Thai Eva became a mother at 19, unplanned. Her Dutch boyfriend at the time wanted her to have an abortion, but she couldn’t get it through her head. Her boyfriend left her and today, while they were happily on vacation, exactly 18 years ago, her son Thomas was born. By now he was almost a head taller than her, which was not difficult with her 1.60m. She had raised him alone, which had not been too bad, except for a short period.

He had become very sweet and docile over the last year, perhaps too docile for her liking. He stayed with her too much. For his birthday, he was allowed to choose a weekend at a theme park for two. Thomas was still in his bed; last night he had taken a pair of his mother’s used panties out of the laundry basket and masturbated while smelling them.

At school it turned out that he had the youngest mother, and his friends’ comments about her were relentless. He had a thick morning cock, grabbed his mother’s panties from under his pillow and sniffed them deeply. He almost came from the sweet smell alone, quickly grabbed his panties and put them on his belly. He pulled less than 10 times or was already panting, picked everything up and ran quickly to the bathroom. He caught the last drop of cum in the crotch of her panties and spread it on her horny dried juices. He had begun to look at his mother differently after his friends’ comments.

She was only 37, beautiful, slim, completely tanned body, beautiful small firm breasts, narrow waist, a pair of well muscled legs with two large firm round buttocks above them. He had gotten a good look at her last year when they had spent a week together at a naturist campground, and most people thought they were a couple. Eva heard the shower running and quickly grabbed her laptop, started it up and put up the right website. She quickly set the table and was pouring coffee when Thomas opened the door. She started singing “Long may he live…” and walked over to him, put her arms around his neck, kissed him and congratulated him. She felt his arms go around her and hold her close. His hands slid down her back and he thanked her.

She asked, “What do you want first, breakfast or your gift…”. Thomas enjoyed the hug and pressed her warm body harder against him. He would have preferred to knead her firm buttocks with his hands, but fortunately he could control himself. He was quite hungry, but also curious about what he would get, and chose the gift. Eva took his hand and led him to the laptop and said, “You can choose a long weekend for two on this site…, maybe one of your friends would like to come along”. Thomas was excited, thanked her and would like to go already next Friday.

The only thing was that his friends had already left, but they did not say anything about it. He found a small one-room bungalow in a park in the dunes and booked it. His mother paid and they went to the dining room table together. “Who will be the lucky one, who will you ask to come with you?” asks Eva curiously as they begin to eat. “I don’t know yet, Mom, my best friends are still on vacation…” he says thoughtfully. Thomas then pretended to call some of his other friends. After breakfast, he said with a little smile, “Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to go alone…or if you want to come with me…”. Eva had really wished him a nice weekend with a friend, but she also felt a bit pampered.

After all, he had gone with her to the nudist camp last year without sulking. She had seen that he was already becoming a real man, a little chest hair, his pubic hair shaved just like hers, and a big dick between his legs. She asked, “Do you really not mind going with your mother? Thomas didn’t have to think for a moment and quickly replied “no way, it would be fun and you’re out and about…”, “there’s everything there, a sauna, solarium, indoor and outdoor pool…”. He could see it all, being in bed with her. He was just a little afraid that she would notice his hard-on. Eva immediately said, “Then we’ll pack tomorrow and have a nice weekend” and “It’s nice of you to let me come with you…”. She grabbed him happily around the neck, he immediately put his arms around her again. When she went to kiss him on the cheek, he turned his head and her mouth met his. For a moment she thought she could feel his tongue caressing her lips, his warm breath from his nose caressing her cheeks. She didn’t want to, but she opened her mouth a little and her tongue touched his lips. She felt the tip of his tongue and before she knew it, she was sharing an intimate tongue kiss with her son. Thomas did not know what came over him; he was about to give her a kiss on the cheek when suddenly her mouth was on his.

He automatically licked her lips for a moment, but quickly pulled his tongue back. His youthful dick immediately popped up in his pants. When he felt her tongue over his lips, he opened his mouth slightly and their tongues found each other. His hands caressed her back, and when he felt her hands on his buttocks, he dared to go further. He cupped one buttock first, she moaned in approval, then the other, pressing her lower body against his. Eva’s brain told her that what she was doing was so wrong, but the feeling in her heart and especially in her pussy was stronger. It had been years since she had felt a real cock inside her. Her hand gently squeezed his swelling member through his pants. “” he moaned loudly.

She paused for a moment, grabbed his head with both hands, looked him straight in the eyes and said “never tell anyone about this Thomas…”. Thomas looked into his mother’s eyes and replied, “Definitely not mom, I will never do that to you…”. He also grabs her head and starts kissing her, asking her if she is in the mood for the weekend, to which she replies in a hoarse voice, “yes definitely and now all the way…” with a wink. He feels her hand stroke his now rock hard cock again. Brutally, he places his hand on the crotch of her panties and rubs it gently, occasionally pressing her crotch between her swollen lips.

The panties are soaked after a few minutes. He hears his mother breathing heavily and panting. Eva becomes like wax in his hands as his fingers do their work between her legs. She already feels an orgasm approaching and comes moaning. When she feels his hands go over her belly to her tits, she gasps, something she never thought possible, to her own son “come with me to my room…”. Thomas didn’t know what hit him, he had only dreamed of this. He had touched her pussy, she had touched his hard-on, and now she was asking him to come with her. He knew for sure: this would be his best birthday present ever. In her bedroom, she closed the curtains and started to undress. Thomas said in a hoarse voice, “May I undress you, Mom?” She walked up to him and nodded like a shy adolescent.

First he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, then he unbuttoned her bra with his fingers and she pulled her arms out. He saw the stiff nipples on her small, round breasts. He bent down and licked both nipples, hearing her moan and press her tits harder against his mouth. At the same time he grabbed the elastic on her skirt and pulled it down. She was now wearing only her panties and he sank down on his knees, his tongue tracing a wet trail from her breast to her navel. Eva was panting heavily and trembling on her legs as his mouth touched her nipples. She found out that she had missed a lot in the last few years, her body was on fire.

Now that his tongue was licking her navel, she was sure there was no going back. Two forefingers entered her panties and slowly pulled them down. Thomas looked up after admiring her pussy up close for a moment and said, “Mom, you are the most beautiful woman in the world…”. She really knew she was not the ugliest, but his kind words did her good. She also wanted to see him naked and asked him to stand up. She quickly took off his shirt, followed by his pants, which he quickly took off.

Thomas was super horny, her pussy was even more beautiful than in his fantasies, his cock was trapped in his pants when she asked him to stand. With only his boxer on, his cock remained behind the elastic, he heard her moan approvingly as she dropped to her knees and pulled his boxer off. His cock slapped against her cheek, she took it in her hand, pulled his foreskin over his glans and sighed hornily, “well that one has grown a lot in a year little man..much bigger and thicker than your father’s”. He looked at her proudly, she kissed his purple bud and then gasped as she took his glans into her mouth. He began to make quick short fucking movements in her mouth and felt his orgasm approaching.

No matter what he told her. Eva was butter horny and felt his cock swell slightly and thrust more and more uncontrollably into her mouth. Suddenly a thick stream of his semen splashed into her mouth, “hmmm how good that tasted and how she had missed it…” she thought. Greedily she swallowed it all and looked up horny as she slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked the last drop from his piss hole. Smiling, she stood up and said as she lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide, “Now it’s mommy’s turn, little guy…”. Thomas had never come as hard as he had just done. His horny mother had licked and swallowed every drop of his cum and now it was his turn, she said. He had put up with her dirty panties for over a year and now he could live out his fantasy.

He could lick her, finger her, and maybe fuck her. He crawled between her legs, spread her lips glistening with her juices, sniffed the sweet scent he had smelled so many times deep in his lungs and began to lick her lips. Eva pressed her pussy over his tongue and let out a squeal as his tongue began to thrust like a small thick cock, alternating with long strokes of his tongue over her pussy and clit. She lifted her ass slightly so that his tongue also passed over her starlet, a shiver went through her whole body and she came howling “Pooh…mama…coming….”. Eagerly licking up her nectar, Thomas sat down next to her. Still in the middle of her orgasm, she felt two fingers enter her spasming cave and search her sensitive spot. Thomas is on his knees next to his mother as he moves his ring and middle fingers curved into her pussy.

He feels a rough spot and begins to rub it as her pussy continues to spasm around his fingers. Thomas looks at his mother’s face, her eyes closed, she gasps and moans softly “ooh go on, hmm nice”. He pulls his hand up slightly now, his curved fingers going firmly over her g-spot, then he pushes his hand down, faster and faster. The room fills with soapy sounds, loud moans and the smell of her pussy. Eva had never been fingered like this before, rough yet tender, faster and faster his fingers pumped into her. She pulled her legs up, her body seemed to convulse. Everything went black before her eyes as she came screaming, one cum followed by another. Thomas watched his mother’s writhing peach, all contorted and screaming as she came. He had seen this many times on the internet but never done it in real life, but well, how horny it was. He licked up as much of her juices as he could when his mother, still panting heavily, asked “where did you learn to do that…I didn’t know I could do that…”. With a soaking wet face he lay down next to her and said firmly “from the internet…”. She licked his face clean as his mouth sought hers and they kissed for minutes.

After half an hour, Eva says, “Thomas, I wanted to fuck you, but let’s save it for the weekend…”. Thomas looks at her, thinks “I’ve already gotten more than I ever dreamed of” and says “that’s good mom…”. When they get up to freshen up and get dressed, they go into the bathroom together, and as Eva throws her panties in the hamper and gets into the shower, Thomas quickly grabs the soaking wet panties and puts them in his pocket. Showering together doesn’t seem like such a good idea because he’s afraid he can’t hold back and goes to his room. He puts the panties under his mattress after smelling them for a while. Eva is drying herself when the door opens again.

Agian his cock in mom’s pussy.

Thomas enters again and undresses without shame, when he is naked she presses her small body close to him and kisses him passionately on the mouth. She feels his cock stiff again and is a little sorry that she delayed fucking. Her pussy craves his nice big cock but otherwise he behaves nicely a few squeezes of her buttocks a lick over her stiff nipples and he turns and goes into the shower. She puts her skirt and blouse back on and takes off her underwear to turn him on. Thomas also comes downstairs, grabs his mother, growls and says happily “thank you mom…”, “this is my best birthday ever…”. His mother smiles and replies, “Darling, apart from your birth, this is my best day too…I love you very much…”.

Thomas’ heart leaps when he hears his mother’s words. He loves her too, but in a different way than a son should love his mother. He feels a tear roll down his cheek as he says, “I love you too, Mom…”. The rest of the day flies by and Thomas soon notices that his mother is not wearing panties. During a conversation, she sat across from him with her legs just far enough apart to give him a glimpse of the pussy he was born with. He couldn’t wait for Friday to slip his cock between her legs. Eva was thrilled to challenge her son in this way, her juices dripping down her skirt. She had heard during their frank conversation that he had been jacking off on her panties for more than a year, and she had told him that she occasionally helped herself with a dildo or vibrator. Both lay tossing and turning in their own beds at night, unable to sleep.

Thomas sniffed and licked at her panties, letting the images of the day pass again as he chased his cock through his fist. After his orgasm he finally fell into a restless sleep. Eva grabbed her biggest dildo, licked the head wet and rammed it deep into her love tunnel, soaking wet she pumped the thing firmly into her with the thought of her son fucking her hard, moaning she came and also fell asleep. Thursday was a busy day, shopping, packing suitcases and the other things that needed to be done. The day flew by, after dinner Eva took a shower, before taking off her panties she quickly pushed her crotch as deep as possible into her sticky cave. She pulled them off and saw that they were all sticky and wet.

With a smile, she put them on the laundry basket, with the smeared crotch clearly visible, so he would see it right away. She shaved the stubble off her legs and pussy and put on a pair of short, loose pajama bottoms with a matching camisole. Thomas went upstairs when his mother came into the room. He grabbed a clean pair of boxers and went into the bathroom, immediately seeing the panties lying there. He picked them up and licked them for a moment, his dick immediately standing straight up. The door opened and he looked into the beautiful face of his mother who said in a horny voice, “Let’s see you jerk off on my panties…” and closed the door behind her. Thomas saw her leaning against the door, her legs slightly spread and her hand rubbing her clit and lips. He pushed the panties under his nose, took his cock in his hand and began to pull. When he feels he is about to cum, he pushes the crotch into his mouth and chews and sucks on it.

He sees his mother fingering herself and squirts a stream down her leg. Eva got a horrible itch between her legs as she watched her son repeatedly sniffing deep into her panties and chasing his hard-on through his fist, she pressed three fingers along her pant leg deep into her pussy and fingered herself as well. She could hardly wait until tomorrow when she would finally get him between her legs. She wiped his semen from her leg, licked it up, gave him a kiss and wished him good night. Thomas took a quick shower and dived into his bed as well. Two people fantasizing about tomorrow, both fell asleep….