I watched my neighbour Leah from the other side of the street while she was pulling weeds because she was only wearing short pants and a light shirt. Leah is very horny so about 19 years old slim pretty and has a horny figure. And I know she was a webcam girl. My background is in IT, so I knew a way around the land blockade. My little one stood like this and then had to jerk off a bit. I would like to see her naked because she is very excited when she is dressed. The things I have imagined with her! Just the other day, when she was washing her car, she was wearing tight leggings that really showed off her sexy ass.

I would have loved to touch it. That this horny woman has no boyfriend? And her next-door neighbour (in her mid-70s) can see her sunbathing topless in her garden, I would love to swap places with him. But then I would also really jerk off to her. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. But things turned out differently. I had already stopped thinking about her when my doorbell rang.

The horny bitch was standing right in front of my door, dressed in light summer clothes. She asked me if I could help her. She wanted to mow the lawn and the mower wouldn’t start. Well, I could have a look, I told her and went over to her garden. I tried to start the mower and it didn’t work for me either. I changed the spark plug and it started again.

I turned it off again and she tried to start it before I left. She pulled on it a couple of times and it started for her too, and one of her tits popped out of the tank top she was wearing. Oh… I smiled at her and just said… here comes another one now… I couldn’t hide the little bulge in my trousers. Leah smiled back and said we could keep that to ourselves, but stroked my bulge in my trousers anyway, which made my little bulge grow even bigger.

I am completely out of breath at the sight of you!

Oh you bitch, I am completely out of breath at the sight of you and then you stroke my little man, what am I supposed to do? She said you just saw my tit and reacted like that, well, I haven’t seen anything from you but a bump. Don’t you want to take it out and show it to me?” and she grabbed my bump again, pulling on my trousers so that it was half out.

Oh, it’s got so big… does it turn you on? Oh yes, and how. And now you have to make it small again because I have to leave soon. No problem, she said, took it in her hand and gave it a jerk, which I hadn’t expected at all. It didn’t take long and she made it come. It was so cool to get a hand job in the neighbour’s house.

Did you like that, Leah smiled. And how! I could use that more often and went home for now. The next day, Leah ran into me again and asked me if I had some time for her in the next few days because the lawnmower was stuttering again, but she had managed to get the lawn done anyway. I told her that I would be happy to have another look at it, and my guess was that the spark plug she had given me was not brand new and might not be good.

Might not be good either. I still have new ones and I could try one of them to see if the mower would run better. Oh yes, she said, and when would I have time? Just let me know and I can arrange it. Would this afternoon be all right? Yes, that’s fine. I’ll bring the spark plug. When I rang the doorbell that afternoon, Leah opened the door and led me through the house and into the garden, where her father had a small shed for tools and equipment, including the lawnmower.

I changed the spark plug and started the mower, which seemed to work fine, so the mower is working again, said my neighbour, now we just have to get the neighbour to work!!! Last time you had your fun and then disappeared, but that’s not going to happen this time! What does that mean, I asked. Well, I want to have some fun today! She took a dildo out of a box and asked me to get it with the darling here in the shed.

I’ve never experienced anything like that, well, why not, then I’ll see her pussy first, where I’ve always been horny for it. There was a small table in the shed and Leah was leaning against it, she had already pulled her panties down and stretched her hot ass towards me. It was quite a view, should I try to sneak a picture of my neighbour’s bottom with my mobile phone? But I didn’t even get to do that because she asked me to do it with the rubber thing.

She was horny, I wouldn’t have thought so. I first took my finger and fingered her a bit, and she got very wet, now I took the rubber thing and inserted it from behind, she stood bent over the table, and I fucked her with the rubber cock, really horny. She moaned a lot, I hope nobody notices, I thought to myself. The bitch really got off. She let me give it to her elderly neighbour in the shed with a rubber cock, what else is there, I thought, oh who knows? When it came to her, everything went really fast, she pulled up her knickers and said, “Now we are even! What? What? That’s it? Oh man, what else had I imagined! If I had taken a picture of her ass, or the dildo in it, I could have at least used it as a jerk-off template.

OK, we are even….. Then I went home. About 2 hours later I was about to go shopping at Aldi when Leah ran into me in the car park, smiled at me and said lawn mower OK again, the neighbour brought up to speed … what more could you want? What a bitch, I thought! But she also asked if she could count on my help more often. I told her it always depends … but she could contact me.

About a week passed and Leah needed my help again. Her shower was clogged, and a lot of hair had collected in the drain. I set about unblocking the drain, and the hair I pulled out was all curly… I looked at my neighbour, who just grinned… well, that looks a lot like pubic hair, I said. Yes, it is, she said meekly, and that’s why I got you…if my dad saw this! Oh! Well, I won’t tell.

But I wanted to know if the new hairstyle was working. Not quite, she said, half of it is still there and it still has to come off. I suggested she shave the rest off for this shitty job, so I could see her horny pussy again. Leah said OK, you can do it. What a pleasure to shave my hot neighbour’s pussy and expose her cunt hole. I lathered her up and shaved the rest off.

Then I freed the pussy from the rest of the foam and as Leah lay there in front of me she came over me and I licked her bare pussy. Leah found it so exciting that she said don’t stop, which I had no intention of doing. I wanted to lick this horny piece until I came, which I did after a while. Suddenly my mobile phone went off… my wife was texting me where I was. What a pity, I thought … how time flies.

Now I had to go home. Leah thanked me for unblocking the drain. You’re welcome! I’d be happy to do it again. Over the next few days I saw Leah very seldom, and when I did, she greeted me as usual, as if nothing had happened. When I pushed out our green bin I met Leah who was also pushing out her green bin, we chatted briefly until another neighbour (Heike) joined us. And as luck would have it, Leah told me that I’d got her lawnmower working again… so now you know who to call if yours stops working.

Good to know, Heike said. I hope Leah hasn’t told Heike what I did to her. As far as I know, they are good friends. But Heike is a bit older and has a big fat ass and big hanging udders. I think she weighs about 120 to 135 kilos and she is also alone like Leah. Then I went home and the two of them talked some more.

The next few days were quiet, nobody wanted anything from me, not even my wife, who always had something to fix. It was Friday afternoon, the weekend at last when the bell rang. Oh no, I thought, I’m not going to do anything now! My mate was at the door and asked if he could go into my pit to change the oil. Ok, if you can do it alone, yes.

He brought his car into the garage on top of the pit and got to work. After the oil change, I went to get a beer with my mate. As we were drinking the beer and talking, Leah came out of the garage and said hello to both of us. My mate said oh what a hot chick, I said she lived just across the road. I wish I had a neighbour like that, he said.

I just thought … if you want to, and if she comes back with something that doesn’t work. We talked for a while and had a few beers. When we were really full, my mate said to me: Want me to tell you something? When we were young, I would have liked to have had your wife. I thought so, and so did he. He said your wife looked so horny..oh what did she see now, only that she has really horny hanging udders.

I told him it would be better if we called it a day. I called his wife to come and pick him up. She arrived about 15 minutes later and picked him up. I went to bed and slept off my drunkenness. The next day, my friend’s words kept going through my head. He had been horny for my wife too, but that was a long time ago.

As we had almost finished the crate of beer, I went to the local drinks shop and who did I meet? Heike, who lives down the road from us, who spoke to me straight away. She told me she wanted to buy some drinks because she had bought a new barbecue and wanted to inaugurate it. What a great idea! She told me that she had never had a gas barbecue like this before and that she had never connected a gas cylinder like this before.

Oh, that’s one of them, I said. So can you just hook it up for me? OK, I can do it right after the shop, I’ll be right over. I quickly bought my drinks and headed home. I stopped at Heike’s, rang the bell and she opened the door and said to go into the garage where I have the barbecue. A few minutes later Heike was there, opened the garage and gave me her new barbecue.

Great barbecue, I said, let’s get the gas connected so you can get started tonight. I quickly connected the gas and tried it out … the barbecue works now. Well then, I’ll take my drinks home with me. Heike told me that I could join her and my wife tonight if I wanted to? let’s see what happens, I can’t promise anything. Heike said some of the other neighbours were coming too.

We’ll see. See you maybe tonight. At home, I put the drinks away and told my wife about the invitation and how it came about. My wife said ok, we can go for a sausage and a beer tonight. In the evening we went. It was a cheerful evening with sausages and plenty of beer. The older neighbours left quickly, though.

There were only a few left, including two guys who had fallen asleep drunk, and who were still in the world and had been funny, mostly women. When my wife was also drunk, she told the other women that she had to take a cure in 2 weeks and that she would be away for about 4 weeks. Your poor husband, the other women said. Oh, he’ll be all right, and if he is, you’ll still be there! There are enough lonely women in this street, she slurred… and who would want anything from such an old fart.

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