When I was twenty-two and in the prime of my sexual awareness, I tended to get aroused quickly. My girlfriend, Gerda, and I were living with her mother while she finished her training. I had just moved to Berlin and started work as a team manager at the Mercedes call centre. Gerda had a job on the weekends as well as in classes. I hardly ever worked at weekends and spent my free time playing sports and SIM racing. And… when I missed her and was horny, I would watch porn on my laptop. Sometimes Gerda and I would watch them together to see some crazy stuff or even re-enact it.

It was an ordinary Saturday, Gerda was out, and her mother had gone to the old people’s home to visit her parents. That day I was watching videos on Wetvids. There was one scene that caught my attention. A middle-aged woman was stripping in front of a young man she was tutoring. “Wow,” I thought, “he’s studying maths. In none of my maths classes was there such an explanation…” That the video did something to me was evident from the fact that I got a hard-on. Lying on the sofa, I did nothing with it but enjoyed the sensations it gave me. Gerda would know what to do with it when she got home later.

A few minutes later, still horny, I heard the door open and close. She was home and I was waiting for her. “I’m in the living room,” I called. “I have something for you.” I listened as she walked into the living room. I stood with my back to the door. She came to stand just behind me. I hoped she could see what was pressing against the fabric and waited for her reaction. She stopped and placed her hands on my sides, then took a step closer, and I imagined her watching me, enjoying what I was waiting for.

She ran her hand through my hair, caressing my cheek, sliding down my chest and into my trousers. When she stroked my cock, I enjoyed it. She understood what I wanted and stroked my sex through the fabric. She held my cock deliciously for a few seconds and then started to pull my trousers off. “Yes, yes, yes…”

I reached back and slid my hands under her blouse, stroking her breasts through the thin fabric of her bra. She moaned softly and her breathing deepened. She was enjoying this little game as much as I was. Her tits felt a little different, perhaps from the tension or my cold hands. From my position it was uncomfortable, and I didn’t think about it anymore. She pulled my cock out and gave me a gentle handjob. I moaned softly. Then she bent down, pushed my head to the side and took my cock in her mouth.

It felt different, but she had never sucked me like this before. I looked down and my heart leapt! It wasn’t my Gerda with her lips around my cock, it was her mother! I was startled and moved roughly and must have poked her with my cock as she choked, but she didn’t let go. I pushed her aside and finally got free.

Mother-in-law, what are you doing?

My voice sounded surprised and a little angry. I turned to look at her. She smiled slightly and straightened her top. “I was responding to your invitation.” I swallowed. “That invitation was for Gerda.” She laughed at me. “You never said that. Besides…” she moved her hand over her breasts, “you seemed to find it delicious.” I realised my cock was still rock hard, I could feel it throbbing.

My cock stood there, pointing straight at her, happy and horny. I had to admit, having her touch me, suck me, felt amazing. It was also a beautiful woman staring at my cock. She had small, perky tits, like her daughter, and had remained stern throughout her yoga life. I had never thought about having sex with her, but now I was thinking about it.

“You have at least an hour before my daughter gets home. Can you wait that long?” She looked from my face to my crotch and back, licking her lips with her tongue. “This could be our little secret. You might want to do something in return one day.”

I felt the pressure in my penis and knew it would be painful waiting for Gerda and the relief she would bring. Besides, I thought, I’ll probably be ready for more by the time she gets here.

“Of course,” I said, thinking that even if licking this woman’s pussy was only half as good as licking her daughter, it would still be a great experience. “That’s a great idea.”

She took my cock in her mouth.

She knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it with the most incredible feeling that shot through me. The way the roof of her mouth rubbed against my glans, her tongue massaging my shaft, only increased my desire. I couldn’t reach her tits anymore. I pushed her away, pulled up her shirt, and unhooked her bra. I sat down, and she came to sit on my lap. “Come on… drive me crazy, play with my tits. I know you like little hard titties, I can hear you moaning when you screw my daughter.” I played with her breasts. Pinching and sucking on her little nipples. I bit them gently, letting my nails scratch over the soft flesh. I reached for her crotch, but she stopped me with a hand. “Another time.”

She slid between my knees and took my cock in her mouth. As she played with my balls, her mouth worked its magic. I kneaded her tits and stroked her long hair as she sucked me. She was better than her daughter! It went fast. Maybe too fast. I felt I was about to come. I warned her in case she didn’t want to take my load, but the news made her suck a little harder. My orgasm was incredible! She was great, but this was the next level… Long, powerful, intense, and satisfying. She greedily gobbled up all my cum and sucked me off until nothing was dripping from my cock.

“That was great,” she said. “Thank you.” I put my sex away and tried to get back into the film I was watching. Gerda’s mum went back to the car and came back with some greens she’d got from Grandad, I continued what I was doing for myself before my accidental invitation.

I turned on the video of the teacher and her pupil again. It made no sense. I couldn’t take my mind off what had just happened. I fantasized about what might happen next.

By the time Gerda got home, I was ready for her special attention again