She walked away from the business meeting with a happy client. She had managed to bring the long contract negotiations for her publishing company to a successful conclusion. With all the signatures in place and a glass of champagne to celebrate, she was in high spirits when the taxi took her to the hotel. On entering the hotel, she thought it was too early to go to her room, so she decided to go to the hotel bar and celebrate with a cocktail. After the barman had placed her glass on the bar, she looked around to see who else was there. There was no one she was interested in, just a few businessmen and a few visitors to the fair, sitting in small groups and talking. Photo Carrie.

After a few minutes, as she sipped her cocktail and thought about the successful day she had had, a tall man, whose age she estimated to be in his mid-fifties, came to the bar to order a beer. After ordering his drink from the barman, he gave her a friendly smile and asked if the barstool next to her was free, which she confirmed with a wave of her hand. The man introduced himself and told her that his name was Michel, that he was an engineer, and that he had attended a conference at the hotel that had just finished. They struck up a pleasant conversation and discovered that they were both alone and would be spending the night in the hotel. He was happy to have found such an attractive and interesting person to talk to. She really is a strikingly beautiful woman, with her slender body, five feet tall, long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. They talked about everything in the world, and she enjoyed his presence more and more.

She had been working so hard.

In the last few weeks, when she had been working so hard on the difficult contract negotiations, she had seriously neglected her private life, including her love life, and now talking to him made her feel a great longing. She could well imagine spending the night with him, and made a plan to do so discreetly. During the conversation, she discreetly took one of her business cards out of her handbag, wrote something on it and placed it seemingly carelessly on the bar. A few minutes later she said goodbye to go to her room, which he obviously regretted. After she left, he emptied his glass and was about to go to his room. As he was leaving, he saw the card on the bar, picked it up and saw that it was her business card, with her room number written on it. He had not expected such a dream offer, but he was not one of those people who hesitated to seize their fortune when it presented itself unexpectedly. So he went to her room and saw that the door was ajar. After a gentle knock, he entered and found her sitting in a comfortable armchair.

As she walked into her room, she immediately took off her blazer, skirt and blouse, but left on her stiletto heels and hold-up nylons, as well as her silk thong and exciting half-cup bra. After refreshing herself for a moment, she sat down in the armchair, crossed her legs and waited for what she hoped would come. Quite a rush of excitement ran through her body. She was pretty sure that he would not be able to resist her invitation, even if there was still a bit of uncertainty, which only increased the tension and her heart rate. Her hand slipped into her thong and she felt her clit, which she began to massage gently with her middle finger, when suddenly there was a knock at the door and he entered the room. She greeted him and said, “I’m so glad you decided to accept my invitation. Wouldn’t you like to make yourself more comfortable and get undressed?” He did not have to ask twice and began to undress. She looked at him excitedly as she continued to treat her clit. He could not and did not want to take his eyes off this fascinating mature woman as he undressed. He was very excited to undress like this in front of her while she worked her clit without any shame in front of him.

He was completely undressed.

When he was completely undressed, it was clear how much this situation had aroused him, his cock was literally rock hard and proudly sticking out. He sat down on the bed opposite her, never taking his eyes off her, and stroked his hard cock. She looked at him for a moment, then stood up and walked towards him on her stiletto heels, a challenging smile on her face. She pushed his knees apart, knelt between them and gripped his cock tightly. Tenderly, she played with her tongue around his purple-veined glans before her lips passed over the shaft and began to gently stroke the head. He closed his eyes, enjoying being so intensely pampered, and was sure it was not the first time she had done this. After a while, he let his upper body slide back onto the bed and thought to himself, “She’s just sucking deliciously, please let her go on like this for a long time”.

She, in turn, was now very pleased with her work, his cock standing up. So she let him slide out of her mouth, stood up, took off her thong and bra and knelt over his head on the bed. For a moment she let him look lovingly at her pussy, then she lowered her pelvis and said, “So, if you are a real lover, now you have the chance to show it”. He eagerly licked over her swollen labia, inhaling her arousing scent of femininity and sex. At the same time, his hands cupped her bottom and gently massaged it. She used the movement of her pelvis to ensure that his eager tongue went exactly where she wanted it. First he pushed his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy, enjoying the warmth and the rising pussy fluids. Then he worked on her clit, which she pressed firmly against his mouth. Her nylons rubbed against his cheeks, but that made him work her clit even harder.

For her part, she was now enjoying being licked so hard by him and she could feel her arousal slowly increasing. She had become horny because of what he was doing to her. Her breathing quickened and she began to moan softly. But she wanted to enjoy the game longer, so she crawled to the middle of the bed and said to him, “Come on. She knelt down with her legs spread and looked at him hornily and defiantly. He understood immediately and knelt behind her, between her legs, taking his cock in his hand and thrusting it hard against her labia. For a moment he was distracted by the prominent birthmark just above her bottom. But when he felt how wet she was, he put his glans between her labia and thrust his cock into her pussy.

She loved the doggy position.

She pushed her pelvis towards him, enjoying the penetration with a low, lustful moan. She felt his cock linger in her pussy for a moment and immediately took the initiative. She began to move her pelvis back and forth and soon found a slowly increasing rhythm with him. Furthermore, she loved the doggy position, as it allowed her to feel the stiff cock in her pussy even more intensely. They indulged in this rhythm for a while, both enjoying the increasing excitement. When she noticed that he was thrusting his cock into her pussy with increasing force, moving towards orgasm, she pulled away from him, turned around and pushed him onto his back. She stepped over his lap, took his stiff cock in her hand and put it back into her soaking wet pussy.

His momentary disappointment at not having reached orgasm soon gave way to excitement at the new, attractive prospect he now had. He took her breasts in his hands and began stroking and kneading them. In this position, she set the pace and took her time, moving her pelvis up and down slowly and defiantly. She wanted to enjoy her arousal to the full, and while he kneaded her nipples between his fingers, she touched her clit with the middle finger of her right hand, stroking it very gently.

How gently she stroked herself, she was now so horny, she felt she was about to come, so she let her orgasm run wild. The movements of her pelvis became more violent and he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. She moaned softly as she ejaculated, and seconds later he shot his cum into her pussy, thrust after thrust of pure pleasure. As her orgasm subsided, she dropped her upper body onto him and whispered in his ear, “I thought it was so hot! And from what I can still feel between my legs, I know you loved it too. He replied, “That was just divine with you, how lucky I didn’t forget your business card.

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