A submitted anonymous story of a man who likes older women in leather.

I have been loving shiny clothes since I was 12 years old, when I first saw a Playboy with a picture of an older woman in transparent plastic. I started to go to shops where they sold porn books in a back room. Around 16 years old, I started to buy more and more magazines with leather, rubber or plastic of women you could see everything of in those clothes.
One day I saw a Penthouse magazine and looked in it.

For the first time, I saw an older woman with a big photo dressed in a rubber shirt and underneath a tight pair of rubber jeans with an open round hole in the middle from which a huge pussy was sticking out. But after that all I could think of was that older woman in that rubber I went back and bought it, and it excited me so much rubber big breasts and my new fetish older woman in leather or rubber with big hairy pussy.

I thought about this every day, back then there was no internet, so I couldn’t look up films or photos. I did buy my first pair of leather jeans, shiny and tight, and when I got excited you could see my penis very well in them, which turned me on even more. Years later, I was walking in the forest in tight leather and took pictures of myself in leather but also in rubber and lacquer. I was standing in front of my camera and leaning with leather jeans against a tree with only my penis out of the zip.

My penis was pretty hard, and I was taking pictures when suddenly a woman with a mini leather skirt and boots came walking up I was shocked, but she shouted no let your penis out of your trousers I find it incredibly beautiful and horny your penis and big balls out of leather.
She came closer and felt my penis with her hand, I was very excited also by her sexy short leather skirt shiny very short, and yet with zip. She had a thin rubber shirt on and under that, I saw big breasts and nipples when I looked down and saw her zip of the skirt a little open and under that came a wet pussy with hair she had nothing underneath.

When I saw it for the first time, I felt my penis running out of me. She laughed and came with her face forward, and I felt her tongue in my mouth wet, wild, and long, and I answered her with my tongue and felt her wet pussy against my leather trousers and penis. I went down and lick her hairy pussy and sucked for the first time an older woman in leather also in the forest.

She did the same with my penis, my leather trousers had become quite wet and suddenly she turned me around and stuck her fingers in me and started to fuck me hard. I felt for the first time fingers in me and loved it after 10 minutes I came, after she finished I grabbed her under her leather skirt and fucked her until I experienced an explosion of orgasm also she asked me if I wanted to pee in her beautiful ass which I gladly did.

After that we often met in leather or rubber but also in PVC lacquer after 4 years she moved abroad I was alone without my fetish dream of an older woman in leather or rubber I started dating through the internet and once visited a leather club I had rubber jeans with rubber polo shirt jeans with codpiece and zip at the back I shouldn’t have done that because before I knew it I was taken by at least 25 men in leather and rubber, and they all took me in my mouth and behind I actually wanted an older woman but got this and still I found it incredibly horny to see and do all those men in leather and rubber and the smell of the leather when they sat on me.

Wow, it’s been 20 years now, but it was a great experience in leather and rubber and wonderful to feel. I have had many more experiences with an older woman, but I will never forget the first one. I still find an older woman in leather, rubber or lacquer very beautiful and horny, and I also find videos of beautiful men with very big cocks in shining leather or rubber still horny. And women, yes also beautiful women with nice curves in leather or rubber makes me crazy. Leather rubber cloth PVC I was young when I learned it, and it still makes me crazy would like to get in contact with a woman or older woman with the same feelings.