In the 1990s, our family from Denmark and our neighbours, who also had two children, used to spend time at a small campsite near a farmer in southern Germany. I was 16 at the time and was fascinated by the development of our one year older neighbour, Maja.

The campsite was not much, a small cow pasture behind a disused barn. About ten minutes’ walk away was a river with small sandy banks where no one ever went. Our tents were between a couple of big trees, which gave us some privacy from the few other campers. The river was fed by the mountains we could see in the distance. The water, even in July, was freezing cold and flowing fast. It was idyllic in the afternoon sun.

Maja and I had stayed by the tents to hang out, nap and read. Our parents and the other children had gone to a castle nearby; we were not in the mood. I suggested we go to the river, so I put a couple of beers and a bottle of wine in my rucksack, and we headed in that direction. The bed was lovely in the sun, and we climbed over some rocks to get some more sun. I took off my T-shirt. I lay down in just my shorts. Maja followed my example and took off her sweatshirt. She moved away from me a little and seemed to be in doubt. “If you don’t want to stare at my breasts, I’ll take off my bra too.” Her voice sounded a little shy. “I’ve seen you naked all these years, it’s just that we don’t do it anymore.” I laughed.

There was silence for a while. “Okay… we have grown… I have hair where I was bald and breasts where I was almost flat last year.” My interest was piqued, for the answer was already not too tasty. “I’ve grown hair on my chest and under my armpits and yes, around my cock too.” I reassured her, sort of. She laughed… “Yes, those armpits and my pussy are hairy now too, but my breasts… it feels weird to expose them again.” I waited quietly and showed no interest for a while.

It was a hot day and it had been a long walk. A dip in the river would be just what I was in the mood for. “I’m going to jump into the river, will you join me?” Maja rolled onto her side and looked at me. I stood up and turned my back to her. I counted down… should I… and okay, I pulled down my shorts and boxers in one go. We had spent several years together in a tent and privacy had never been an issue. I hoped she wouldn’t mind my nakedness, and the sunlight on my skin was delicious.

I looked up and saw her looking at me, and I couldn’t help but feel my blood start to rush to my sex. “OK, I’m in too…” she said and turned around. Then she took off her clothes too. When she turned around, she had one hand in front of her crotch and her other arm covering her breasts. I looked at her. “Which one shall I lower first?” she teased me. “Your hand first…” Without much ado, she exposed her crotch. It showed a thick patch of hair. My cock began to swell and grow. “Are you aroused?” she giggled. I looked down, embarrassed, not knowing what to say. “Tadaaaah!” sounded cheerful, and Maja raised both arms in the air. I was astonished. Her flat tits had grown and her tiny nipples stood out proudly.

She ran past me and splashed into the water. I grabbed my football and followed her example. My hard-on disappeared within seconds. Sometimes Maja would pretend she didn’t want to pass the ball, then I’d run towards her and she’d still throw it away. In other years we played regularly and contact was not avoided. This time I was the one who didn’t want to pass. She rushed towards me, diving for me and the ball. I resisted for a moment, feeling her body against mine. I had never felt naked breasts before. Still a bit surprised, I let the ball slip and was able to go on the attack to get it back. I swam towards her underwater, grabbed her legs and tried to lift her up.

She slipped through my arms. Her crotch was all over my face, and her breasts were also sliding past my face. She had already let go of the ball. Together we swam after it. She grabbed my leg and pulled me towards her, trying to get past me. Her hand slid all over my cock and she seemed to be squeezing it. I took my chances, grabbing her breasts several times and accidentally letting my hand slide over her crotch. My dick started to grow back nicely and after a few more skirmishes, Maja said she wanted to lie in the sun.

I decided to wait a while so I wouldn’t have to leave the water with a swollen, stiff dick. She had sat down on a rock and I swam around a bit. She was sitting like the mermaid in Copenhagen. A bit chaste, but delicious with her breasts in view. When my hard-on had subsided, I walked out of the water in her direction. She shifted and opened her legs a little. I caught a glimpse of her pussy. I sat down on the first rock out of the water and when I looked back I saw the girl next to me. I saw her firm thighs, her pussy and a little further away her breasts and face. She blushed. “That was exciting.” She said suddenly.

I reached for my rucksack. “Would you like some wine or beer?” I asked. She grabbed a towel and pulled it roughly over her back, making her breasts bounce back and forth. I grabbed a couple of glasses and filled one with white wine and the other with my beer. After a second and third glass, she joined me on the rock. “I found the game exciting. But I let you win.” She said. I looked at her. “You didn’t let me win at all, I’m just stronger.” She half dived on top of me and pinned me against the rock. We wriggled and rolled in all directions. Again I felt her breasts and let my hands go everywhere. Maja fought more concentrated and grabbed my cock twice. After a few minutes she rolled away and I declared her the winner. “Yes, you have an extra racket…” she said laughing. “Do you ever do anything with it other than pee?” she wanted to know.

For a moment I had no answer. “I finger myself regularly. But yes, now that I’m sharing the tent with my sister, I can’t.” I laughed embarrassed. “I’ve never fucked.” I said. “But I jerk off. Just the day before yesterday in the shower at the campsite.” She looked at me. She spread her legs and ran her free hand from her chest down to her stomach… “How dare you?” I was startled, “Jerking off while I finger me and we can look at each other?” I blushed and sat down across from her. My cock stood upright again at the sight of her and her suggestion.

Maja opened her legs to show her small mound and her shiny labia. I followed her example. I watched as her hand went a little lower each time. My fingers slid along the shaft of my sex. “You know what would make it perfect?” she asked, “if we both came…”

She took a sip of wine as I closed my hand around my sex. Slowly, I let the sheet slide back and forth over my hard-on. Maja looked at me tensely and swallowed the wine. She opened her labia with one hand and put two fingers inside with the other. Then she looked me straight in the eye. “Go on then… do it for me…” She moved the hand she had used to open her lips in my direction. “Smell how horny I am…” I sniffed. Then she pulled her hand back and let her wet fingers slide around one of her nipples. She wasn’t hiding her pleasure anymore. Her labia were full and open and I could see her wetness. Her finger came to rest on her clit and she began to rub it gently around and around. I let my hand go over my now rock hard cock.

“You can touch me…” I said. Her hand went to my stomach, close to my cock and my sliding back and forth. “Go ahead… You can touch me too.” Maja offered. I let my free hand go to her breasts, but I couldn’t reach them properly. I got on my knees with her right leg between mine and stroked her breasts as I masturbated. I squeezed her breasts and played with her nipples. Her hand cupped mine and in her mind she was jerking me off. We began to moan and sigh softly. All too soon, I felt my orgasm coming. Maja moaned that she was going to come. Each time, she pushed her fingers deep into her pussy. Every time she did it, there was a little gasp. The sight was intoxicating, and I felt my orgasm building, but I knew I couldn’t cum too soon or she might stop. I lowered my hand slightly so that each stroke missed the head of my cock and matched her speed.

His smile had turned to a look of intense concentration as her finger was replaced by her whole hand rubbing her mound furiously. Her eyes slid down to my sex. Then she began to insert her fingers into her pussy. Just a little at first, but soon most of her fingers were being pushed in and out at a furious pace. She was so wet that her hand shone in the sunlight.
“Now!” she moaned as she came. She arched her back so that her pelvis pushed towards me and her orgasm began.

My hand accelerated again, and it only took a few strokes before I came too. A thick stream of cum shot out. The first landed on her leg and some on her stomach, the rest I sprayed on the stone beside her. Maja was still sliding on the waves of her orgasm. I lowered my knees and sat down beside her, and when Maja had calmed down too, she picked up her glass and took a sip of wine. “God, that was exciting!” she said and lay down. I rolled against her, and we fell into a deliciously horny intoxication.

Suddenly a voice sounded. “Guten Tag Freunde!” Said the farmer sitting on his quad bike with a grin. He laughed and said, “Your secret is safe with me.” Frightened, we stayed down as he drove off. “What did he see?” we wondered.

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