Hi I am Jan and have been married to Emma for many years, we do a lot together only without sex. We walk a lot and like it, at the coast or in the woods are both fun. But this time we had made a cuckold appointment. Our sex life was pretty slumped, and my wife fantasized more often about another man between her legs. My wife and I were going to get fucked by three men from a couple’s club. Photo by Sammy.

It was a beautiful spring day, so we had gone for a walk in a large forest in the region. We were walking there pretty much just the two of us, we met almost no one. It’s a big forest, so it’s normal then that you meet almost no one. We were walking and enjoying nature and peace.

Suddenly, as agreed, two men stand in front of us and ask for directions to a parking lot. My wife pretty much points them in the direction. Then she is grabbed by a third man and a blindfold is tied in front of her eyes and her hands are tied behind her back. Meanwhile, the second man has done the same to me, only I don’t have a blindfold on but a gag in my mouth, so I can’t scream.

Three men joining us for cuckold sex.

Then the third man removes my wife’s clothes until she lies naked on the moss in the woods. Her breasts are bare, and her pussy lies open and exposed in front of them, they have spread her legs tied to a couple of trees, so everyone can have a good look into her pussy. Then the men also take off their clothes and 1 of the three starts playing with her breasts and the other one sits over her head and presses his stiff cock against her mouth and forces her mouth open so that his cock can slide in and starts fucking my wife in her mouth.

The man who was working on her breasts has moved to her cunt and without pardon presses his stiff cock into her cunt all at once. He starts fucking her hard, and I hear and see my wife moaning with a cock in her throat and in her pussy. I find it a super exciting sight and get a hard-on.

Then with me my clothes are also taken off, I am laid over a log with my ass backwards, my legs and wrists are tied together, and then I feel someone standing behind me. I feel someone spit on my asshole, and then I feel a stiff cock pressing against my hole, I am told to relax, I try and the moment I sigh he pushes his cock into my anus all at once. I suppress a scream into the gag in my mouth.

Then I am fucked in my ass, deep and hard. I don’t see my wife; I just hear her moaning. In the end I do find it a horny experience, a cock in my ass is still a dream come true, only the way! Then I feel a hand around my own cock, and I am roughly jerked off. Because of the cock in my ass going back and forth and the hand around my cock jerking me off it doesn’t take long before I cum, so violently, that has been a long time.

But I was also part of the cuckold party.

Then I feel the man fucking me squirt his cum deep into my ass, then he pulls out. I see the men getting dressed. Then my wife is untied, she is told not to untie me until they are gone. My wife stays down for a while and I hear the men disappear.

I hear my wife get up and get dressed. Then she stands in front of me and looks at me, I am lying across the log. She crouches in front of me and unties my wrists and legs. The gag can come off, I can breathe freely again. Then I get dressed and without saying anything, we walk quickly back to the car.

In the car, I tell her: it was finally horny to be fucked by a stranger and jerked off. I came as never before. Emma says: in the end I found it horny too, being fucked in my throat and pussy and being filled with cum. The three men who were back in the parking lot earlier wave, and we go home, I think sex will come back to us and will be better than ever before.

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