For years, I, Simon, have been an employee at an amusement park during Halloween. We are dressed up and transformed into horrible creatures for the sole purpose of scaring people and creating a real Halloween atmosphere. When the weekend gets there, I catch the train and since I live quite far away, I get admission to the cottage park which is next door. I am on the train, it is Friday morning and on my way to the village where the park is located.

I am enjoying the trip, the scenery and looking forward to the weekend. It is always a mad dash with the girls and boys who join the party. Old acquaintances as well as newcomers will be there again. Took the bus to the park and walk from the entrance to the reception hall where we gather and indeed I run into people I have seen before. We talk until the explanation of this year begins, we as veterans know, and it is mainly meant for the newcomers among us.

I am enjoying the trip, the scenery and looking forward to Halloween.

When I go to get the key to the cottage I am told that I have to share it with Willem, not unknown to me, and two girls who are new this year. Now that is not a problem because the cottage has two bedrooms and I have had to do that before. The girls Britney and Roberta are a little apprehensive and I reassure them “that it happens more often and there has never been anything that could not bear the light or what was not wanted”.

At four o’clock we have to be at the grime and together we walk towards it. Seven o’clock when it is already dark the park opens, and we have to be ready for our acts. Friday is for children and Saturday for adults. I have it easy this year and get to play the man with the scythe, I sit in a dark room that is used as the entrance to the park, all the people pass by here and through light effects and lightning they get to see me from time to time and with the text “welcome to the kingdom of the dead” my role is complete.

Also, my grime is minimal only my hands are made into bones and my face is hollow, pale and blank. William and the girls are terrifying to behold and will cause many startle reactions. Kids night is over, and the shower brings relief, most of it we wash ourselves only the places you can’t see in the mirror are checked by someone else. Saturday was scarier than Friday, the lights were dimmed further, and the effects had a greater impact as a result. After closing we had another hour of drinks and at eleven o’clock, we were back at the bungalow.

Because I was only present at the entrance I already stood under the shower and then Willem was the next, I stayed in my bathrobe waiting until everyone had been and afterwards we could have a drink together in the bungalow. Roberta is last under the jet and calls out to come and wash her neck. It probably should have been Britney and I looked at Britney and asked shall we play a joke.

Go ahead, Britney said, I got up and went to the bathroom. Roberta stood with eyes closed and hands leaned against the wall as I entered the room, dropped my robe and stood naked behind Roberta, grabbed the soap and begin to soap her neck and shoulders. I sank down over her back and also did her buttocks with it, “hey she says that’s not my neck,” along the side of her body I go back up and at the level of her breasts I briefly soap those too. Then she turns around and doesn’t even flinch. “I was afraid” she said “that you weren’t Britney”, she turns back and says “go on you are doing an excellent job”.

I wash her titties after Halloween.

I wash her titties and pay much attention to her hard buds, and meanwhile she comes and pushes her ass against my hard cock. Then she stands up and says, “come, we will go into the bedroom”, grabs my cock and pulls me along. Two hours later, with four orgasms for Roberta and two ejaculations for me, we lie on our backs blowing out. We get dressed and go to the living room, where Willem is watching TV and Britney is watching with a sour face. After breakfast, Willem decides to go home, and I stay behind with the girls. We are allowed to stay until Monday morning and decide to go swimming in the swimming paradise that Sunday.

It has become two o’clock and Roberta comes and sits next to me, “Willem and Britney were watching us last night and then also had sex with each other.” “Willem finished in five minutes and then went to watch TV and left Britney with no orgasm, feeling empty.” “Can you repeat your performance from yesterday with Britney and me, she asks”. “Honey” I say “listen I am already past thirty and you are not yet twenty, so there is no way I can satisfy both of you”. I saw her look glum for a moment and then she said “and if Britney and I keep spoiling each other in between and give you your rest breaks do you want to try”.

Surely I wanted to see that two girls with each other and I gave in. “Yippee” said Roberta, gave me a kiss and went to get Britney. “Are we going to the bungalow” was the first thing they said when Roberta had picked up Britney and told her what we were going to do.

Back at the bungalow we wasted no time and clothing pieces flew around and Britney was the first to grab my cock and drag me to the bed, she laid me on my back and stiffened it with her mouth. Roberta joined and managed to calm Britney down, together they licked the stem and at the top they kissed each other. “How big he is” I heard Britney say “very different from that little one of Willem’s”. They left me alone for a moment and focused on each other, they kissed and caressed each other’s tits, Britney’s big ones and Roberta’s little ones.

“Can I sit first” asked Britney and Roberta nodded, I lay on my back and Britney lowered herself onto my cock, started to move slowly and cried out “how thick is that, I’ve never had anything like that in me”. Roberta flicked her leg over my face and a moment later I had wet lips sliding over my mouth. It took a while because it was so slow, but once they both accelerated because their orgasm was coming, I went off like a rocket just as they came to a stop kissing against each other.

They both came to lie on one side of me and I took them in my arms and started playing with their tits, the nipples were hard and I made them get even harder, reaching over me the girls found each other’s pussy, started fingering each other gently and enjoyed with their eyes closed. I watched it happen, and my cock came back to life, not that it had the interest of the girls at that moment because they were too preoccupied with each other. I crawled between them, they didn’t even notice, and fingered each other more firmly until both cummed again and rested in each other’s arms for a while.

I was sitting in the chair when Roberta asked if I was ready for round two, she raised her ass and I knew what she wanted. Britney lay down in front of her with her pussy at mouth level and Roberta dove between her legs and at the same time I pushed my cock in. Roberta gave a scream, but the sound was smothered by Britney’s cunt. I fucked nicely and pretty soon Roberta came and rolled over, Britney lay open and exposed with her legs wide and before she knew it, I filled the hole with my cock, again she gave a moan and encouraged me to finish what Roberta had started.

My second portion of seed disappeared into Britney and I too rolled off her and went with my back against the wall with Britney between my legs. I grabbed her from behind by her tits and told her they were beautiful, “they are yours today” she said, “so take your chance”. I played with her thick orbs and twisted her nipples for a moment, she hissed for a moment and a shiver went through her. Furthermore, I massaged her tits and Roberta watched from below, crawling forward and getting involved with her pussy again. I could see between Britney’s tits what Roberta was doing and Britney began to squirm with pleasure as Roberta ate her pussy and I played with the stiff nipples, Britney came and we played on for a while until Roberta asked to stop.

She drops to the side and my cock comes free again, by now it has grown again, and I see Roberta watching, she crawls to me and gasps and sucks my cock inside. “Can you do it again” she asks in a sweet little voice and I say “as long as it’s hard it will be fine”. She lays back and I go to her and insert my hard-on into her again. We fuck for a long time and when I come it is no more than a few drops. Roberta and Britney lie blissfully in each other’s arms and I go ahead and take a shower. When we say goodbye to each other I get a big kiss from both of them and with a see you next year my train goes south and theirs goes north. Simon.

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