Dear Editor,

I have been following all the erotic stories on your site for a while now, and I like the “hard” story. I want rock hard sex. To be fucked really hard. To have my head smashed against the heating pipe. To have the bar of the bed bent by the strong hands of my bed partner. He must want to start a firestorm with his hard cock. Not this endless, deadly boring foreplay and cuddling. Three weeks ago, I had sex. It happened as described below. Photo from Cumfun.

Damn hard.

I was on holiday with some friends. Delicious party. Lots of booze, a bit of drugs and getting down to the DJ’s vibe. We had rented a big villa, all of us. Including a swimming pool. I slept in a room with a friend.
After a hot day on the beach, a sticky night at the club and a sweaty drive back, my friend fell into a coma on the bed. She had taken a few too many pills and had too much to drink. I was still pretty sober, but broken. When I got undressed, I fell asleep next to her.

I woke up to feel something between my legs. When I opened my eyes, one of my friends was standing in front of me. He looked me straight in the eye and felt with his hand if I was wet. Out of reflex, I put my hand in front of my box; I did not give in. My friend was sleeping next to me.

Then he pulled down his trousers and showed me his cock. Deliciously hard. Very big and thick. I was soaking wet and defiantly removed my hand.

He pushed his cock between my lips, and I had to do my best not to moan. Then he entered me completely. He started to thrust. A bit slowly at first. I pushed against his ass with my heels; thrust, cock. He understood that. He started to ram. Rock hard. Deliciously hard. I thought I would explode. But I couldn’t scream because my girlfriend was asleep next to me.

My tits went in all directions, that’s how hard it was. I grabbed the spokes of the bed behind me and tried to pant as quietly as I could. He kept going. I had never been fucked so hard before. I could see from his body that he was about to come. This sight made me explode. At the same time, he pulled his cock out of me and squirted all over my stomach. We came together deliciously hard. I grabbed everything I could, including my girlfriend.

She woke up, saw what had just happened, kissed the boy’s wet glans and said, “Have you still got it?”

See, that’s how it works.

Otherwise, good luck with your website!