I’d known Susan for years. She was a divorced mom who had her kids one weekend every two weeks. She was an airline stewardess. We saw each other regularly in the hall of our apartment complex and sometimes at the supermarket around the corner. We’d sometimes have wine together on a nearby patio.

When I bought my Mazda MX5, she said she’d love to go with me and she’d take care of the picnic. Susan is about six feet tall, slender, with blonde curls and a beautiful ass and delicious breasts that she likes to show off. She doesn’t actually show anything, but you get the feeling that they’re close every time. On that Saturday afternoon, we’d agreed that Susan would provide the picnic, with wine and snacks. She asked me if she could feed me naughty strawberries in the app with which we’d made the appointment. When I opened the app, I saw the beautiful blonde in a light blue summer dress, complemented by black long boots. She had her hair tied back in two braids and received the usual three kisses.

As a bonus, she got a kiss on my lips. We drove first through the oldest woods of the area. I stopped the Mazda at a familiar, secluded, piece of forest, and as usual, it started up without any problems. We had a picnic with snacks, delicious wraps topped off with strawberries and a bottle of wine. I had regular wonderful views of her perfect legs disappearing into her dress. She talked about her kids and her work. She said she enjoyed the freedom of her life but also the lack of a shoulder, lips and yes… sex.

When she told me, she looked at me. “Will you take that position?” she said with a grin. “Shoulder and lips, an instant YES.” She looked embarrassed. “I dream about making love and having sex with you.” I told her and put away my wine. I leaned forward to grab a strawberry. As I grabbed the fruit, I put my hand on Susan’s knee and turned toward her. Our lips were only inches apart. I could smell her and felt her breasts against my torso. We looked into each other’s eyes, a kind of lull before the storm. Grinning, she leaned forward and took a bite out of it, which made me lose my grip on the strawberry. The remnant tumbled down her chin into her cleavage. I needed no further invitation and dove after the fruit with my mouth. I kissed her neck and continued downward.

As expected, this was stopped by the blouse covering her breasts. I felt Susan’s hand gently on my head. She pushed me down. “Take the fruit then…” she said in a soft voice. As I found the strawberry with my lips, my tongue dipped into the valley between her fleshy breasts. Susan heaved a deep sigh and rocked backward as she clamped my head against her breasts. I tasted her skin and the strawberry. My hands slid slowly down her thigh to her flank and caressed her right breast through the thin fabric of her blouse. Gentle squeezing caused it to bulge over the top of her bra. She was breathing slowly and deeply now as our tension mounted. Her hard nipple pushed through the lace of her bra. I reached for the buttons of her dress.

“Just… give them freedom.” She moaned. Her hand ruffled through my hair. Somehow, her other hand had found the back of my shirt and was massaging my shoulders as her dress fell open. Without lifting my mouth from her magnificent breasts, I pushed open the panels of her dress and caressed her soft, smooth belly as I brought my hand up to explore her lace-covered breasts.

Susan saw what I was going to do and arched her back as I slipped my hand behind her back and unhooked her bra in a quick move. We kissed as I gently swept the excess garment aside. I paused and looked at Susan and her beautiful breasts, with the perky nipples now visible. I put my mouth on her one nipple and sucked gently at first, then harder, pulling her hard little nipples deep into my mouth one by one and massaging them there with my tongue. My hand slid from her breasts through her flank over the bunched-up fabric of her open summer dress. At the bottom of her flank I felt the elastic of a pair of panties.

I reached the hem of her dress and caressed every contour of her body through the thin fabric. My hand went over her firm thigh to near her knee. I laid next to Susan and sucked on her breasts while my hand stroked along the outside of her right leg. She moaned softly, from my caressing hand or my lips on her nipples? Her hand expressed her growing arousal, she stroked my scalp more vigorously and lowered her hand to my shoulder. Then she tried to put her hand into my polo shirt. “Out of that thing…” she moaned softly. I stopped touching her breasts and legs and got down on my knees to look at her. Her dress was open, and her breasts were covered with two rock-hard nipples that glistened with my saliva.

Susan blushed and, as I lifted my polo shirt, she stroked my thigh close to my almost stiff sex. She teased me by not touching my cock but stroking very close to it each time. Susan spread her thighs. I knew what she wanted, so I let my hand follow up her thigh and slowly move up her womanhood. I moved my head towards her to cover her mouth with mine, as I caressed her little mound with my hand. Our tongues slid deep into each other’s mouths. Meanwhile, I caressed her pussy with my full hand through the smooth fabric of her panties. As she moaned and her hand caressed my belly, I felt the outline of her pussy. Her labia were swollen and pressed against the thin, wet fabric, begging for attention. I let my middle finger slide along the elastic, inside her panties, and pushed a finger between her lips. Susan moaned louder and spread her legs further.

I was stroking her pubic mound in no time. As I slid more fingers into the side of her now soaked crotch, I pushed her labia apart with my ring and index fingers and pressed my middle finger as far inside her as I could. Susan began to rotate her hips so that her vagina came up to receive my caressing fingers deeper. She moaned, and her hand on my belly lowered willfully to her thigh. I had now slid three fingers into her sheath. They moved in and out, each time going deep inside her. I curled my fingers and felt her sheath contract. She forced herself upright into a half-sitting position, grabbed the buckle of my belt, undid it, and went to work on the buttons of my Levis 501.

While we were busy tonguing each other, I kept on working her sopping pussy. As my jeans fell open, I felt a tension dissipate as my rock-hard cock leapt forward, unobstructed by the tight denim. In a flash, Susan’s hand went inside my boxers and caressed my shaft. It was now my turn to moan as I felt my rising passion. Susan grabbed the waistband of my boxer shorts and lowered them over my hard member. She gently placed her hands on my now bare bottom and pushed me between her thighs. I pulled the crotch of her shorts aside, making room for… We looked at each other, breathing deeply and looking into each other’s eyes, as I carefully maneuvered my hips to place my hard cock against the entrance to her sheath. Her hands were on my ass.

Then Susan put her nails into the soft, sensitive flesh of my bottom, forcing my body to hers. She pressed my cock deeper and deeper into her. I felt how wet she was and how tight her cunt allowed my cock. I felt the shapes of her vagina grip my shaft as I pushed into her. I let out a low moan as the last inch of my sex disappeared into her and my balls came to rest against her. Susan had thrown her head back and by the way she was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed stiffly, I knew she was fighting the waves of her orgasm.

Her hands loosened their grip on my ass and I began to gently slide my sex back and forth, small bits at first and further out and all the way in again each time. I leaned forward and gently nibbled her neck as I slowly pulled my sex out completely, before thrusting it into her with more force. Susan let out an urgent moan that only encouraged me. I began thrusting deeper and harder into her pussy, her moans getting louder, and I felt the tension in my body rising. I raised myself up, closed my eyes, and clenched my bottom together with each thrust I rammed into Susan for all I was worth.

She let out a long moan of pleasure, which made my rising sensation in my loins get the better of me. Her sheath contracted, and after one last, firm thrust, I grabbed her thighs and my orgasm hit. I felt powerful jets of cum shoot out of my cock and enter her deeply. Susan’s firm grip held me inside her while her vagina muscles sucked the last drop of seed out of my cock. After what seemed like an eternity, I collapsed on top of her, half on top of her and half beside her. We lay there, panting, embracing and kissing each other tenderly. Instinctively, I caressed her belly and stroked along the soft hairs toward her pubic bone.

With a kiss on my forehead, she acknowledged the joy we had just experienced and I had just poured my seed into her. She made it clear that she wanted me to do it again. Smiling, Susan caressed my face, “I love picnicking so much,” she whispered. I kissed her, knowing there would be another round. There was…until the rain let up. We packed up quickly and drove to a hotel a little further up the road. It was a continuation of a great evening. The next day she took a cab home to avoid any hassle from the other residents. She was really busy that week with national pride and we barely had any contact.

When she got home her kids were there so again there was no possibility of a follow-up. We arranged to meet and sent each other messages and promised to see each other again soon. But the image of the half-undressed woman, in an open dress and her orgasmic smile, comes to mind every time I think of her.