Now that I have a little more time, and I’m enjoying myself quite a bit, I decided to share my wonderful escort experience with you. Lucy is my name, I’m 42 years old and mother of two children who live in rented accommodation elsewhere, since four years I’m divorced, I have a nice job where I can make a living. I live in a nice apartment and I like it a lot.

Before I met my husband I studied in Berlin, as a student you did not have much money, and it was always the trick to make it to the end of the month. With a fellow student we let ourselves be hired on a sort of escort basis, sometimes we went together to a “customer” sometimes separately. And to be honest, I would have been better off doing a webcam job (link photo above). The big disadvantage of webcam sex for the performer is recognition. But anyway, escort.

Nobody knew of course about my escort life

We had two or three “customers” per month, it was always very exciting and super horny to do, and it made life a lot more pleasant with the extra money we earned. We had a lot of fun, and it was wonderful to exchange our experiences and adventures with each other. After some time we stopped, nobody knew of course about my escort life, and it was our big secret, I never talked about it with anyone, but I always thought about it with great pleasure.

Eventually we got into a relationship, got married, had children, and after a few years divorced again. When everything was over, I had a few short relationships, but I always didn’t like it, and I was single for quite a while. I still looked good, kept myself in shape by cycling and walking. I am not entirely super slim, but reasonably slim, a couple of strong muscular legs I have from cycling and walking, half long somewhat curly dark hair, the color varies sometimes.

My tits are size C but still reasonably firm, and I am about 180 cm. In the period that I was single I sometimes thought about my student days, the more I thought about it the more the idea appealed to me. I would have regular sex, no fuss and bother, and I didn’t have to look for or find a nice guy in any way.

Of course, it took a while, but still I occasionally looked on the Internet for escort jobs, in a city not far from here I looked on the site of an Escort Service, they came to me as very correct and professional. After some thought I sent an e-mail for some information, the next day I already had an answer, very clear and well described, with the phone number of one Angela.

With sweaty hands I called her, after the necessary pleasantries it became a nice conversation with her and I spent about an hour talking to her, more and more it became clear to me that I was into it. Eventually I made an appointment with her at her office, I was looking forward to meeting her, during that conversation at her office I gave her my decision that I wanted to try a few times and then decide whether I would continue.

Some pictures were taken of me, both dressed and in lingerie, and also a few with my exposed tits. Meanwhile, Angela made my profile and in consultation we made the text and the kind of men I was interested in.
I found it very exciting but also very nice, I was really looking forward to it and I liked it a lot. After two weeks Angela calls me to say that she has made an appointment for the Saturday evening, then the nerves race through my throat because now it is really going to be …

I also get his cell phone number

Angela gives me the details of my date, I also get his cell phone number. That evening I walk about a hundred laps through the living room, various questions haunt my mind, what lingerie should I wear or should I not wear… How to dress, what are the man’s plans or wishes for that evening, after a bad night’s sleep I go shopping on Saturday morning, my stomach doesn’t feel good because of the nerves.

I have to think of something to make myself feel better otherwise it will be a drama tonight, of course I can’t ask anyone for advice, then just after noon I decide to call my date just to check the information supposedly.

When I call my name it is quiet for a moment then a heavy voice says: “nice of you to call I am Hans” in all honesty I tell how nervous I am and that I have no experience in this. We have quite a nice conversation and he tells me that he would like to go out for dinner first and then we’ll see what happens. We agree that I will take a cab to his house and that I will arrive around 18.00 hours.

I feel a lot better now, partly because I now know what his plans are, so I also know how to dress. I take a shower, shave my pussy, take care of myself, I put on a pair of dark hold up stockings, a very small micro thong with a matching bra, a nice skirt to well above my knees, a nice blouse with a jacket over it. By the time I’m finished I feel wonderfully tense, satisfied with my appearance, and yet I also feel a little horny already.

When I arrive at his place and Hans opens the door there is a tall man, at least a head taller than me with a dark complexion, for a moment I have to swallow because I didn’t know this, but he is a handsome and beautiful man. He also radiates peace and comfort, invites me in and once inside I see that it looks neat and Hans opens a bottle of wine and pours a glass for both of us, I feel quite at ease with him and notice that I find him attractive and that I will probably fancy him later on…

When we have finished our glass of wine he asks me in his heavy voice if I want to sit on his lap, when I do, he caresses my back and kisses for a while, during the kiss he caresses my breast with his hand, it feels pretty good, so I don’t turn him away, the caressing turns into kneading, and he opens my blouse a bit and goes into my bra and grabs my bare titty, I enjoy the way he does that and especially when he pinches my nipple and pulls it…

I can’t suppress a moan of pleasure for Hans a signal to continue, I am getting horny and feel his pole getting hard under me, he pushes my bra above my tits and is kneading and working on my nipples.
Then he lays a hand on my knee and slowly goes up under my skirt, he looks at me and asks: “may I” I nod: “yes” and answer: “everything is for you tonight” and put my legs apart.

Soon I feel him rubbing my panties

Soon I feel him rubbing my panties and put them aside, and I feel his fingers against my bare and naked pussy.
I feel his fingers against my bare and naked pussy. “Wonderfully bald and already wet, you are good for a lot of fun later on” he says as he pushes a few fingers inside, I continue to do my legs apart and answer him: “it won’t lie to the appetite of me” he fingers me nicely and I am already soaking wet, I feel like coming once already when Hans says: “no, no you are not going to come nice and horny girl, I do have a question for you”.

I look at him in anticipation and say: “just ask” with still his fingers in my wet pussy he asks: “would you leave your panties and bra here? Seems to me a very horny idea if you do that”.

Laughing I answer : “I want to do that on one condition, I want to feel that hard device against my buttocks” we stand up and I stand in front of him and over his pants I rub his hard pole and jeez mina there is what thick and big it is what I feel : “approved” I tell him.

I undo my blouse and take off my bra and my panties, both I throw on the coffee table when I button my blouse Hans tells me I can leave one more button undone. After feeling his cock I am really horny and feel like having dinner, the dinner is very pleasant and we chat about all sorts of things.

Because I am really in the mood and really want to get laid I say: “As long as you can keep it up I won’t leave”.
“Then we will see the light” says Hans, “shall I settle the bill then? “In the cab we are making out, and I desire a hard pole in my pussy I am thinking…

When we get to his bedroom, we are naked in “no time” and I ask : “do you want with or without a condom?”. Hans says he would like to fill me up, so I immediately throw them back in my bag, his beautiful rod is straight ahead, and I kneel down in front of him and take him in my hands, and soon I close my mouth around his mighty rod.

I take his big heavy balls in my hand and with the other hand around his pole I blow him full of abandon, from his moaning and moving I know he can’t keep this up for long and a little later he squirts with great force an unprecedented load of cum in my mouth, much more than I can swallow and keep inside. With his bumping lower body, the splotches of seed fly into my face and over my big, loose tits. I keep jerking him off until the last drops run out.

I lick his purple glans clean and compliment him on his great result.

He grabs a towel, so I can rub myself clean, then Hans says: “if this is what you want I will first lick you nice and hard before I start with the head act” with an approving “okay” I lie on my back on the bed and pull my legs up so that my wet and bare pussy is ready for him. When he lies between my legs he pulls my pussy open, not too careful, but clearly he knows what he’s doing, not rough but also not too careful he pushes a few fingers inside, so extremely horny am I that I want it this way.

Firmly and deliciously fast he licks over my clit, by my level of horniness I lie writhing in horny pleasure. Deeply he pushes several fingers into my soaking wet pussy and then curves them there, how and what he does I don’t know, but I approach an orgasm that is unprecedented….

That also sets Hans off biting my clit and screaming and squealing I cum like never before, but he continues his way of fingering me, my orgasm he stretches out like this is infinite…. Then I beg him to stop I can’t take it any longer, with my legs wide and a gaping open pussy I lie exhausted recovering. After a while I say with a hoarse voice: “Just relax before you fuck me! Hans comes and lays next to me and softly caresses and kneads my big tits and asks if I want to drink something, that way I get the chance to recover my strength. When I have regained my senses I say: “You lie down and I will lower myself onto your beautiful pole.

Because I came so terribly earlier my pussy is supple, very wet and still nice and open, I can lower myself over this mega pole reasonably smoothly, although he stretches my pussy much further than I am used to, still I can take him all the way, and then I sit still for a moment. With my hands I lean on Hans his chest my pussy is really full, but so good so horny so intense and I moan: “this feels great Hans fuck me right I want to feel you” with his hands on my hips he moves me up and down, more and more smoothly and easily he slides in and out of my pussy. “Damn what a delicious horny slut you are what a great pussy you have” Hans exclaims groaning, with more and more force I move down to feel him as deep as possible in me.

Until Hans calls out : “On your back you horny bitch, I’m going to fuck you terribly hard now!”

He lifts me off his pole and pushes me onto the bed next to him. With his big dark body he lies on top of me and immediately pushes his big pole all the way into my pussy, with powerful thrusts he rams it deep inside, this is getting fucked, because I am so essentially horny I want it this way now. With every thrust my clit is kind of clamped, this way it is enormously stimulated, and after a moment I start to cum again, and I yell: “Hans you are fucking me again” but he doesn’t care and fucks me in the same pace, when I start to cum he yells: “you wanted to be fucked well so that is what is happening now” and he thrusts hard and deep into my cumming pussy, crazy of horniness I am coming, because he keeps on fucking my orgasm is kind of endless and it does not diminish.

I will go on till I fill you up, you horny slut

Hans then calls out: “I will go on till I fill you up, you horny slut” I feel dizzy, I see stars and I have lost my way…
Then his pace changes and a moment later I feel him squirting his warm sperm deep into my pussy, how many jets I really don’t remember…. That big thrusting and squirting pole deep in my cramping cunt, it’s really going to be too much for me, I’m being fucked here like never before, when our orgasms have fizzled out a bit of Hans still stays on me, and fortunately I feel his pole getting smaller.

Then finally he rolls off me and lies on his back next to me, then I feel how he raises the headboard electrically, he has fucked me completely senseless, exhausted and broken I am.

When my voice is working again I say: “you fucked me good, I need a break now” his shiny wet pole is half sagging on his belly when he says: “you were great, not many women can take it as well as you I’m also empty handed”. Really I can’t walk anymore, my legs feel weak and powerless and I say : “my legs don’t work anymore so I can’t go home yet”.

My open pussy is really emptying, that is how much seed Hans has poured in it, when Hans says: “you can also sleep here, there is a chance that I will fuck you again tomorrow”. I don’t have to think about that for long and answer: “that’s a very good reason to stay, because you were great, I think it’s a good deal”.

We lie down for a while to recover and wash ourselves, and wonderfully naked we crawl into bed where I of course fall asleep like a log. I was sure that I did not regret signing up with Angela, my first “date” was a great success.