You can undress down to your underwear,’ the doctor says as she types the last notes about my vaccinations. I do as she asks, and a moment later I am reluctantly standing in front of her in my boxers. She has me do a whole series of stretches: squats, bending forward, to the right with one arm over my head, to the left, touching the floor with stretched legs….

That all looks good,” she says. Let me put you on the examination table for a moment. I crawl onto the iron thing and lie flat on my back. She takes the stethoscope and listens to my heart and lungs, then gently feels my groin. Just blow on your fist… That’s where my imagination takes over with the handsome doctor, but apparently there’s nothing wrong because I’m allowed to get up and get dressed.

When I sit back down, she tells me that everything is fine, but that I am over the limit for blood in my urine. I need to have this checked by a urologist at my next appointment, which is in two years. What follows is a medical merry-go-round starring Dr. Wartsen, a stern-looking woman in her 50s. She has short blond hair with some gray in it. Her long white coat always hangs open, but unfortunately there is little to see. Although she seems to have nice, round breasts, she never wears anything with a cutout neckline, let alone cleavage. After two more urine samples and a CT scan with contrast, I am now in her small, snow-white office for the fourth time.

She is sitting at a large desk in front of a wall lined with cabinets, a desk, and a sink. To the left is an examination table in front of a glass wall overlooking a small, unobtrusive garden. She scrolls through the results and actually seems to see an interesting problem. You have a small cyst on your right kidney,” she says, “but it’s no big deal. Other than that, you seem pretty normal. I smile and thank her for the compliment. Well,’ she muses, ‘we’re going to have to look a little further anyway before I can refer you.

“OK. What do I know? You have no other urinary problems? I say no. You don’t have to go to the bathroom every hour? Can you empty your bladder well? You don’t have to get up at night to pee? I answer again and again that I don’t. You have no sexual problems?’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Erectile dysfunction? Can you get a hard-on whenever you want?” “Ummm…” I stammer, “No complaints, no. ‘You can orgasm whenever you want?’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘Do you have a partner?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘When you have intercourse with your partner, do you orgasm easily? Gee, this is getting very personal.

‘Um… yes.’ ‘You don’t have trouble coming? Or you don’t come too soon?” “I don’t think so, no. ‘Do you also have anal sex? On myself,’ she clarifies. I blush, but don’t dare answer. Hmmm,’ she says. I suggest you have an ultrasound of your prostate first. If that comes back negative, I will have to take a look inside your bladder. Is that okay with you? I am completely overwhelmed. Um… yes, doctor. If you think it’s necessary. I would do it anyway, yes. She waves towards the examination table.

‘You may undress. I stand up and do as she asks. Completely,’ she clarifies when she sees that I am not taking off my boxers. I hesitate. Mr. Berg,’ I assure her, ‘I’ve seen more dicks than you – off! It’s not often that I get a young man for a consultation. Compared to the oldies who usually sit in front of me, this athletically built man is a breath of fresh air.

His prudishness is endearing. I know I’m going to like this. And I also know that I’m going to let this go on longer than is strictly necessary, and also not strictly according to the rules of the art. You may stand in front of the table and place your upper body on the table. He looks confused. I only know ultrasounds of pregnant women, and they definitely lie on their backs (and not naked!). “What do you mean?” she stands up and turns me by the shoulders towards the table. I look out into the garden and feel incredibly naked. She puts one hand on my left hip and pushes me forward with the other. “Like this. She goes over to the cupboard and takes out two black latex gloves, which she puts on. You may spread your legs a few feet apart and pull your buttocks apart. I have to what?

She comes over and pushes my legs apart with her feet. Take hold of your buttocks and pull them apart,’ she says sternly. As my cock dangles against the cold steel of the table, I see her squirt some gel on her hands and rub it between her fingers. I’m going to touch the prostate first,’ she announces.

What does that mean? Then I feel her slippery hand between my buttocks. Just as I realize what “touching” means, her finger slips into my ass. I can’t stop myself from moaning. Hmmm, your sphincter is very tight,’ she says. “Relax. On command? I feel her gently squeeze my sphincter: her index finger from the inside, her thumb from the outside. She repeats this all the way around, and slowly I feel myself actually relaxing.

I’m going to insert a second finger,’ she says, and suddenly I’m being stretched further anally. Then I feel how she begins to explore me. Along the inside she touches my prostate and feels it extensively. My cock hangs limply, but I feel as if I could come at any moment.

The doctor: What a wonderfully submissive man he is. I have long felt that his prostate is fine, but his unconscious moaning makes me much too horny. Gently I start to fuck him with my fingers and his moans get louder.
My thong is soaking wet from my horniness. Reluctantly I pull my fingers out of his ass and take off my gloves. He lets out a delicious sigh of relief and straightens up. Just a little longer,’ I instruct him as I pull the ultrasound cart closer. I put on new gloves and lubricate the probe. “Buttocks apart! He obeys and without much fuss I perform the internal ultrasound. Everything looks fine. Your prostate looks fine.

As she pulls the ultrasound head out of my starlet, she tells me to stay put. This isn’t really my area of expertise,” she says, “but a colleague asked me to give people with tight sphincters a dilator kit. From a drawer she pulls out a small box with five glass butt plugs in ascending order. She takes the second smallest and without hesitation presses it against my starlet. It fits like a glove. Breathe in and out deeply,’ she says as she increases the pressure. I feel myself opening and then she pulls back.

With repeated motions, she pushes the plug in and pulls it out until suddenly … plop. The glass thing slides into my ass and I can’t help but moan. His moan echoes in my crotch. Oh, how horny I am. I feel a terrible desire to come, but I can’t yet. I make him straighten up and place the rest of the set with his equipment with instructions to practice daily until the fourth measure goes in smoothly. The fifth is for overachievers,’ I smile at him, wishing I had a nice plug in myself. One with some electrical stimulation, if possible. I attach the leg rests to the examination table and instruct him to lie on them. He does, and I enjoy the view of his stuffed ass.

If only I had my strap-on… His cock lies lazily on his belly. I grab it and examine it carefully from all sides. He has a nice, soft cock. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, but even though my face is less than 10 centimeters away from it, it remains disappointingly limp. I feel like taking it in my mouth, but decide that I should at least finish the examination first. I desperately try not to get hard while she examines me. I try to ignore the fact that I am lying open and exposed in front of her with a butt plug in me. She helps me a lot by getting so close to me.

It’s really fucking horny to be treated like that. Then she finally stands up. The last thing we’re going to do is look at the bladder from the inside. You shouldn’t be afraid of that: it’s done under local anesthesia. Okay?” “Yes, Doctor. OK,” she says as she puts her hand over my cock and begins to gently circle it. It’s a little counterintuitive, but in order to apply the anesthetic gel, you actually need to be hard. So think about your wife or your favorite porn for a moment…’ I’m a little nervous, and despite her massage, it suddenly proves difficult to get hard. I think back to just now, her head so close to my cock.

In my fantasy she presses her lips to my cock. She opens her mouth and starts to suck me softly. I quickly get stiff, “Good,” she says. You weren’t fantasizing about me, were you? I blush and she laughs. ‘It’s no big deal. Her hand makes a gentle jerking motion to keep me stiff, and before I know it she’s shoving a syringe (without a needle) into my pee hole. She pushes the plunger down and I feel my urethra being completely filled with the numbing gel. She pulls the syringe back out and pinches my pee hole shut with her thumb and forefinger. The erection disappears like snow and after a few seconds she releases my glans. Some of the gel runs out of my dick onto my stomach and makes quite a mess.

A cystoscopy is a pretty invasive procedure, but this guy brings out the worst in me. I grab his soft cock and push the cystoscope in. Despite the numbing gel, I see his face wince in pain as the pencil-thick tube slides in. I’m about to reach the prostate,’ she says as I slowly go deeper. When I say so, you can try to pee – now! How you can pee with something like that in your dick is beyond me, but I do as she says. Good,’ she says. I’m past the prostate. Now just relax. I look up at the ceiling and try to breathe deeply, trying not to look at my dick. Oooh fuck… ‘Everything seems fine at first glance,’ she says. I’m going to inject some fluid so you’re going to feel like you need to pee, but try to hold it in. She pulls the cystoscope all the way back and tells me to hold up my pee.

Stay down for a while. She cleaned everything up and told me to get on my knees on the exam table. She handed me a measuring cup. Spread your knees a little and pee all the way. It was not easy with the plug up my ass, but under her watchful eye I filled the beaker. She looked at the contents and seemed pleased with what she saw.

Now you can make yourself come,’ she said as she sat down in her chair and looked at me specifically. ‘Huh?’ ‘It’s important that we check that your prostate is still working properly after the procedure,’ I explained, ‘so if you can get a hard-on, you can satisfy yourself. He begins to clumsily pull on his flaccid cock, but it’s clear there’s no life in it. ‘Can I do that at home? No way. I want to watch, to lust after him as he squirts.

‘It’s important that you come now, Mr. Berg, while you’re still under medical supervision. ‘I can’t.’ He looks embarrassed. I stand up and walk over to him. ‘Bend over. I push his chest against the table so his ass is stuck up in the air. I slowly pull the plug out of his anus and apply fresh lubricant. My two fingers now slide smoothly in and I find his pleasure spot without a problem. My left hand reaches between his legs to grab his cock and begins to slowly pull it out while my right-hand massages his prostate. It doesn’t take long for him to get rock hard. ‘Ooooh, doctor,’ he moans desperately.

I’m about to come. I can feel him trying to hold himself back. Delicious. I continue to stimulate him mercilessly. Doctor, please…’ ‘Just cum,’ I instruct him as I begin to jerk him even harder. Please cum. He moans. Doctor! Doctor! I … I … aaaaaaah.’ I feel his ass tighten around my fingers as strands of cum shoot from his cock and drip onto the examination table. I continue for a while, milking every drop of semen from his young body as he holds onto the edge of the table, panting. You can get dressed,’ I say. His knees buckling, he gets off the table and slowly gets dressed.

Good, I’ll see you in two weeks, Mr. Berg. This will be in my private practice. Make sure you have practiced enough by then.