Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Tom, 27 years old, and I have nothing to complain about in terms of my body. In everyday life I have a good job and am happily single. I have the necessary adventures with women, and I also have nice female friends. Nevertheless, I know that I have a fetish because I really like to smell female underwear, only panties or thongs. I always find the smell fascinating and horny, I always go to great lengths to smell one.

When I am with girlfriends, I always try to get to the laundry basket with an excuse. With girlfriends where I know nothing will happen, it’s extra horny. When I go to the toilet in the bathroom, or if the bathroom and toilet are in the same room, I always sniff the laundry basket. The underwear on top is the tastiest, the last to be worn, so it smells the best. When I go to the toilet I smell as long as I can, sometimes if I can’t control my excitement I lick it.

The smell and taste are intense.

The smell and taste are intense, and mostly because it is not possible or allowed. I always feel a bit embarrassed after going to the toilet, but it is exciting. I see my friend sitting there again, sometimes with her husband or other friends. When I talk to her afterward, all I can think about is her sexy smell. The excitement continues and when I get home alone, I enjoy the underwear in my mind. I never take them with me, I am always afraid they will find out and I will ruin a friendship.

Another way I enjoy my addiction is after a one-night stand. When I conquer a beautiful woman in the city, I usually ask if I can keep a trophy. After the horny game of the night or morning, I usually try to get the women out of the door as quickly as possible. I am single by choice and enjoy my freedom. When the question comes from me, they usually look a little strange, but the twinkle in their eyes says they think it’s horny. They leave the sexy briefs or thongs behind and I get to enjoy the delicious smell (and taste) for a while. I have also ordered lingerie on the internet through a forum.

The excitement is great, but you always feel that they are not so fresh or maybe even fake. But I have at least ordered a few with a picture attached, so I knew it was good and I could see the horny pussy in it. But why did I write such a long intro, I wanted more and I found it. There is a lot about it on the internet and now I have found a woman through a forum who likes it very much when men smell her underwear. Her name is Cristen, she is in her 30s and also has a fetish for underwear, but only for men to smell hers. We e-mail each other for weeks with our horny fantasies. I tell her that I have smelt a friend’s thong again and that she wants to hear about my adventures.

On the other hand, she tells me that she deliberately puts her panties on top of the laundry basket when she has visitors. As she has a bathroom and toilet in 1, visitors always have to see the hamper. She then tells me that the panties are moved again after the visitor has left and that she always gets horny at the thought and wonders who it was. As the weeks went by, I became more and more curious about their smell and taste. I also notice that she wants more, but doesn’t dare. She has a boyfriend and doesn’t want to go all the way with someone else. I sent her a sexy proposal. I hear nothing from her for a few days and get an email back. She wants to do it, but then I have to abide by the rules of the proposal and she wants at least no penetration.

I don’t think that’s a problem at all because I want to expand my fetish with her and that certainly doesn’t require real sex. She sent me her number and a time when I could call her. The appointment was made after a nervous phone call. You could hear the excitement in our voices and the nerves running through our bodies. We agreed to meet the following Saturday. Her boyfriend had to go to work from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon, so we had time. I arrived at her place and she opened the door. As agreed, she was dressed normally, so the neighbourhood wouldn’t think anything crazy. We greeted each other with 3 kisses, Cristen was a very beautiful woman.

She had all the curves in the right place.

She had all the curves in the right place and a beautiful face. We wanted to have a drink first to get to know each other. I sat down on the sofa and she asked me what I wanted to drink, a beer seemed the most delicious. She went into the kitchen. Step 1 of the plan could now begin if Cristen followed the rules. She went into the kitchen and as soon as she was out of sight, I looked under the pillow to my left. There was a delicious pink thong, I picked it up and put it to my nose. The smell was delicious, my cock was already growing a little in my trousers. I knew this was the thong she had taken off 3 days ago. Not so fresh, but the start was there and my excitement was growing. I quickly put the thong back on when I hear her come back. She sits up and looks at me horny, she knows she has completed step 1 and that I must have smelt it.

We talk a lot about all sorts of things, but nothing about underwear. Three beers and a nice chat later, I say I need to go to the toilet. She points to where I should go and again I hope she has taken the next step. I lock the door and look straight into the laundry basket, where I see a horny white hipster. I pick up the slip and turn it inside out, I see the horny stains. I take my dick out of my trousers to pee and smell the trousers at the same time. Peeing is already getting a bit difficult because of the excitement, the smell is hornier than the previous one. I run the tip of my tongue over the spot where her pussy was. The order was for her to finger herself in these panties. She must have obeyed, the taste was super delicious. Sweet and horny at the same time.

With difficulty, I put my cock back and flush. When I return, Cristen is nowhere to be seen, yes, I thought, the next step. I go up the stairs as agreed and see 1 door half open with a pair of panties on the doorknob. This is thong number 3, and she took them off this morning, so she has been wearing them for 2 days! I grabbed them off the doorknob and walked on. I see Cristen sitting in a chair facing the bed. She was in her bathrobe, as we had agreed. I have to sit on the bed with my back to the headboard, naked. I undress and look at her horny, she says it could be a bit faster. So soon I am naked on the bed with her 3rd thong in my hands. I look at her horny and put the thong up to my nose. The excitement in her eyes grows and I see that she is very concentrated.

My cock gets hard from the smell of her thong and the excitement of the game. As I smell and watch, I move my other hand to my cock. I pull gently and Cristen slides her hand under her dressing gown. I see that she is massaging her breast. That turns me on and I pull faster on my cock. The smell of the thong is horny, especially as she has been wearing it for so long. Cristen gets hornier and hornier, her dressing gown is already open. As agreed for step 4, she is wearing a white thong. I have to keep pulling myself off while looking at her delicious body, but I am not allowed to come. Cristen gets hornier and goes over her thong with one hand.

She massages her pussy deliciously through it. Soon another hand is on the same spot, and she is very horny with herself. I have to hold back a bit to keep from coming or helping her. Cristen’s body starts to move erratically and she comes moaning. She removes her hands from her pussy and I see a very wet thong. I still pull myself horny while I smell her panties. Then she asks me how I liked the show and I can only say with lust that I liked it very much.

Then Cristen asks me if I want to swap the thong in my hand for the fresh one she just came in. I nod and she says, throw it to me. I throw the thong to her and get a fresh wet one back. That was step 4, now I was allowed to go all the way. I pulled even harder on my cock as I was allowed to smell the fresh pussy juice. I couldn’t resist and soon I was licking it off her thong and the taste was intense. So intense that I felt I was going to come and squirted all my horns all over my belly while Cristen looked at me with a finger in her pussy……

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