A submitted Cage of chastity story. In the picture Mistress Alice

Two weeks ago I cheated on an old girlfriend with whom I still sometimes meet up to catch up. It was always pleasant in the past and a certain sexual tension was felt between us, but since I was not dissatisfied with my sex life with my wife until recently, I never did anything about it. But in the last few months the dissatisfaction with the boring sex with my wife (low frequency, little initiative from her, little experimentation) took on such proportions that during the last meeting with my girlfriend I succumbed to her.

The sex was wonderful, but man, how guilty I felt. I love my wife very much, and lust won over reason that night. I walked around lost and didn’t know what to do. I let the girlfriend know that I had enjoyed it but regretted it and that we shouldn’t see each other for the time being.

After a week, I decided with pain in my heart that I had to confess my slip to my wife, so I took her aside after dinner and made my confession as gently as possible. She remained silent for a long time, and I prepared myself for the worst. She said she wanted some time alone to think, and she went upstairs. I sat on the couch completely depressed and hesitated each time whether to go upstairs to talk, but I knew her well enough to know that she meant it when she said she needed to be alone with her thoughts for a while. After half an hour, my phone vibrated. She had sent me an app telling me to come upstairs. When I reluctantly entered the bedroom, she was sitting on the bed. She didn’t look like she had been crying, nor could I tell that her face was angry. Rather, she seemed more serene, and she also had a very cool and calm voice as she began to address me.

She said, “Marc, you are an asshole!

A loser first class who has never been able to satisfy me. And if the sex becomes less because you’re not man enough to give me pleasure with your little dick, then you can go and bother some other woman about it.” I remained silent. My little prick didn’t move.

From now on, I decide what happens here.

She continued: “From now on, I decide what happens here. I just ordered a chastity cage for you on my phone. It will come around your cock, and it will be my property from that moment on. If you want to be in control of your own ejaculation one more time, I would do it quickly today. Pull that little prick off as often as you can, because from now on I’ll decide what you get when. And sticking your sorry little worm in another woman is not part of that. In fact, you’ll have to be very good for weeks on end if you ever want to be allowed to stick it in my own delicious pussy again, understand?”

My Cage of chastity.

I felt humiliated and excited at the same time, and when she told me to go downstairs, I did so obediently. I left my “pathetic little pecker” alone that night. I slept on the couch that night because my wife said she didn’t want me next to her until I was locked in my little cage.

The very next day, the attribute was brought by the mailman in an unidentifiable gray cardboard box. My wife unwrapped it and wasted no time. She instructed me to pull down my pants while she closed the curtains so no one could see what she was up to with me. I had to lie down on the couch with my hands under my back and stay there as still as I could. She grabbed the chastity cage and rubbed it over my belly, so I could feel the cold plastic on my skin properly. Then she grabbed my flaccid cock and started massaging it.

“For the next while, you will only be on your cock to wash it. This is what happens. I’ll undo the cage and stand with you in the bathroom while you clean it at the sink. Jerking movements are absolutely forbidden during this process and you will get a maximum of fifteen seconds. When you want to shower is up to you, but that always goes with the cage just on. Do you understand that?”

I nodded.

“Good,” she said. “Your arousal will be curbed by me from now on. You will cum when I approve and not before. If you threaten to cum when I am on you then you must say so soon enough.” She began stroking my flaccid cock, and it soon began to stiffen. “Secretly cumming without saying anything is consistently on.” I didn’t dare ask what those were.

My cock was stiff and she began to pull it off

My cock was stiff, and she began to pull it off. I felt an inexplicable excitement that I hadn’t felt many times before. She was pulling me off faster and faster, and I could feel the first signs of my orgasm setting in. “Stop” I said quickly, but she just continued. “Please, stop” I repeated but she still continued. “Oh god” I thought, “she insists on making me cum”. She continued jerking like a metronome, and panic took hold of me.

“I’ll give you a hint” she said slowly. “I don’t take orders from a pathetic person. You will have to ask very politely”. Quickly I formulated a sentence in my head and begged her “Please, would you stop because otherwise I will cum”. She did not stop and after a few moments said “Make it YOU and I will think about it. “Please…” I mumbled, but it was already too late. I spurted all over her hand. Immediately, she released my cock and pushed my shoulders down, so I couldn’t release my hand.

My cock jerked and spurted jet after jet, but the fine feeling was already gone. The orgasm was only mechanical, stripped of all pleasure. Sighing and supporting, I looked at my wife, who smiled at my cock, which was slowly coming back to rest.

Only when she was sure that I would no longer derive any pleasure from it did she take my cock in her hand and began to pull on it vigorously. “This is what happens when you come too soon” she said. It felt like torture. “Keep your hands behind your back” she said when she saw that I was starting to squirm to escape her. I did as she said but it took an awful lot of effort. It felt like torture, so much intense touching to my just-awakened cock. “Thank God” I thought as I finally felt it slacken. She had so little left to jerk at so she would stop.

I was wrong about that because now she started tickling me with a finger under the edge of my cock. That was just downright painful and I showed it. Only then did she seem satisfied, I had been punished enough in her eyes. She instructed me to come with her to the kitchen where, under her watchful eye, I cleaned my flaccid dick within fifteen seconds. She was already waiting with the chastity cage and within a few minutes my cock was locked in it. Then I had to put my clothes back on, and I had to finish eating her on my knees in the kitchen, which I did obediently.

I had never felt so humiliated and at the same time so incredibly horny. What would be in store for us? And would I be able to hold out and meet her demands?

A few weeks ago I told you about the chastity cage I have been wearing for a while now at the behest of my wife. I am still wearing it and it is hard on me, and yet it gives me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction precisely because of that. I have been allowed to take it off after my last ejaculation for two weeks now only to wash myself briefly while my wife watched. Yesterday morning, however, she promised me that he would be allowed to take it off a little longer that evening, and of course I was looking forward to that all day. I was hoping for sex or at least an orgasm again.

After I had cooked dinner, washed the dishes and cleaned up, it was already half past seven. When I came into the living room, I saw that my wife had changed her clothes. And how! She had put on a shiny black corset, black stockings and her finest leather boots. She had on the necklace that I had had to buy for her last week. She instructed me to go with her to the garage. Apparently now I would finally know why I had had to spend all of last weekend there doing chores for her. I had carpentered a wooden box and varnished it, and she had told me exactly where in the ceiling to put hooks and what to hang on them from metal rods and chains. I could imagine what you could do with it, but I had no idea who it was for and didn’t dare ask.

It was cold in the garage, but I immediately had to take off my clothes and lie down on the box. She tied my hands with rope to one of the hooks on the crate. Then my wife grabbed the key to the little Cage of chastity and freed my cock from it. I heaved a sigh of relief, which my wife interpreted as excitement. So she came and stood next to me and whispered in my ear, “This is for me tonight and not for you. Or had you hoped for that sometimes?

Because you’re really not going to cum today, you know.” No doubt she saw the disappointment on my face because she walked over to the other side of the box, smiling. There she squatted on my dick with her bare pussy and rubbed it on my cock which made my penis jump up immediately with pleasure.

“Remember huh, when you cum I’ll do something to you!”

Did she say…. And I resolved to try as hard as I could not cum tonight. She continued to rub her wet pussy over my half hard cock, and I felt the warmth of her lower body against mine. Two weeks of abstinence soon made my cock tingle and when she noticed I was getting too stiff she immediately stopped and waited for me to calm down again. I lay, praying and hoping she would take it in her delicious pussy, but didn’t dare ask. She only grabbed my cock to rub her clit and challenge me to cum anyway. Thank God I managed to hold back.

“I want you to lick me ready now” she said, and she knelt on my face. She smelled wonderful with her pussy on my nose, and I obediently licked her labia and clit. Why had I ever cheated on this heavenly woman, I thought. But did I have to regret it if it had awakened this sexual power? “Are you staying on top of things?” she asked and pulled me back into the present. I did my best, and since my wife always ejaculated very easily, I also managed to make her cum shockingly on my face within a few minutes.

“So, that was nice” she said with a big smile on her face. “We should do that more often!” She stood up. “And now I’m going to torture you some more with my hands” she continued and grabbed my cock to pull hard on it. She grabbed my balls in one hand and pulled so hard on my cock with her other hand that it hurt viciously. I moaned loudly to which she asked me if I liked it sometimes. “Yes I like it” I said and bit my lips. I remained stiff, despite the pain and humiliation, so she continued to jerk on my cock for quite a while without me liking it for a second.

“You kept that up very bravely” she said when she finally let go of my cock.

I looked at my sex, which looked bright red now and was rapidly decreasing in size. “Time to get back in your cage honey” she said and put my chastity cage back on. She also immediately turned it to lock. “Since you’ve been so sweet and haven’t given a hoot I’ll spoil you with my tongue for a while” she continued, and she started teasing through the ironwork with her tongue. She knew exactly where to find the most sensitive part of my penis, which made me hard again very quickly. My cock tried to force the plastic of the cage but failed. It felt uncomfortable but did not hurt.

Just when she started to realize that I was enjoying it despite the plight of my penis she cut it off. “That was your pleasure for this week” she said. If you’re that good for a while longer you might get some more, but for now this is it, understand?” I nodded and couldn’t wait.