Suddenly she was there. This woman from the south of the country. With her accent, her oversized glasses and her mysterious smiling eyes. Actually, more mocking, the way she always looked at me. Especially when she bent down again when I had to pass. Then she looked at me mockingly, as if to say: try to pass without touching my buttocks. And those buttocks were there.

Of course, I made sure not to touch them, even though I wanted to. Temmy was her name, and she always smelled a little like sweat. But her sweat smell was exciting. It was as if I could smell another scent through her. I would soon find out what it was. Every day she got bolder because she had obviously seen me looking at her buttocks for a long time. And each time I could see the edge of her black panties sticking out of her pants. When I tried to get past her, she pushed her butt further back. And in the end I had no choice but to slap her and yell that I really had to get past her. She straightened up and looked at me horny and let me pass.

Another day she was wearing a skirt and when I walked by she sat on her crotch and spread her long legs and let me see her crotch. I definitely couldn’t get past. And when she raised her head and looked at me with a horny smile, I suddenly knew where that special smell was coming from. I looked down between her thighs and saw her black underwear. I sniffed deeply and smelled her pussy. Then I saw that her underwear was full of stains. I looked at her and she winked at me mischievously. My dick almost popped out of my pants and she looked at the huge bulge.

So, kid, you’re not going to tell me that you want to smell my dirty underpants, are you? My mouth suddenly went dry and I couldn’t utter a word, so I just nodded. Do you mean that you would like to smell them or not? I stammered that I wanted to smell her panties. Immediately she stood up straight, grabbed my hand and almost dragged me back to my office where she slammed the door. She grabbed the hem of her skirt with both hands and slowly pulled her skirt up. Now get down on your knees and smell my panties. I immediately dropped to my knees and pressed my nose against her panties. My God, what an intoxicating smell came from there. She must have been wearing those panties for several days, I concluded. Do you know how long I’ve been wearing these panties? I shook my head. Fourteen days, and I think they smell fantastic now.

I could only agree and continued to sniff her crotch. Especially since my panties were full of my boyfriend’s semen after we fucked this morning. I couldn’t hold it any longer and popped my panties. Then I stood up and told her what happened. Oh my God, you already came from a little cum? Next time, you can lick the hot cum out of my panties. Isn’t that what you want? I looked at her and confirmed her comment, saying that I very much wanted that. The next time would come soon. Two days later, Temmy told me to come over for the weekend. Her boyfriend Peter would also be there to fuck her.

She told me that Peter always produced a lot of semen, so I just had to get ready for it. Oh yeah, I heard you also dress up as a girl and my Peter gets horny from that, so when you come Saturday night, bring some nice clothes. And maybe some dirty panties of your own. After all, Peter is also a lover. I could hardly believe my luck. Two people who want to share my hottest fantasy with me! Imagine that. So that Saturday I was eager to go to Temmy and Peter. I had packed my bag with all the sexy clothes and my favorite masturbation panties. Not panties, actually. A large pair of nylon underpants that you can only find in the USA. Sprayed several times, worn a lot, full of piss, semen and poop stains. In short, my dirtiest pair of panties.

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by Peter. At least I thought it was him who opened the door for me. Peter was wearing dark brown stay-ups, white lace panties and a sheer white nylon camisole, with a pair of shorts over his head and a nylon stocking over them. I only saw his eyes. After closing the door behind me, he immediately asked me, murmuring through the panties and nylon stocking, if I had brought dirty panties. I smiled at him and told him that I had not forgotten and that I could not forget because I found it incredibly horny. And asked him if I should put the panties on later or if he wanted them now. I saw that his dick was sticking out hard in his shorts.

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