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Her bum was also fantastic. It was small and extremely firm for her mid-40s. I met her on the internet. Luckily, she didn’t live too far from me. So it was easy to arrange a date with her. We met in a nice café on a beautiful summer day. She was wearing a top with thin straps and no bra. Even though I didn’t want to, I found myself looking at her tits almost the whole time. She noticed, of course. She liked it. After talking for hours we went back to my place. She was really hot and really needed it.

I was standing there with a boner!

She immediately fell around my neck and kissed me passionately. I didn’t know what hit me when she stroked my cock with her hand. She said she just wanted to see if everything was all right. My cock had never grown so big and hard so quickly. I kissed her harder and harder. My hands didn’t stay still either. I kneaded her little tits and massaged her stiff nipples. That alone made the mature puma horny. She wanted more. She wanted me. I wanted more, too. I wanted to take my cock out of my tight trousers. But she did it. She unbuttoned my trousers, spoke in a horny and persuasive voice, and quickly pulled them down. She took the panties with her. I was standing in front of her with a huge boner.

She gently massaged my balls with one hand and pulled me down with the other. She told me she wanted me to come. Because she had a lot planned for me today and didn’t want it to happen so soon on our first time. Slowly she got down on her knees and took my spanking deep into her mouth. Man, this woman could suck. I finally knew why I like older women. You don’t need to teach them anything. They can do anything and have almost no inhibitions. She took my cock all the way into her mouth and sucked hard. I soon came. I moaned harder and harder. When I came she swallowed it all. She said you can’t just give away such a good drop.

Now she wanted her pleasure too. I undressed her and laid her on the bed. Her pussy was shaved the way I like it, a delicious pussy smell rose to my nose. Not completely naked, but not completely hairy either. She had a cute little punk in her knickers. That was really hot. I licked her all over. I gently bit her nipples and pulled on them a bit. When I finally reached her pussy, it was already really wet. I sucked and licked her clit. The mature bitch went like a rocket on my bed. And damn, how delicious she smelled. A sweet, heavy scent reached my nose. My cock was hard and couldn’t wait to thrust into her pussy.

My cock was right between her legs.

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