the running and really had to try to concentrate on the situation.

She had taken off her sweater and was now wearing just a short top and the smooth training shorts. It made her bottom shiny in the sunlight and I felt the desire for this charming girl rise in me, but still, I tried to control myself. Her stomach was nice and flat, she actually didn’t seem so heavy anymore, her breasts were bigger than I had thought. Without saying a word she laid on top of me and it became impossible to hide my lust. Powerful things she said, as she sat on top of me and wiped my cock through the thin trunks. Eventually, she took hold of me and rolled us around in the grass, she was actually incredibly strong. We rolled around again and she pulled off my pants and took hold of my throbbing, stiff cock and jerked off. I forgot time and place and enjoyed the moment with every cell in my body. We do more than read the room’s playbook, Irina told me and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked like a god while she touched my balls and ass. All control over her body was gone, and I didn’t even bother to warn her about what was coming. A powerful spurt stood right in her cheek, but she willingly countered and swallowed it whole. Now it’s your turn I said, hoping no one would disturb us.

I massaged her through the shorts while kissing her round, doughy mouth, which no longer bore signs of sperm. She smelled amazing, a perfume with a hint of coconut, I think. Irina took off her shorts and I ordered her down, but she protested. Instead, her powerful body pressed me down and she lay over me in a lovely 69 position. I started with her clit which was already wet, and when my tongue hit her clitoris I felt that the whole body of the girl was roasting with pleasure. She was hot, and her mouth job with my cock immediately made it stiff and ready again. She stopped, snuggled over me again and planted her hips on either side of my body. The football socks tickled my thigh. With a powerful thrust, she took the throbbing, stiff cock and drove her body down. She was wet and oh my God so tight, but the cock had to go in fast. She set off at a pace that testified to a body in banging shape. I looked straight at the long dark blonde hair that bustled back and forth, tickling her delicate puppies. She howled with pleasure and came in a long, jerking orgasm before she sank down over my body.

The feel of that sexy woman on my chest, the smell, and the wet juices rushing down my balls made me horny as hell. I pulled out and while Irina was still exhausted, I lifted her ass. I had dreamed of this for a long time. Her firm little girl’s bottom was about to taste my cock. Her pussy was wet as a sponge and I couldn’t wait any longer. I took her from behind, trying to stimulate her clit. Harder, harder she screamed, and I rode up on top of her and whipped on. The sight of the girl beneath me, the dirty butt talk and the pleasure sounds were absolutely insane. I fucked her like I had never fucked any girl before, and we came together in a glorious, long orgasm.

We posed on the grass and I stroked her back and hair. I’m a virgin in anal, she said suddenly. I jolted up, had actually started to think about how to get more out of this situation. Furthermore, I wanted to try it, she said, with someone a bit more experienced than the schoolgirl. She looked at me with those pretty blue eyes and begged me. True to say, I had never taken any girls in the anal before and was quite curious. I guess you want to, she said and took another grip around my cock. She slowly sucked it up in a stiff state while constantly looking at me and tickling my ass with her fingers. God, how I could tease her like this, I started to kiss her in the two. She lay on her stomach again and I spit and licked her around the tight little hole. The little ass was right in my face and I was once again horny as hell.

Take me hard she said, and I began to see that that was how she wanted it. She slowly takes my cock in and she screamed for it to be moved quickly. I took it easy and let the hole get used to my cock, while I fingered the clitoris. Surprisingly quickly, the hole had become accustomed to the cock, but it was still tight and delicious. I rose above her and petted her, all I was good for. She whimpered with pleasure, and what was left of the sperm was again on its way out of my body. I stopped and drove up at a fast pace, she screamed and said she wanted the cock in her mouth. She pulled out and pulled the cock around her lips and sucked all she could. She took hold behind me and got the whole rod into the little mouth, I held her head tight and felt the pleasure increase. The dark blonde hair over my cock was an amazing sight, and I squirted in massive jerks into her mouth.

Then we lay down, with our clothes on in case anyone came. Do you work out every Thursday, Irina asked with an erect smile. Yes, I said, knowing this was going to be a good summer.