The package the postman hands you is quite heavy, and you do not know who sent it. With slightly shaking hands, you are the first to open the attached letter. You read that you are invited to an “audition”. The tone of the letter immediately makes it clear that refusal is not an option. You also read clear instructions about the contents of the package, how to behave, and where to report.

An address in a canal house in Barcelona and you are asked to travel by boat. You feel your heart pound as you open the package. It contains a complete feminine outfit consisting of a light-colored sheath suit, suspenders, stockings and shoes, but no lingerie. The small purse, on the other hand, contains less common attributes, and blushing, you let it slide through your hands. With the opened package in your hand, you hurry upstairs to try them on. The stockings feel silky, and it’s a good thing you shaved this morning. The suspenders are soon in place, holding the stockings in place. The skirt seems to be on the short side and the jacket on the tight side. The cut accentuates your feminine shapes and can barely hide them. The high heels fit like a glove, although you walk a little wobbly to the mirror to look at yourself. What you see is a strange mixture of classy and whorish and you feel yourself blushing but also excited. With this look, you board the crowded commuter train to Barcelona.

For a moment, you look at yourself in the mirror and imagine a crowded train and a busy tram. This will be a challenge and you shudder at the thought. You still have no idea who sent you the package or what you’ll need in Barcelona. The measurements of the outfit reveal that an acquaintance has interfered. You take off the outfit and hang it up neatly, ready for the day. A strange excitement already grips you. The handwritten letter, the style and the language make it clear to you in advance that you have no choice but to obey. Now that you are naked in front of the mirror, the excitement seeks an escape. With skillful fingers, you help yourself to a climax before getting dressed to start dinner.

The days until the trip to Barcelona seem to last for centuries, and the excitement grows. The day itself is beautiful, sunny and you get up early. In the shower, everything is really smooth and briefly in body lotion. The outfit is already hanging ready and while being watched from the bed, you put on the set and admire yourself. Classy, but the sex is splashing off. A quick trip to the bathroom for some light makeup. Back in the bedroom you attract admiration and while you strut around like a real mannequin, your husband jerks off at the sight. Your tension rises as well. As a result, you don’t get a bite of breakfast and settle for a plate of yogurt and fruit. Soon the door closes behind you and you walk to the nearest bus stop.

Your husband wanted to take you to the train station, but you refused. After all, the assignment was to use public transportation. The bus stop is already crowded with commuters and you immediately feel eyes on you; eyes that undress you because you feel naked. An excitement of its own takes hold of you. Your nipples prick the lining of your jacket and you feel your clit throbbing. On the bus you find a seat facing the direction of travel with no one in front of you. This is a good thing, because sitting there you have the feeling that everyone can see everything.

During the whole bus ride, you felt the sting of eyes. Disapproving looks, but also winks from both men and women. Arriving at the station, some men rush to help you get off the bus to be close to you and catch a glimpse of you. In a stream of commuters, you let yourself be carried to the right platform and soon you lose count of how many times you have been touched; accidentally, of course. You also notice that there are men who deliberately stay close to you. Hoping to end up in the same compartment as you and maybe even facing you. But the local train you have to get on first is packed and that means standing packed.

Almost immediately, you feel something tapping against your tight skirt with some regularity, and at the same time, someone in front of you bumps into you more often than the train’s movements require. When you reach the next platform, you feel brutal hands on your ass as you get off, playfully taking a piece of your thigh as well. Are you imagining it or is there suddenly warm breath on your neck and throat? Your nipples react immediately and almost pierce through the fabric. Everyone around you is looking around, and even now there are men helping you get off the train a little awkwardly.

For the Intercity to Barcelona, all you have to do is go through the station and with a bit of luck, you will soon be sitting in a four. However, this means that you are sitting across from people who are sitting right next to you. So you have to do your best to sit so that you don’t literally expose yourself too much. Legroom is limited, and it doesn’t help that the young man across from you has very long legs. So it is difficult to sit properly in the crowded train, especially since one of the boy’s knees suddenly ends up between your knees, giving him a certain view. You can tell by the blush that suddenly spreads across his face that he has noticed your more or less vulnerable position and doesn’t really know what to do with it.

The girl next to him is wearing headphones and the man next to you is dozing off. The tension in your body rises and you can’t sit still. You look at the poor guy and put a red-painted nail between your lips. Suggestively, you suck on it for a moment and slowly stroke it down. At the same time, you open your legs a little more so that his field of vision improves. Out of the corner of your eye you see that you have also attracted the attention of a couple of men in the corridor who are watching you closely. You let your gaze glide over the boy’s body, stopping at his crotch. No matter how much the boy tries to hide it, what you see there is probably in good proportion to his long legs. Time flies through the play and the train enters Barcelona.

Getting from the platform to the exit without male attention has become a tough challenge, and as you look outside for the right tram, a friendly man suddenly stands next to you. Completely gentlemanly with a distinct mix of strict but also flexible. The man stands next to you for a moment, looking at the timetable. Then he speaks to you. You know, ma’am, walking also counts as public transportation,” he continues, pointing to the overcrowded trams, “or you must find that appealing. He himself has made up his mind, and with firm steps he walks into the center. For a moment you wonder how far it is to walk, but then you make the same decision and walk behind him. It’s not far and for some reason the man has a strange but exciting effect on you. Just by talking to you, hormones flow through your body, your nipples get erect and you have the feeling of wet traces on the inside of your thighs.

As you walk through downtown Barcelona, you will also have plenty of onlookers, but of a more folksy nature. You are expected at 10:00 sharp, so you can take it easy. Despite the growing tension, you enjoy the attention. Exactly at the tenth stroke of the westertoren, you operate the large knocker on the double doors of the stately canal house. Almost immediately, you hear footsteps approaching with the echo of a hard floor. The door swings open and a woman about your age appears in the opening. She has her dark hair in a bun and is wearing a white blouse and a black leather pencil skirt with a huge slit. Without saying a word, she looks at you from head to toe, and without saying a word, she invites you in. Then she looks out at the canal for a moment before closing the door. She walks past you and is halfway down the long marble corridor when she looks back to see where you are. You hurry after her, but still no word has been spoken. At the end of the corridor, she opens a door to a large conservatory and gestures for you to sit down. Without asking, she places a steaming cup of coffee in front of you and leaves.

It is quiet and time is passing. You have long since finished your first cup of coffee and wonder if you will be able to make it for a second. What you don’t know is that you are being watched from an upper floor and by several cameras. In the end, you have waited over forty minutes, during which time you have twice gone to the coffee machine for your second cup of coffee. But both times you shied away. The second time with the cup already under the machine. Suddenly the door opens again and the lady is standing in front of you. Decisively, she gestures with her head that you should follow her, and she walks ahead of you up a large flight of stairs. This gives you the opportunity to observe that she must also be slippery under her pencil skirt. On the second floor she opens a door to a large room with a large solid wood table at the other end. Behind the table are about two gentlemen on either side and a large, still empty chair in the middle, meant for the man by the fireplace, who turns around. Your heart jumps in your throat as you recognize the man at the tram stop.

A little wobbly on your high heels, you stand in the middle of the room in front of the large desk. Your heart is pounding with excitement, but nothing happens for the moment. The standing man also sits down and the three of them watch. You have no idea how long you have been standing there when you clear your throat to break the silence and inquire about the intention. You don’t get far, though, because the man to your right abruptly cuts you off.

You have proper manners, I hope? Here one speaks only when one is asked something’. The sharp and stern tone makes you jump. The middle man flips through some papers and looks at you. If I understand correctly, you are Diny and have come here for an audition? When you say ‘yes’ in a somewhat threatening tone, you are immediately interrupted again, this time by the right-hand man. ‘Here we expect you to speak in two words, do you understand? When you answer, ‘Yes, sir,’ he replies, ‘You see, you are learning. The middle man continues to speak as the left man stands up to take a closer look at you. ‘Do you know why you were invited here, Diny? The single ‘no’ you utter has immediate repercussions as you receive a hefty slap on the wrist. ‘How do you want to do it again? Startled, you stammer, “Yes, sir,” followed immediately by, “Excuse me. There is a moment of silence, but then the middleman tells you that you have been offered as training material for Masters in Training and that it is up to them to decide if you are suitable. Tension runs down your spine. Offered, but by whom?

A series of questions are fired at you and you answer them as politely as you can. The answers are noted down and you see the men nod in agreement. Then the middle man speaks. You have passed the first stage as far as we are concerned. But before we move on to the next round of selection, we will change your name to Dynah, it sounds better here. Both men nod in agreement. No one asks you what you think. In response to a small bell, two doors slide open and the first woman leads you into another room and closes the doors. The room looks like a doctor’s office, and the props around you bear that comparison. You don’t get to look at the room for long, though; without further notice, a leather hood is pulled over your head. You can breathe freely, but you cannot see or hear. You are stripped down to stockings and heels, and a collar is put on. Still (or again) not a word is said. A gentle tug on the collar tells you to follow. You feel something behind you and experience a push that lands you backwards in a chair. Your limbs are spread and chained one by one. There you lie, nipples taut with excitement and a swollen pussy between wide-open legs. The heels come off and you hear her close the door. It is dead quiet and you can hear your own heart beating.

The muffled sound you hear is the sliding doors to the front room. A breeze brushes your body and you feel the presence of people, probably the men from earlier. Suddenly you feel cold hands gliding over your naked body. Exploring and probing. They follow your curves and do not disturb the goose bumps. Suddenly, on both sides at once, you feel a finger brush viciously against a tight nipple. Pain shoots through your body and you react. However, this is immediately followed by the same action. Now you react as little as possible and let it happen. For a while nothing happens, but then suddenly you feel suction nipples on your nipples and they are being sucked. As it continues, the nipples seem to be shot off like a rocket. A sweet pain is your part.

When the nipples are stretched to the limit, the nipples are brutally pulled off. What remains are hard, throbbing pins. You can barely hold back a sigh. For a moment, nothing happens. But then you feel cold steel on both pins. The clamps on your already sensitive nipples hurt badly and you moan. That earns you a hard tug on both clamps. A new jolt of pain shoots through your body. Wisely, you suppress your reaction. Meanwhile, the clamps are tightened to an almost unbearable level, and just as you are about to show your limit, the clamps are suddenly gone. The sensation of a cold ice cube on both nipples makes you shiver. For a moment nothing happens while you feel that there are people around you. Suddenly, there are clamps again, now viciously applied to your swollen labia. The pain shoots up and tightens, and again the pressure is increased. Not by the tightening of the clamps, but by the weight of the weights attached to them.

Again, you are on the verge of protesting, but you don’t. The weights are released and even the clamps disappear. There is a dull feeling, but not for long. Something cold is inserted, and quite deep. Immediately you feel as if you are being pierced. Your cunt is slowly stretched until a painful tension is placed on your labia and you feel like tearing out. Again you push the pain away.

As suddenly as it came, the “expanding iron” is gone. You are left with the feeling of being wide open and leaking like a dripping candle. For a moment nothing happens, but then you are loosened and pulled out of the chair. Trembling on your legs, you follow where the belt takes you. You are forced to your knees and placed over a kind of buck. Your arms are tied behind your back, your breasts are crushed. You have no time to think about your position. A whip lashes your bottom, and just as your mouth opens in shock and pain, one of the men slides his cock deep into your mouth.

Immediately there are hands on your head, preventing you from pulling your head back. The cock so deep in your throat makes you gag and tears run down your cheeks. Again the whip goes over your bottom, now more viciously, as if someone is pushing your limits. Then suddenly the whip is gone and you are just being fucked deep in your mouth. For a moment you try to concentrate on the man in front of you. Not a chance, now you feel something pressing hard against your labia. Luckily you are soaking wet and slippery with juices and with firm pressure combined with a flat hand on your ass a huge dildo slides bit by bit into your wet box. Your labia are stretched to the maximum and your clit is tensed. Deep inside you feel a huge orgasm coming on, but you don’t dare to let it happen without your consent. So you suppress it with difficulty.

Both men now have you in a spitroast and you are roughly penetrated on two sides. An orgasm cannot be stopped and rages through your body like a hurricane. Both men answer with corporal punishment. The big dildo goes in and out even harder and one after the other slaps your ass. The man in front of you also tries his best to grab your breasts. Without much success, by the way. Instinctively you focus on the hard cock in your mouth and start sucking more to get a little more control. With that you surprise the man in front of you, who suddenly goes beyond the point of no return and can’t help but squirt white globs of cum deep down your throat.

The dildo is brutally pulled out of you and someone pulls you up. The tug on your belt means you have to follow, although you have no idea where to go. Suddenly you are turned over against a wall and your cuffed hands are tied to something above you. Suddenly you feel ropes on your torso. Not just any ropes, but rough, abrasive ropes. As if in a river, you are bound with emphasis on your breasts. The ropes are tight and they bind your breasts. The sensation is indescribable; a tingling sensation turns into pain, and as the pressure increases, blood pulses that can no longer escape. You seem to be on edge when suddenly your nipples are clamped again. Immediately your legs are spread again and you feel clamps on your labia. Again with weight on them. Still you see nothing and hear hardly anything so you can concentrate on your feelings to the maximum. Suddenly you feel alone in the room again and nothing happens. You have lost all sense of time.

Your tits seem to splash off your body and you feel like the weights on your labia are almost touching the ground. Meanwhile, pain, lack of time and tension trigger your arousal and without being able to stop it, another orgasm races through your aching body. You flinch, expecting punishment and more pain. Strangely, you hear applause as the clamps are removed and the hood is taken off your head. You have to get used to the light for a moment, and as the lady unlocks your cuffs, you see not three but at least twelve people around you. Apparently you have passed a test, because you are handed a bathrobe and then a glass of bubbles. What a denouement, literally.

It turns out that you’re not the only one in a bathrobe. Several of the participants are similarly dressed. Some of them seem to be more formal in their roles and seem to you to be judges. The man you met earlier clears his throat and speaks. First, he addresses you, thanking you for being the “subject” in what appears to be an examination session for novice Masters and Mistresses. Then he addresses you one by one and presents you with a diploma. You are a little weak on your feet and the “hostess” notices. She gestures for you to sit down for a moment and soon the diploma holders come one by one and thank you briefly for your efforts. You try to remember who worked with you and when, but soon you let it go. Too tired to concentrate. Not much later, one after another leaves and you are escorted to a bathroom where your clothes are also hanging. The warm rays on your tired body feel like a treat and slowly you come back to your senses. Despite the warmth, you are shivering from head to toe, not from cold but from excitement. Just the thought of going home makes your nipples tingle and your skin prickle.

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