A great sex story of a man getting horny from his neighbor smelling of sweat. In addition, she gets to unleash her golden stream into his mouth. Photo from Mistress Kate.

Heya, Susan, are you home?

I walked in the back door of my neighbor’s house. Susan is my next-door neighbor, with who I got along very well, and who I had a crush on for a while. Unfortunately, she’s married, so I try not to approach her too prominently since I don’t stand a chance anyway.

Susan! I yelled again. I’m here, it sounded from the hall.

Their house was detached and single floor and had a long hall westwards.
Her happy little head poked around the corner of the bathroom. Oh hey Johnny, is it you, and she stepped towards me. She had apparently been jogging because she was wearing a sexy top and leggings that showed wet spots on the familiar sweat spots.

I make a move to give her a hug, something that was a habit between us, but she flinched with a dirty face. No man, I’m dirty and sweaty, don’t hug me. I didn’t care, and pulled her closer by her wrist and gave her a big hug. I sniffed a mixture of her perfume and strong sweat odor. Oh, Susan, what an exciting smell you have, I said. Smell? I stink. I stink of dirty sweat.

Are you crazy girl, you smell very exciting right?

Are you crazy girl, you smell very exciting, right? That’s the difference between boys and girls. Girls think their own sweat is gross, but for boys, it’s a smell that turns us on. It’s our primal instinct.

So you get excited by the smell of my sweat? Does she ask, half-laughing? Let’s just say I find it a very pleasant smell. Gave us an explanation. She lifted her arm halfway up and ran her index and middle finger through her armpit and smelled it. Huh, I don’t like it, she said with a dirty face, and she presented her fingers towards me. I grabbed her wrist and pressed the two fingers against my nose and sniffed as deeply as I could.

Ohhh Susan, if you only knew… It made me horny, I felt movement in my gym shorts. Without further thought, I opened my lips and pressed her two fingers into my mouth, and tasted her slightly bitter salty sweat.

Damn perverted man. I’m sorry Susan, but you’re the one who’s playing the game, and if you challenge me like this, I’ll be able to lick all your sweat off your body. The entire body, you mean everywhere, no spot excepted? I don’t think so, I’m sure there are places you’d rather skip. Nope everywhere! I responded, everywhere, I would lick your delicious body if you let me.

Hi hi, she laughed, crazy guy. I actually think it’s cool that I turn you on like this. Yes, you have an easy talk I said, but you have a partner, so you can enjoy yourself when you are excited. I am dependent on handwork.

Well, mmm, she said that is not quite acute at the moment. Noel has a rather annoying problem at the moment, he is emotionally impotent. What did I say? Yes, she continued, he has been rather depressed lately and therefore unable to do ‘it’. Susan what a bummer, you don’t expect that from such a young couple like you (Susan is 27 by the way, and she has a son of 1½ years old) No it is annoying, but fortunately, it is not permanent, he is in therapy now and is making progress.

Come she said and took my hand. She led me into the bathroom and raised her right arm. She had a great bush of armpit hair which was stuck to the skin by sweat. Here all for you. I looked at her somewhat surprised and said, are you serious? But your husband then? No, it’s ok, we have agreements about this. I can ‘eat out’ as long as he has his problem, as long as it doesn’t become a love affair.

Well, I said, in that case…I moved closer to her and pressed my nose in her armpit. Oh wow Susan, how nice you are. Without controlling myself, I immediately stuck out my tongue and let the entire width of my tongue go through her sweaty armpit. Damn, how excited I became. Apparently, the whole thing was enough to get Susan excited too because her left arm went up and she let me do my thing in her other armpit. Her sweat was so incredibly deliciously dirty and horny, and I was getting really excited.

I now pulled the straps of her top down over her shoulders and uncovered her super slender upper body. No more than a small A cup, but oh so beautiful. Notable veins which also went right through the small nipples adorned the breasts. Oh Susan, how beautiful, I said. She grabbed the bottom of the top with crossed arms to pull it off over her head, again exposing her fragrant armpit hair.

Susan, what beautiful tits you have, and your nipples are incredibly arousing. I reached for her right nipple, pulling lightly on it. Eliciting a small moan. From the movement with which she tried to present her nipple more, I made out that she liked it and possibly wanted it harder, so I squeezed a little more firmly and pulled a little harder. She squeezed her eyes lightly and moaned some more. Do you like that I asked? Yes deliciously.

I find pain stimuli arousing. I noticed that my fingers were slightly damp, probably from sweat, so I licked it off. It tasted a bit sweet though. Tasty, she said. What is it, then? Body cream or something? He-he no, I normally breastfeed my boy at this time, but he’s in daycare now. It’s milk. Milk? Said I, your little man is already 18 months, are you still feeding him yourself? Yes, it’s healthy for him, and I enjoy it when my nipples are sucked hard, and frankly I enjoy it when he bites me too.

Then I want to taste your milk too.

He already has a lot of teeth, and sometimes he bites me really hard, which can hurt a lot, and I like that very much.
Mmm, a little masochist… Do you want me to bite you? I asked. Yes, nice, was her reaction. She had sat down on the edge of the bathtub, and I was now on my knees on the floor in front of her between her spread legs so that my lips were about the height of her tits. Then I want to taste your milk too, I said, and sucked her left nipple between my lips. First, a small amount of milk came out, but after some trying, I figured out how to massage the breast with my mouth and tongue to get the milk flowing.

A stream of sweet horniness poured into my mouth, and I never felt so horny before. I suddenly remembered my earlier agreement with her to bite her, took the nipple between my teeth and bit gently. From the moans, I could tell I was on the right track. I bit down harder. Her slender waist was now making snake-like movements, and from her throat now came lusty moaning sounds. Oh yes more! She begged, harder! I bit down hard, letting the nipple slip between my biting teeth so that the sharp edges of my teeth scraped the soft skin of her nipples. I now gave the right nipple a similar treatment while I took the left, already tortured, nipple between my right thumb and forefinger.

My teeth were taunting the nipple so hard that she let out a cry of pain for a moment, so I let the pressure ease a little. With my right hand I now pinched and pulled hard on the other nipple, turning it almost half a turn in the process as well.

With a face twisted by pain, she begged me to stop. You’re making me so horny, I’m about to cum. Don’t you want to? I asked. Yes I do, but not just, yet she said with a wink. Come on, she said. She took my hand, and we stood up after which she led me through the hallway to the adjacent room. This was clearly the bedroom.

There was a comfortable-looking four-poster bed. She sat down on the edge, and now I pulled my shirt over my head in the way she was sucking me up. I lowered myself to my knees again, and now grabbed her little foot off the floor, and uncovered the bow from the lace of her shoe. I unbuttoned the shoe and pulled it off her foot. I dropped the shoe and took her ankle in both hands. I pushed her foot against my nose and sniffed her pungent foot sweat scent.

Oh, what an excess of bliss. Her foot sweat smelled like flowers to me. Meanwhile, Susan was staring intently at my blissful expression. Delicious? She asked. Oh Susan, you smell so good, it makes me so horny. I pulled the sock off the foot and judged that this just bared body part of hers bordered on perfection. A beautifully tanned, slender little foot (size 37 I estimate) with perfectly straight, non-knuckle evenly tanned toes. Her big toe was also beautifully straight. I brought this delightful body part to my lips and carefully licked her toe tips with my tongue.

Go on you little pervert of mine cooed she. She seemed to enjoy this immensely, so I increased the pressure under her ankle, holding the foot up, and let the four smallest toes slide between my lips into my mouth. First I circled with my tongue around the four toes and then slipped my tongue between all of them.

Her delicious foot sweat tasted strong but horny. I let the toes slip out of my mouth and took the big toe into my mouth and began to make sucking motions.

Damm what a horny filthy delicious pervert you are boy I want you to rape me rock hard. She had her own nipples firmly between the thumb and forefingers of both her hands and she was pulling, pinching and twisting them violently. Clearly enjoying the foot lick turn and the pain she was inflicting on her own nipples.

I now continued by licking the entire sole of the foot from the heel to the toes. Oh Susan, you are such a blissful girl, and I want to taste all your body juices. After her other foot had received a similar treatment, I grabbed the edge of her Lycra pants, and pulled them down with a stroke over her slender ass, helped by the upward movement of her ass. She pulled her knees-up, so I could strip the pants off her legs in one stroke. Her fuck organ was also nicely hairy with a beautiful modest bush of hair.

I went close to it with my nose and sniffed the also here warm sweaty smell of her fuck grove.

Oh yes John please lick my cunt, please let your tongue lick my cunt ready. I beg you, lick me.

I let my tongue slither agonizingly slowly from the bottom of her pussy up to the clit. Susan had put her feet on my shoulders so I could reach her pussy more easily.

The pussy tasted so feminine and so delicious, also because of the fact that she had not yet showered after her run it tasted deliciously intense. I stripped myself of all my clothes so we were both in balance again.

I decided to go a step further again, and this time let the tip of my tongue go down from the bottom of the pussy, so that I reached her asshole. Oh you filthy pig, you pervert, you are licking my ass. By the snake-like movements she was making again, I could tell she was liking that too. I let my tongue run circles over her poop starlet. Don’t you think that’s disgusting? She asked. Susan, from such a heavenly creature as you, I would like to go much further, your ass tastes like honey.

Further? I don’t have any spots dirtier than my ass. I smiled at her and dove between her legs again with my head she put her feet on my shoulders again, and I took the bottom of her thighs just where the buttocks start in my hands. This way I could pull her buttocks apart a bit, so I could get to the asshole better… again I began to lick the delicious poop hole. Now I made my tongue hard by tensing the muscle in it and pushed the tip through her sphincter a little way into her asshole.

Jesus man you are in my ass, soon there will be poop there, that is really gross. Girl, I am so horny I would love to taste your shit, I said. I could feel from the movements of her hip that she was making an effort to push some poop to her anus. After some pressing, she did indeed manage to give me a small taste of what I had asked for.

I had my tongue tip circling her ass.

I had my tongue tip circling her ass around a piece of poop she had made available. It tasted like filthy gore horniness, and I almost had a spontaneous orgasm from her horny filthy shit surprise. Her pressing had also caused a little piss to run out of her piss hole which I also tastefully licked up and swallowed. Susan, I can also taste your piss, do you have more for me? I begged. I hope you are thirsty, Susan laughed. I put my mouth on her pussy over her piss hole and waited for the moment to come.

There the salty stream came loose, filling my mouth with brisk speed. Of course, I couldn’t let it run down the beautiful carpet of her bedroom, so I had to swallow it all.

I managed to swallow it all and when she peed out I got up and got on top of her, supporting myself on hands and knees. Do you lick your own pee? I asked. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my head to hers and letting our mouths connect. Our tongues wriggled around each other, surrounded by her piss and maybe a bit of poo too.

Damn, what a horny filthy delicious pervert you are, boy I want you to take me rock hard. Please hurt me and take me. I grabbed her wrists with my left hand and thrust her arms up above her head. With my ankles over her thighs, I clamped her legs, so she couldn’t move. With my right hand, I gave her a big slap on her left tit. Her face showed pain and pleasure. Yes John, hit them.

These titties have been very naughty, and they deserve a good spanking. I slapped them hard until both her titties were quite red. Both nipples were leaking milk, which flowed down on either side of her torso like a little white river. I could now work the top of her torso with my mouth. I bent to her armpit and took the armpit hair between my teeth, pulling hard.

Ahhh pain, that hurts, yes horny John makes me even hornier. I pulled a big tuft of the hair out of her armpit and spit it out. I did the same with the other armpit. I now rammed my now rock hard cock into her pussy with a hard thrust. It was so hard and thick that it succeeded without hand control. The outside of her cunt was still dry, so her pubic hair was pulled along by my hard cock which must have caused considerable pain. She screamed out when I penetrated her mercilessly hard.

I first sucked very hard on the left nipple.

Meanwhile, my mouth continued its way to her nipples. I first sucked very hard on the left nipple, and then bit into it so hard that for a moment I was afraid I would really injure her. She had closed her eyes, and her belly was rising and falling violently with her rapid breathing. Her neck and cheeks had a red blush of excitement, and I saw her breathing become even faster, an announcement that the explosive orgasm would not be long in coming. I could now feel her nails poking into the skin of my back which was such a nice feeling that I couldn’t delay my orgasm for long either.

After a few more rocks hard thrusts, our orgasms came simultaneously. Susan cried out in pleasure. I felt an orgasm like never before, coming on. Wanting to squirt my cum on her belly and tits, I pulled my pulsing rod out of her orgasmic cunt. Thick jets of sticky cum landed on her brown belly and tits. Several blobs also landed on her lips, which she eagerly licked up.

By now I had freed her wrists, so she began to smear my horny load over her belly and tits with her hands. Her whole upper body and belly were glistening with slippery fluid. She now pulled me on top of her so that the slippery layer between our bellies and breasts made for a blissful slide.

After a tongue kiss that seemed eternal, we took a shower and said our goodbyes. For today….