A submitted story describing fistfucking, a new category was needed. That’s not a problem. It is from a woman who wants a relationship with her girlfriend, and that includes sex. And now a picture is needed of a woman doing another woman. Find it.

Fucking with fingers can be a preparation for fist fucking. Not every woman can have a fist in her vagina. When it fits, it’s wonderful!

Fistfucking or fisting is not necessarily rough.

First, clear up a misconception: fistfucking or fisting is not necessarily rough or aggressive. You can do it as hard or as tenderly as you want. In general, it is a very emotional and intense sex technique. To fist fuck well, you need to “listen” carefully to your sex partner’s body. She needs to relax enough and surrender to what you are doing. If you get fisted yourself, make sure you keep in touch with the person you are making love to, so you can indicate when it is too much.

Take your time and use enough lubricant. You are not supposed to try to get your fist inside as quickly as possible! Fisting is easier if you wear a latex glove because it is smoother than your uncovered hand. Make sure you have short nails and feel for sharp hooks. If you don’t want to cut your nails, put cotton wool in the fingertips of your glove. Make sure you and your partner are relaxed, especially if it’s the first time.

Build it up slowly. First, fuck her with your fingers for a while. It may take some time before she is open enough for your whole hand. To get fucked, it is important that you are really excited and really want it. Sometimes it can help to cum once so that you are wet, open and relaxed. Move your fingers in and out of her vagina, possibly in a twisting motion.

Put in an extra finger as soon as there is room for it.

Put in an extra finger as soon as there is room for it. Fuck her with four fingers, then fold your thumb between your fingers. Then slide in with five fingers. Fuck her with five fingers. Try carefully to see if you can go in deeper. The widest is your knuckles. Fuck her with your palm facing up. Start fistfucking

This is because your vagina is most flexible at the bottom (towards the anus). At the top is the pubic bone, and that does not yield. A little rotation with your hand can help. When your hand is all the way inside her pussy, you can ball your fingers into a fist. Make sure your thumb is on the inside.

Don’t force anything: sometimes someone is too tight. Still take your time and keep stimulating her gently, for example by moving your hand back and forth slightly. If she relaxes, and you feel space inside, then you can make larger movements with your hand. If she is very excited and open, then you can fuck harder.

Some women come from fisting, others do not. If she indicates that it is enough, or you want to stop yourself, do it again quietly. Make contact with her, ask her to help you. Then slowly and gently remove your hand from her at her direction. When she has cum, you cannot simply withdraw your fist. Her vagina contracts and closes around your hand.

Wait until the contractions are over, and her pussy is relaxed again, and then gently pull back. Fucking and especially fist fucking is an intense experience, especially for the one being fucked. It can stir up a lot of emotions. It may, it is not strange if your partner gets a big crying fit after fucking. Be kind to her, comfort her and make her feel secure. She has surrendered to you and she trusts you: deal with that in a good way.

The other day, she fucked me so gigantically. With her fist! That was the first time for her, and therefore also for us, which made it all even more romantic. At the last, the hardest part, the knuckles, she looked me deep in the eyes and said sweetly, ‘Come on then, horny rotten girl’.

Fisting with two girls