A submitted short story about my pillow and the first time, this time not about an older woman. The photo is of Chantal. She is 19 years old and gorgeous!

The story is completely true, although some names may have been altered. Feel free to let me know what you guys think of it! So my name is Chantal. I’m an 18-year-old student, but at the time of the story I was 16. I am quite tall, 177 cm, and slim built. Furthermore, I have blond hair, blue eyes and freckles. I have rather small breasts, cup B but round buttocks.

Sexually, I was definitely not among the first

Sexually, I was definitely not among the first. Before I was 16 I wasn’t into boys, masturbation and so on. In fact, the idea of ‘fingering’ seemed a little gross to me. In the fourth grade, our school went on a two-day trip. The theme of this two-day event was sex education, which is why the weekend was sometimes mockingly called ‘sex weekend’. On that weekend, there was a lot of talking about love and “sexuality” especially in group discussions.

In one of the last talks, which the teachers were not present, so we could speak fully, we were asked who had masturbated before. As expected, all the boys always raised their hands chuckling. To my great surprise, Amber, my best friend, and a small group of girls also admitted that they had occasionally fingered. I blushed and could only stammer that I had never tried it before.

Later that night, as we exited the classroom, I wriggled through the door with Mark. Mark was, so to speak, my “crush” at that point. He was also one of my best friends and one of the most handsome boys in our class: tall, brown, curly hair and muscular. He gave me a fat wink and whispered that I should ‘give it a try then’. Of course, I turned red and didn’t know how to act, but that night, in bed, I couldn’t think of anything else.

Is Mark thinking about me in that way? Would he get excited about this? I had to admit that I myself, from that one wink and suggestive remark, got incredibly excited. It’s crazy what falling in love can do to a 16-year-old girl! In bed, I also continued talking about the incident with Emma and some girlfriends. Giggling, they admitted that they fingered quite often, and sometimes watched porn too. When I asked how it felt, they had a hard time describing it. I decided to try it for myself.

When we got home, after a short bus ride, I immediately sprinted up the stairs after telling my parents about the weekend. I slid my pants down and stuck my right hand in my panties. I immediately felt that I was quite wet, I had never felt anything like that before. My fingers immediately became slippery, probably from the thought that I would be fingering for the first time at that moment.

First, I gently rubbed my index finger between my lips. That did feel nice, but I wanted to go further. I put my finger deeper and deeper, trying to make small movements there. Again, it did feel pleasant, but I didn’t understand that this was that “ecstasy” Emma had told me about.

I began to gently rub my intimate parts on the pillow

Then I remembered a tip I had received from another friend. I took my hand out of my panties, crawled on my knees and put my pillow between my legs. Then I began to gently rub my intimate parts on the pillow. I closed my eyes and thought about Mark’s comment. Would he find it horny to see me sitting here? Would he be jerking off right now? The idea of Mark, naked, aroused, was driving me crazy. I began to ride the pillow harder and faster.

With one hand I kept my balance, with my other hand I caressed my breasts under my sweater. I imagined that Mark was inside me and that it was not the pillow, but my handsome classmate that I was desperately riding. My hand moved from my breasts to my panties, and began rubbing my clit wildly. Where before I didn’t know what to do when, now everything felt very intuitive. I was getting hornier and hornier, and my kisses felt better and better, and an almost itchy, hungry feeling took over in my lower abdomen.

Without knowing what was happening, I began to jerk and shake. I fell forward onto the bed, and it took about a minute for the last of my convulsions to subside. I had to put my panties on the heater to dry, and also on my pillow was a gigantic, wet stain. That was what Emma was talking about.