My name is Dieter and I live in Vienna. This story takes place when I was about forty, forty-five years old. I lived in a large middle-class house with my four children, my wife and my mother-in-law. The house belonged to her. Two of my children were at university at the time, and the other two were still at secondary school. I was working as a commercial manager in a shipping company. But this story is about what I experienced with Bruno and Helga.

Helga was a cleaning lady and went around cleaning people’s houses. She had two jobs a day. So she would do one client in the morning and another in the afternoon. Bruno was a handyman who worked for a larger company and would come to the company where I worked to make small changes or replace broken lights and so on. Helga did the office work in the estate agency on Monday mornings, where my wife worked as an administrative assistant every morning, including Saturdays. She often sat in that office alone with my wife, as the boss and his two assistants rarely, if ever, turned up on Mondays. Marianne had already pointed out several times that Helga was a treasure. You could ask her anything and she would jump at it. Nothing was too much for her. I mean nothing sexual, because Helga was a very plain girl who did a brilliant job as a cleaning lady, but was otherwise a grey mouse between thirty and thirty-five years old. Bruno was similar.

A dead normal guy who just did everything you asked. He hardly talked, if he talked at all, he did his job and when you asked him to do something he jumped up and down to do it. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but he was sometimes abused by having to do a quick job when his time was up. Without grumbling, he would do whatever was asked of him. This could be replacing a broken lamp or plug, but also fixing a broken toilet or replacing a broken tile in the toilets. Nothing was too much for him and he always remained friendly and cheerful. One Monday, however, things were different. In the large office room where about six administrative staff had their desks, some fluorescent lights were flickering quite brightly and had been asked to be replaced. Anna, my secretary, happened to come into my room and said, “I don’t know what’s got into Bruno today, he looks grumpy, can’t be friendly and when he came in I could have sworn he was crying. I was puzzled. I called him into my office for a moment after changing the bulbs and said, “Bruno, what’s wrong?” “Nothing, some problems with the wife,” he said. He didn’t want to elaborate, so he left.

That evening at dinner, at home, with my wife, my two youngest children and my mother-in-law at the table, I mentioned that the handyman had been acting rather strangely today. My wife replied: “Not difficult, Helga was in my office this morning and she cried all the time”. “So what’s going on between them?” I asked, just to make conversation. My wife looked at me and said, “Just a fight between them”. She gave me a sympathetic look and pointed briefly at the children. My youngest, Julie, the brightest of the bunch, had of course seen this and said: “haha, we are not allowed to know”. Marianne reacted bitterly by saying, “Eat your plate and shut up, nosy!” Julie remained silent with a glum face. I looked at her reassuringly and two seconds later she had forgotten the incident. That night in bed, my wife brought it up again. “Do you know what happened between them?” she asked.

I looked at her and said, “I asked Bruno and he just said nothing, he was just arguing with his madam”. “I don’t know anymore. I was still sleeping in the same bed with my wife. Later I had to move because of “snoring problems” on my part, at least according to my wife. Until then our sex life was limited to one missionary a month. So nothing to write about. My wife went further and said: “It’s too much, between the two of them”. “Why?” I ask incredulously. Marianne looks a little irritated and says, “Helga caught Bruno masturbating behind his PC watching porn. “So what?” I say. Very stupid of me, because my wife’s reaction was”. “Yes, yes, I also know that when you go to bed later than me, you usually sit behind the PC and jerk off”. “That doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t bother me. So I knew that again, I didn’t even know that my wife knew all that, but it’s very difficult to keep something from a woman, they have a special sense for that.

“Well,” I said, “then why is Helga making such a drama out of it?” “Because it was no ordinary porn,” my wife said. “I know from you that you watch women being fucked by men and sometimes by two lesbians, it’s understandable”. She was silent and I impudently asked, “Then what was unusual about the porn Bruno was watching? I thought to myself: “Damn, my wife snooped on my computer in my study, otherwise she couldn’t know all that”. My wife said: “Helga caught Bruno watching a video of two men fucking each other in the ass. “She caught him when his dick was just starting to squirt, so she is afraid he is gay”. Again, very boorish, but I say, truthfully, by the way: “I don’t get it, I watch couples fucking either a man with two women or two women”. “I like two men with one woman a lot less and although I have nothing against gays, I find two men doing it with each other ‘disgusting'”. “I really don’t want to see that and if I happen to see such a picture on the screen, I immediately click away or my appetite is immediately gone”. “I know Marianne said that, but that still makes you a fatty,” and she turned to go to sleep. I didn’t want to argue and thought to myself, “Man, being such a cool aunt and not wanting sex is exactly why I watch porn”.

But I kept quiet and went to sleep too. The next week, the subject didn’t come up again. The following Monday, Marianne had spent the morning at the office and Helga had come back to clean. They talked again, and in the evening I got another report in bed. According to Marianne, Bruno and Helga had been arguing all week. Bruno had claimed that he was not gay, that he was at most bisexual, and that he did not want his relationship with Helga to be destroyed. Helga had told my wife that she loved Bruno to death, didn’t want to lose him, but couldn’t live with him doing anything sexual with men. Bruno had promised, because he loved her to death too. Or so he had said. So I knew, and to be honest I didn’t give a damn, but in order not to offend Marianne I pretended to be very sympathetic towards her and Helga.

Marianne had made it very clear that she was on Helga’s side and that Bruno was, in her eyes, a dirty fatso and scumbag. It didn’t seem wise to take Bruno’s side, but I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t care about Helga’s welfare either. So what do you do as a man, you agree with your wife, especially don’t contradict her, and you think to yourself: ‘not my problem, so: let it go’. Of course, in retrospect, that was also naive. On Thursday evening, I come home from work and who is sitting in the back of the car? My wife, my mother-in-law and a relatively young woman who turned out to be Helga. I had never seen her before. Nothing bad, she looked like a grey mouse, as my wife had pointed out to me. She was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt with no breasts, no fat melons either, but rather fat pears. 85C or 90C, I guessed. She had black, brown, spiky hair down to her shoulders, a normal face, neither thin nor fat, somewhere between slim and slightly plump. She had obviously cried in front of Ma, my mother-in-law and my wife. I gave my wife a homecoming kiss on the chin, did the same to Ma and said to Helga as I held out my hand to shake hers, “I’m Dieter”.

She ignored my hand and burst into a violent crying fit. I looked stunned and was about to retreat discreetly, but my mother-in-law said, “Wait a minute, Dieter, I think we need you. I saw little gleams of joy in her eyes, and then I knew: watch out Dieter, that slippery girl is up to something again! And I was right. My wife said: “Mum is right Dieter, you have to solve the problem between Bruno and Helga, you have a very practical mind, now go and see them on Saturday, both Bruno and Helga don’t have to work in the morning, Helga has to work in the afternoon from four to about seven. “Go and have a chat with Bruno, bring them to their senses and make sure they don’t split up. Later, my mother-in-law told me that Marianne had been trying to persuade Helga to get rid of Bruno all the time before I came home, but that Helga hadn’t wanted to because she liked him too much. My mother-in-law had said that a conciliatory talk between Bruno and Helga was necessary, but best accompanied by someone who could steer the conversation in the right direction. I will never understand the logic of my Marianne’s women, but according to her, I was the right person to solve their problems in one, two, three minutes by talking to Bruno and Helga together. I looked at my wife in surprise, then at Helga in tears, then at my mother-in-law.

She was obviously doing her best not to burst out laughing. What kind of trick had she played? “It’s all right,” I said, “I’ll be there at nine on Saturday.” “Write down your address if you like.” As if by magic, Helga stopped crying, and I saw my mother-in-law, with a monkish smile, shove a small notebook in Helga’s direction. Damn it,’ I thought, ‘I’ve been tricked again. My employers, actually two of them, both gay and both owners of the company I worked for, had given me every Friday off and made me hire two assistants. They simply continued to pay me my full salary for a full-time job, but I was allowed to take every Friday off without it counting towards my holiday. This was better than a pay rise, because it was way too expensive and would just make me pay more tax. So I usually sleep out on Friday mornings. At nine, I turn up in my dressing gown with a mug of coffee in my hand in the little courtyard at the back of the house and find my mother-in-law sitting there drinking coffee. She has a slight smile on her face. I lit a cigarette and looked at her. “Damn, what have you done to me now?” I say gruffly. Mom laughs and says, “Nothing you can’t do, Dieter. I have to tell you, I have a very good relationship with my mother-in-law. Even better, in fact, than with my wife, although I never fucked my mother-in-law, we told each other everything. “How are you going to deal with it?” asks Ma. I say, “I don’t know yet”, drink my coffee and continue smoking. I sit there glumly, almost sulking, but suddenly a light goes on for me. I say, “Ma, do you still have that strap-on?”

Ma nods. “What are you going to do?” she asks. I say, “I’ll tell you later, lazy trees, you shouldn’t be so curious, you’re already as bad as my youngest daughter”. “Now I know where she got it from”. On Saturday morning, my wife rides her bike at 8.30 a.m. to be at the office by nine. I wait for her to leave, grab a small rucksack, and go to my mother-in-law’s room. She was sitting up straight in bed, reached under her pillow and handed me the strap-on. It’s a leather strap that a woman buckles on, with a slightly smaller dildo on the inside and a thick pink one on the outside, about seventeen centimetres long and at least three to four centimetres in diameter. I put the thing in my rucksack and leave. As I leave her room she says: “Have fun Dieter”. I put my middle finger in the air behind me and walked away without looking back. I had to walk a good ten minutes to get to her address. On the way, I thought to myself, “Dieter, take it easy, if you fail, too bad, but at least you tried. Arriving at her place, I rang the bell of a simple worker’s house. Helga opened the door and asked me to come in. I hang my coat in the wardrobe, follow her into the living room, sit down on a sofa and am offered a coffee. It is on a side table next to me. Bruno sits on the seat opposite me. He looks grumpy. Helga sits next to him. When we are all seated, I say: “So tell me about your sex life, what do you do with each other? “Please answer honestly. Helga starts hesitantly: “We don’t have children, so it’s always just the two of us at home. “We make love every Sunday morning and every Wednesday evening”. “Twice a week,” I say, “that’s a good start. “Yes,” says Helga, “but it doesn’t last ten minutes, he sticks his dick in me, wiggles up and down and squirts”. I look surprised. “Don’t you lick it first?” I ask Bruno.

He shakes his head, ‘no’ and then says rather angrily: ‘I don’t like to do that. “OK, I can partly understand that,” I say. “And you Helga, do you blow Bruno first?” She shakes her head no and says: “I don’t do that, I don’t like it. “OK, I get it,” I say. Then I say, “Bruno, Helga caught you jerking off to a gay couple fucking in a porno film. “Is that right?” He nods rather embarrassed. “Have you ever had a cock up your own ass?” I ask. Bruno looks surprised and shakes his head ‘no’. “And have you ever stuck your dick up someone else’s ass?” Again he shakes his head ‘no’. I look surprised again and ask, “Not in Helga’s either?” Again ‘no’. “Ouch” I say, “if you watch videos like that, I assume you are turned on by asses, is there something wrong with Helga’s ass?” “I don’t want to,” Helga says, “he has, and it was a long time ago, once he put his glans against my ass, it hurt a lot and I immediately screamed for him to stop. “No preparation, just your glans against her bum?” I ask in surprise. Helga nods, Bruno looks away. I guess they don’t even know how to prepare an asshole. I decide to be more drastic and stand up. I say to Bruno, “Hold on, let’s move the coffee table out of the way.

Together we do it. Now the two seats are facing each other with nothing between them, just a carpet. “Are you going to do exactly what I ask?” I say rather sternly. They both nod and say: “Yes, Mr Dieter”. “Good,” I say, “both of you strip completely and stand here in front of me in the middle of the carpet. They look very startled. “NOW!” I say loudly. Hesitantly, they stand up. They were both wearing just jeans, trainers, socks and a jumper. Just a man and a woman, nothing special, somewhere in their thirties, getting undressed. They put their clothes on the armchair behind them. A little later they are standing naked in front of me, in the middle of the carpet. Bruno is a bit skinny, rather wiry, about five foot six, with black curly hair. Helga’s breasts are much smaller but thicker than I first thought, pear shaped and drooping with a large pink areola and pink nipples. I see a thick tuft of pubic hair on both of them.

Bruno’s is black, Helga’s is dark blonde. Have you had a shower this morning? They both shake their heads in the negative. I sip my coffee and ask if I can smoke. Helga nods and takes an ashtray from a cupboard and puts it on the side table next to me. I light a cigarette and say, “Helga, you are a beautiful woman, but we need to make some adjustments.” “Go to the bathroom, shave your armpits and pussy completely bald”. “Use a beard trimmer first and then razor blades”. They look confused, but then Helga turns and walks away. To Bruno I say: “So he is busy for a while, then we can have a chat in the meantime”. “Go and sit in that chair for a while.” “So you get horny when you look at asses and see them being penetrated?” I ask. Bruno looks down embarrassed and nods. “Well, then we have to take care of that,” I say. “But the problem is that if you fuck a man’s ass or a woman’s ass, someone other than Helga, you will be cheating on her and then your relationship with Helga will immediately be history”. “We will prevent that.” “After all, a woman’s ass is not that different from a man’s.”

“But Helga doesn’t want that, I tried it once but she categorically rejected me”. “I’ve already understood that”, I said, “so we’ll change that”. “You just have to do what I tell you and with a bit of luck it will work”. Bruno gets me another fresh coffee and I smoke another cigarette. Then Helga comes back. Now she has a bare pussy and bare armpits, and I see some curiosity from Bruno. To Helga I say: “Sit down on the couch, and you, Bruno, go take a shower, preferably somewhere” and to Helga, as soon as Bruno is gone, I say: “Helga, do you have a jar of Vaseline in the house?” She nods and goes to get it. Then I tell her, “Girl, your guy doesn’t want to lose you, and from the look he just gave me, he’s still hot for you. “So we are going to make sure that even though he gets horny from asses being penetrated, he limits his lust to you”. “Since you also have an ass, we’ll use that to make him have his way”. Helga looks startled and says: “I don’t want him to put his cock in my ass“. I reply, “Helga, you didn’t want it until today, but that’s because it was mishandled and there was no quid pro quo”. “So girl, believe me, you will enjoy his deviation, if I may say so, and in return you will let your ass be used, but I will make sure that you will find it very horny and pleasurable yourself”.

Bruno comes back from the bathroom with his balls and groin shaved. His cock is half hard. I say: “Stand in front of me on the middle of the mat. They do. “With one hand, pull on Bruno’s cock a few times, Helga”. She does this too. Then I ask: “Helga, is your pussy wet?” She shakes her head no.

Then I say : “Helga sit in the middle of the seat, pull your knees up and Bruno get on your knees in front of her and lick her pussy”. Now Bruno looks startled. “I don’t like to do that,” he says. My response is: “OK, if you don’t want to do it, I will, it’s your choice”. For a moment I see a sparkle in Helga’s eyes and I see Bruno hesitate. To my surprise, Bruno says, “You do it. I look at Helga and ask, “Do you mind?” Again she shakes her head “no”. “Good,” I say. “As a punishment for your refusal, Bruno, I am going to make you sit on your knees in the middle of the mat, then you are going to put one chin on the mat, putting your bottom in the air, and you are going to stretch your arms across the floor in front of you. “Your chin stays on the floor until I say so. Helga is now sitting on the seat opposite me with her knees up and Bruno is lying diagonally in front of her, his face turned away from her. I look at her ogling pussy. I take the strap-on out of my rucksack and walk over to Helga.

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She looks at the thing and I say: “Your pussy has to be well wet before you use this thing, so enjoy it for a while”. I put the strap-on on the seat next to her, get on my knees in front of her and say: “Put your hands on your breasts and knead them”. She did so and I put my mouth on her pussy. With big strokes, I start to lick her. From the bottom of her pussy to her clit and back again. I stay like this for a while, Bruno lies diagonally behind me on the floor. After about ten minutes of licking, I move my mouth to her clit, put my lips in an O-shape and suck her clit between my lips. Then I run my tongue over it. Helga starts to moan. So I put two fingers in her pussy and try to find out if she is wet. She said she was not wet before, but that had obviously changed. I had no intention of going down on her, that could be done later if necessary. So I pull back, ask her to stand up and take the strap-on. It has a harness with a smaller dildo on one side, about ten centimetres long and three and a half inches in diameter for the pussy, and a thick one on the other side, four centimetres in diameter and seventeen inches long. I bought this double vibrating strap-on on as a present for my mother-in-law. The advantage of this thing is that it comes with a remote control, but it was in my pocket and before I went to get it I had put new batteries in both ends.

I buckled the strap around her body as I sat on my knees in front of her, still fully clothed, with my cup wet with her juices. I carefully inserted the smaller dildo into her now wet pussy, then tightened the harness and thoroughly lubricated the larger dildo with Vaseline. Then I stood up, looked at Bruno who was still on his knees with his ass in the air and hadn’t noticed what I had done to Helga, and pointed at him. “Helga,” I say, “your little boy likes butts, so we’re going to let him experience what it’s like to be penetrated anally.” “If I say ‘yes’, you will insert the dildo into his bum as far as you can in one go”. She nods, and yet I see a slightly stubborn and horny twitch in her eyes. Then I sit on my ass next to Bruno’s head on the floor and tell him: “Bruno, you like asses, so we will see how hard, you stay down and do nothing, if necessary I will push your face to the floor, got it?” He hesitantly says “yes”. I make a sign to Helga and say “Yes girl, get to work”. Helga puts the tip of the dildo against Bruno’s starlet. The dildo is four centimetres in diameter, quite thick for an arse. “All the way through, Helga,” I say commandingly. I see the dildo disappearing deeper and deeper into Bruno’s anus. He moans and probably not with pleasure. “In and out Helga,” I say and she starts to fuck Bruno like that. In itself it is not very exciting to have such a piece of plastic in your ass, but I let her do it. “Slowly, Helga,’ I say again. Then I crawl up and stand next to her. I reach into my pocket and use the remote control to make both dildos vibrate strongly. Helga lets out a scream and automatically starts fucking faster.

I sit back in my seat and watch the whole thing. Bruno with his ass in the air, on his knees, Helga with her legs slightly spread and hanging a bit through her knees for good movement and she has her hands on his hips to stop him shooting forward. The whole thing was a bit awkward. I look under Bruno’s belly and see a long cock there. The guy is getting really horny from the ass penetration. “Harder Helga,” I say as I stand up and get behind her. I go under her arms, grab her breasts and start kneading them in earnest. She moans. That could be from the vibrating dildo inside her, or from me kneading her, or both. Bruno begins to moan louder and louder. I lean forward a little and whisper in Helga’s ear, “Girl, if you fuck really well, your guy will come all by himself, so do your best.” She nods in agreement.

And indeed, after a few minutes, Bruno lets out a long cry and cums. I release Helga’s breasts and stand next to Bruno, looking down at him. His cock was leaking cum and there was a pile of cum on the carpet in front of him. I laughed and raised my thumb in Helga’s direction and immediately signalled for her to slow down. Slowly Helga stops. I switch off the vibration. Then Helga pulls the dildo out of Bruno. He sighs. I remove Helga’s harness and the strap-on dildo. I sit on the sofa and gesture for Helga to come and sit next to me. She does. We both look at Bruno, who is still bent over. “Did you like that?” I ask her. She nods. I say to Bruno, “Stand up, Bruno, and don’t step in the sperm you sprayed on the carpet. He straightens up. His dick is hanging quite limply. What I noticed, not for the first time, was that his cock was about my size, slightly thinner, but with a rather small glans. Mine is a bit thicker, but the glans on it is certainly about half an inch thicker than my dick itself. But I digress. “How much time do you have to get it hard again?” I ask. “I’ve never tried it so quickly before,” he says.

To Helga I say: “Lie down on the mat in the same position as Bruno just did. I beckon Bruno to the back of Helga and say, “Get on your knees behind her and lick her ass. He looks at me in amazement. I say, “if you ever want to fuck your Helga in the ass, you have to lick it thoroughly first”. He wants to protest, but I immediately say: “Do you want me to show you?” He hesitates. So I say to Helga: “Helga, do you mind if I show him?” She says: “Go ahead”. I crawl on my knees from the seat, get behind her, stick out my tongue, she puts it against her tit and suddenly bring my tongue up to her starlet. Helga moans immediately. I repeat the movements several times. Each time, I actually scoop up pussy juice with my tongue and deposit it all over her butt slit and on her starlet. Then I stick my tongue into her arsehole and fuck her asshole for a moment with my tongue. Helga lets out a cry of pleasure. Helga starts to moan heavily. After a few minutes, I stop. I turn to Bruno and say: “Is your dick hard again?” He nods ‘no’. Helga says from the mat: “Dieter, continue”. I ask Bruno: “Do you mind if I show you?” He nods “no” and says “go ahead”.

Two seconds later my boxer shorts and jeans are around my ankles. “Look”, I say to Bruno, “first a few times in her pussy, then the cock is well wet, then … look”. I push my cock into Helga’s pussy. She moans. About ten times I push it into her pussy to the root, then I take it out and tell Bruno: “now I put it against her starlet and very carefully and slowly I push it into her now”. I do this effectively and with a little pressure my cock slides into her asshole. Helga does not protest. I make a move or ten, pull out and slide my cock into her pussy, again a move or ten and so on, alternating between pussy and ass. To Bruno I say: “I’ll do it for now, but you have to do it afterwards too, and by that I mean: put your cock in her pussy, fuck a bit, then in her ass and then in her pussy again”. “As soon as Helga has come, you may continue to fuck yourself in her pussy, but you may not come in her pussy before you have made her come”. “Finished?” Bruno nods. “I’ll just finish this,” I say and start fucking pussy and ass alternately at a brisk pace. Bruno is standing next to me watching. Then I limited myself to her pussy and started fucking at a fast pace.

Helga began to scream and after a few minutes she came out screaming. I had done my best to hold back until that moment, but the gate went off for me too and Helga had not yet screamed out or I had emptied myself very deep inside her. I pulled out and saw that Bruno had a hard cock again. I said to him: “Take it over” and I made room for him. “Remember: as many times in the pussy as in the ass until she comes, then you can come”. “Lick her ass before and wet it with her pussy juices, with your tongue or your fingers”. Bruno stuck his cock into Helga’s pussy. I went to freshen up a bit and as I left I saw Bruno drilling dry into her asshole. Bruno and Helga’s relationship is still going strong. I have scored some very good points with my wife as a result. What Bruno does not know is that I regularly visit Helga when Bruno is not at home. Then I lick her pussy with great abandon until she comes and then we fuck hard until she comes again. The only one who knows is my mother-in-law; I leave Helga’s ass to Bruno.