It is not often that I have time to myself after dinner. But here I was, drinking wine and reading a glossy while Hugo cleared the table and the room. I should have been happy, but in reality I was a little nervous and unable to read. It didn’t help that Hugo was vacuuming the room I was sitting in. It wasn’t so much the noise that distracted me, but the sight of Hugo’s butt, clearly visible through his tight pants, as he bent over to move the furniture. If there’s one thing I can say about my husband, it’s that he’s thorough.

Once he decides to do something, he makes absolutely sure that he does it right. He turned to me and came toward me with the vacuum cleaner. I lifted my feet to let him pass, and was rewarded by his moving his nice ass right past my face as he walked by. Whether it was intended to distract me or not, it worked. I’ve always had a soft spot for his butt, so I gave in to the inevitable and leaned over and hooked a finger into the back of his pants, forcing him to sit next to me on the couch. He smiled and leaned away. I wanted to pull him toward me, but then I realized he was going to turn off the vacuum. I put my wine and magazine on the table and waved him over.

Immediately, Hugo slid a hand down my thigh and squeezed it. So he was trying to seduce me after all. I should have known, my horny, sensual Hugo in his favorite tight, low-rise jeans. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had been feeling some tension since this afternoon. I leaned down to kiss him and he caressed my legs while his tongue scanned my eager mouth. My God, how good he always tasted. He stopped, looked at me and smiled; and me? I became even wetter. I stretched my leg over his lap; Hugo’s kisses became more urgent and then he pushed me backwards onto the couch. With one hand he grabbed my horny pussy and I immediately spread my legs to give him access. His fingers pressed against my clit and slid inside me for a moment, making me gasp for breath. Hugo then pushed my leg up and kissed it, then gave my bare, smooth porn pussy the attention it so desperately needed. I arched my back as he slid one and then two fingers deep inside me. I felt my lust dripping on his hand as he began to finger me in earnest. I couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed the back of his head and pushed him hard against my cave.

My Hugo immediately began licking my clit with long, steady strokes as the shuddering began deep inside me. He had always been good at this; pussy licking was one of his greatest talents and hobbies. His tongue swirled and flicked, and I pushed against him, desperately seeking the heat of his mouth against the frantic pulsing of my pussy. Hugo wrapped his arms around my hips and held me tight as his tongue drove me crazy. I was trembling now and tilted my head forward to watch him suck and lick. I lost control and suddenly came.

My whole body cramped with orgasm and my legs closed around Hugo’s back as I held his head against me, forcing him to taste my horny fluid that was flowing from my pulsating pussy. As I slowly came down, Hugo pushed my legs apart so he could get a good look at how wet I was. Looking up at me, he smiled briefly and then leaned forward to lick my pussy again. I shivered with excitement and he leaned back and laughed slightly before he climbed between my legs and leaned forward to kiss me. I tasted my own pussy in his mouth; wow, how I love that.

I pushed him back so he was sitting on the couch, knelt down next to him and waited impatiently for him to unbutton his pants and expose his magnificent cock. I couldn’t help myself and immediately bent down to take it in my mouth. I enjoyed his hardness and knew he was all mine to play with. I moved my head up and down, fucking him rhythmically with my mouth, hearing him gasp as I pushed his cock deeper into my throat with each movement. His hand slid down my back to my butt where he gripped my flesh hard, making me intensely aware that my bare ass was sticking up in the air, waiting for attention. I cupped his balls as I sucked on them, feeling the blood pulsing as his arousal increased.

His moans grew louder as he pulled his pants off and thrust into my throat. I couldn’t wait any longer and pushed myself up, grabbed Hugo’s shirt and pushed him backwards onto the couch so I could position myself over him. He laughed and smiled at me, the anticipation on his face as I reached for his pole. I squeezed it and he gasped as I lowered myself slightly to rub the head of his cock against my soaking wet pussy. Oh my God, I couldn’t hold on much longer. I sank down and moaned as his swollen cock stretched me until I could barely stand the pressure. I leaned forward and kissed Hugo deeply, sucking his tongue into my mouth as I twisted my hips around to let him fill me completely. I grabbed the arm of the couch for support and pushed myself back and forth, riding him hard as I took my own pleasure. He grinned at me and I slapped him hard. The shock made him pant and automatically thrust himself up and deeper into my hot, wet cunt.

The throbbing of my orgasm rose deep inside me and I became almost frantic with desperation. I gave Hugo another hard slap before balling his shirt into my fists and using it to anchor myself as I pressed my body against him. I rolled my hips to get maximum contact with my pulsing clit and used one hand to grip his neck so he couldn’t move. I had the perfect rhythm now, sliding up and down the entire length of his engorged pole, pushing him as far inside me as I could. It felt like every nerve in my cunt was on fire as I pushed myself to the edge, not caring about anything but my own pleasure. I twisted my hips one last time and off I went, shuddering with the desire to have him as deep inside me as possible as I came hard and tight around his cock. I leaned forward and kissed him deeply as the tremors slowly subsided. He was still rock hard and it was tempting to continue where I was, but I had a better idea. I gave him a quick kiss and forced myself to slide off his cock to find what I was looking for. Hugo was waiting when I left the room and looked a little confused when I returned empty-handed.

But I had a surprise for him. I took his hand and ran it down my body to where my skirt bulged out of the pleated waistband. When he felt what was hidden under the fabric, Hugo smiled shyly. I slowly pulled up my skirt to reveal the black strap-on dildo I had hidden and saw a distinct glint in his eyes. Without warning, he pulled me onto the couch and rolled on top of me. He took turns taking my nipples in his mouth, placing them on his tongue and sucking hard. His hands stroked over my body, caressing the smooth length of the dildo and then moving down to my slippery wet pussy that was waiting for more attention. Hugo pushed himself up and balanced himself between my legs as I looked up at him expectantly. His cock was so hard that I could see it throbbing from where I was lying and I wanted nothing more than to feel him slowly thrust into me. With a practiced hand, Hugo slid his cock up and down my wet slit, making me moan with pleasure.

The dildo stood seductively erect and I couldn’t stop imagining how I was going to use it on my horny guy; just like when he thrust deep inside me without warning and I cried out. I bent one leg up and over his shoulder as he began to fuck me in earnest, stretching my pussy and forcing me once again to take the full length of him inside me. He leaned forward to kiss me and I sucked his lower lip with my mouth because I didn’t want to let him go. His thrusts became more insistent and he reached over my head to grab the couch as he pushed me hard into the soft leather. I was overwhelmed with sensations, his cock felt like it was going to split me open as he rammed into me. Just as I thought Hugo was about to cum, he slowed down and lowered his weight off of me.

He gave a sudden, deep thrust with all his weight behind it, and as he pushed down, he pressed the hard surface of the dildo between us; I stroked it in anticipation as Hugo thrust rhythmically into me. I stretched my arms over my head, hanging onto the arm of the couch in a desperate attempt to anchor myself as I lost control completely. I clenched against him, clenching my pussy as hard as I could and clinging to his body as I came hard again.

My horny fluid dripped down between my buttocks, making me want him all over me. As the waves subsided and I became aware of the space around me, he slowed down and I moaned softly. And I hadn’t even completed my own little plan. Hugo licked and sucked my nipples and then came over to kiss me. His tongue caressed my mouth. He stroked the dildo as we kissed and I wanted to give him what he needed. I put some lube on the tip and watched Hugo’s reaction. He couldn’t take his eyes off it and followed every move I made as I ran the lube from the base to the tip and back down again. He reached out and began to stroke it as if he was playing with his own cock. I guided his hand around and over it. Hugo took it in his mouth and began to suck me off. At least as far as thinking about me while sucking; we had fantasized so many times together about a big Latin cock. He sucked like his life depended on it and took the hard rod deep, very deep into his little mouth.

As he let the rod out of his mouth I heard him whisper “fuck what I need this” followed by more lube on my dildo which let me know he was ready. I guided him to his knees and gently pushed him forward so that he was leaning over the arm of the couch. I couldn’t help myself and gave him a sharp smack on his ass and instead of moaning, he audibly gasped.

Yes, he was ready. I sat down between his legs and dribbled some lube onto his tight little hole, which twitched and squirmed as I ran the tip of my finger over it. I saw his body convulse as the tip of the dildo pressed against his opening, and I put a reassuring hand on his back. “I’m going to give you what you need and want,” I said softly, “look what I’m going to give you, I’m going to make you enjoy yourself. Hugo looked again and smiled, pushing his ass back slightly and moaning softly. He relaxed and I slowly pressed against him, opening him a little more each time. He nodded and moaned as I slid deeper into him.

“I can see why you want this,” I thought as I pushed the last few inches in without warning, making him moan loudly. I held still, pressed tightly against his body as he got used to the penetration of the “cock” and moaned with pleasure. Slowly I began to rock against him, pulling back for a moment and then sliding back in, keeping the momentum going.

“Okay?” I asked him, breaking the silence. He couldn’t find the words and nodded silently as he pressed against me. I began to thrust harder, looking down at where my slick rod was sliding in and out of his willing asshole. I pulled out all the way, watching him close, then pushed back deep inside him, watching him stretch to take me in. I slid out again, pulling Hugo onto his back and positioning myself between his legs. I had enjoyed his pole so much that I wanted to see it as I fucked him.

He held his legs wide open and looked at me expectantly as I slowly slid back inside him. His cock was now pulsing again and I suddenly had a huge urge to fuck him so hard that he would come while I watched. Leaning back slightly so I could see myself sliding in and out of him, I reached out with one hand to grab his cock. With my weight on my other arm, I began to fuck him in earnest, stroking his cock to the rhythm of my thrusts. Oh yes, I thought, you like this, don’t you? You like to be fucked as much as I do. You love being fucked in the ass and being stretched with my hard cock while I pull your cock until you don’t know where to look for it anymore.

Hugo moaned as if he could hear me, as if he knew what I was thinking as I thrust into him and made him feel how I felt when he fucked me. How it felt to be stretched inside, to be forced to take more, to feel more, to be completely filled and all you can think about is that cock, that hard horny rod deep inside you and how it makes you feel, how you need it deeper, harder, moreā€¦ I pumped him hard now, my own excitement causing me to almost lose control as I fucked his ass deep and watched his face tighten with the pure, animal pleasure of being well and truly taken.

I felt him clench and pushed myself deep into him, pressing firmly against his flesh as he moaned, groaned and screamed. He spurted without warning, squirting his horny seed as his ass tightened around me. I sank down on top of him and kissed him gently as he pulled on his wet pole one last time. He continued to moan as I gently slid out of him, and so we lay for a few more delicious, sticky moments. “How much I needed this and how nice that we have such a balanced relationship,” Hugo still whispered.

“I understand you so well, darling.”