The beautiful French girl, or how chance struck. For the third time in a row we went on vacation to France, on the Atlantic southwest coast, with its high waves and beautifully wide beaches. Although I was already 18 and also quite capable of vacationing alone, this vacation, with my parents, was still a godsend, warm, far away, cheap, good care and delicious food. And what was important, GIRLS! Next year we see again, I thought. Past Bordeaux my dad said we are almost there! Lazily I lay back on the back seat in our van, plenty of room for me and my brother. It about time, Dad! I groaned, stretching myself lazily and running my fingers through my dark brown curls. After all, it was another 700 kilometers from our sleeping address at the municipal campsite of Chartres near Paris.

Although we did stop along the way to eat a baguette and drink coffee and stretch our legs, it was still quite a sit. There the signs for Mimizan sur Plage came into view, and by the kilometers we could see it wasn’t far anymore. We drove into the campsite, Dad put the caravan under the trees, Dad arranged the formalities with the campsite manager, and my brother and I and turned the caravan legs and out and put up the big awning. It was much too hot for the awning, so we left it in the van. Puffing from the heat, my dad fell backwards into a garden chair. Since we had plenty of room in the back of the bus, we always took the garden set from the garden. Ma was busy cleaning out the cupboards in the caravan. I walked around to explore the campsite. Tents and caravans everywhere, the campground was pretty full. There were garbage cans everywhere, filled to the brim with empty beer and coke cans, apparently a good party was going on here. Here and there we could still hear loud snoring coming from the tents, although it was already 10:30.

I saw a nice French girl sitting in front of her tent.

I saw a nice French girl sitting in front of her tent. She was messing with the zipper of a pair of jeans, and apparently it was not working. By the looks of it, she was about my age, about 18 or so. A fresh little face with dark, wavy hair. Bonjour, mamselle, I said while strolling by. She looked up and said bonjour back. She had those beautiful almond-shaped brown eyes that French girls so often have. There was a second sleeping bag in the tent, I hoped it didn’t belong to a guy.. Then I saw panties and a bra in both sleeping bags and was reassured. I stood for a moment and looked at her. I thought about it and stammered comme e votre prenom? Now if only I had tried harder in French class.. She looked at me, smiled and clearly did not understand what I was saying. I pointed to my chest and said my name, Tom. She smiled again and, pointing to her chest, said Sofie. I pointed to the ground and patted under my seat. She understood that and again she said Oui. I plopped down on the floor and looked at her again. I understood that I had to do my best to make something of it, now that this enchanting French girl didn’t understand my coal-fired French.

With a sigh, she threw the jeans on the floor in front of her and looked at me again. I picked it up and saw that the runner was crooked. With some wriggling and pulling I got it in place and the zipper worked again. I folded it and laid it down next to her feet. With a shy smile she said Merci, and tossed the jeans into the back of the tent. My mother had agreed that lunch was ready at noon, so I got up, made the gesture of eating to her, gave her a kissing hand, waved and walked away. When I reached the bend in the path, I looked back and saw that she was waving again. My heart made an air jump, what a honey! We spent the rest of the day getting everything into place in the caravan, but I couldn’t get my head around it very well.

The next morning I walked past her tent again and saw that she was already gone. Alone and disappointed, I walked on to the beach. I spread out my towel on the beach and looked around me. Noisy French families with children everywhere. Here and there young people sat together in groups, and all the girls were topless. A beautiful sight, all those tits, brown, white, red, big, small, fat, flabby, firm, everything. There were also plenty of delicious asses to be seen. Suddenly I noticed people waving at me. It was her! Sofie! I waved back, and with a gesture she asked me to join her. I shook my head no, because I was pinching it a little and didn’t want to go off in their group, French wasn’t my best language, let’s just say I didn’t understand shit. Actually, all my school grades for languages were shit, the rest was okay, I didn’t see the point in doing my best. She stood up and walked towards me.

Oh my God, she was topless, and what a beautiful pair of tits! Perfectly shaped, with a dimple on top and a lump underneath, while her nipples pointed slightly outward and looked out sideways along her upper arms very hornily. I didn’t want to look at her body any further; I was terrified of getting a hard-on in front of her. I did notice that she was wearing shiny black spandex bikini briefs held together with bows on the sides. She said something in French, but I didn’t understand it, and I said non compre pas. She understood that , walked back to the group, grabbed her things and came to sit with me. She pointed to the floor, tapped her bottom like I did yesterday, and asked Okay? Okay, I replied. I was getting hotter and hotter with those beautiful dark eyes and gorgeous tits of hers, and felt my balls cramping. I had noticed under her walking back and forth that she had nice narrow hips and small, tight sport ass.

She had very long, slender legs that seemed to start at her shoulder blades. Truly, a gazelle in human form! It had been a wonderful day of balls, swimming and flirting with each other. There was little or no talking, we didn’t understand each other’s language anyway. It got later and later and enjoyed each other’s company, which was very romantic even without words. From her, I wasn’t sure yet, but from me it was clear , I was under the spell of this beautiful French girl. We sat hand in hand, in love, hidden in a French dune hollow watching the sunset, with her head on my shoulder, and I spontaneously felt the urge to kiss her. I turned my head toward her, to look her in the eyes, just at the moment she did the same, and the first kiss followed as if by itself.

Oh my god, how delicious she smelled, I was intoxicated by a very fine and tender scent of floral perfume, and her delicious mouth smelled like toothpaste.

Hesitantly, she opened her cool lips a little bit and I slid the tip of my tongue inside, where I met the tip of her tongue. I felt myself go soft inside and the nerves in my spine tingle as she gently sucked my mouth slightly vacuum. Tenderly we explored each other’s mouths, and I went crazy with her delicious kisses and the delicious sweet taste of her saliva, and while tongue kissing we lowered backwards. First she is on top, then me. After kissing for several minutes, she took my hand and placed it on her left breast. I thought I was getting a power surge. Since she was not wearing a bra and otherwise only a thin T-shirt, I felt her warm skin burn under my touch and felt her nipple swell. She herself slid off her T-shirt, and I kneaded and caressed both her breasts, enjoying their elasticity. From her, I could hear that she liked it.

I deliberated with myself whether I dared to go further, and decided to tie the knot. I put my hand on her belly and felt the elastic string of her swimming panties by my little finger. Mmm, she moaned now. She put her arm around my neck and ruffled her fingers through my dark brown hair. That gave me the courage to continue, stroking and tickling more and more boldly. I caressed her bottom over her bikini bottom, kissed and licked her earlobe, and in the process she tugged with her shoulders, which was apparently a pleasant spot. I kissed her neck, her shoulders and upper arms, the edge of her armpit. God, how mysterious and delicious it smelled there, and with her head reclined she stood still, enjoying it. She lifted one leg with her heel on the ground, and I caressed her feet and up her calves. I felt her shudder under my caresses; I understood that she was beginning to become quite aroused.

I kissed her neck, her shoulders and upper arms.

I crawled next to her again and kissed her again, but now she slowly gave very horny tongue kisses, which left nothing to be guessed at. I continued caressing her legs and reached her thighs through her knees. Since she was wearing only her bikini briefs and a T-shirt, I had free access to everything I so wanted to hold. I put my hand on her belly again and her hips lifted off the ground for a moment. Oh, Tom, Oui, she moaned, and I understood what she wanted. I pulled off one of the bows on the side of her bikini panties, and slid it to her feet. She kicked it off and spread her legs slightly, giving me free access to her deliciousness. I kissed the back of her knee again, and from the tugging of her muscles I understood that she was at full speed. From the hollow of her knee, my tongue went up from outside along her deliciously narrow hips inward, until my head landed between her thighs.

I gently pressed her legs a little further apart and continued my way into her delicious love tunnel. I took my time to take in the beauty of her nakedness and burn it into my retinas. Once there, I deeply sniffed the delicate, giddy female sex smell rising from her pussy. I pressed little kisses all along the length of her labia, and with her index fingers she spread her labia a little herself. This way I had free access to her deliciousness and I gently licked the slit between her labia. From there I went a little deeper to her inner lips and there too my teasing licks had a great effect. With long, tender strokes, I licked from the hairs at the beginning of her tailbone through her buttock through her pink starlet along her labia to her beautiful white clit and back again, going that way again.

Her hips began to jerk and she grabbed my head on the sides and pressed her delicious pussy against my mouth. This was the moment to increase the pressure and rhythm a little, I wriggled a wet index finger between her tender bottoms and pressed the top a very small way into her tight pink rosette. Her movements became wilder and uncoordinated, and she began to thrust gently with her pelvis. After a few minutes she moaned Oh, Tom, je vien….

Even without French lessons, I understood that she was nearing her climax, and continued licking until she came jerking and sighing. I licked a little more slowly some more until she lowered her bottom back to the floor fully intensely satisfied and pulled me over her and kissed me long and lovingly. I very gently tickled and caressed the hairs on her labia and her Venus mound and she lay back, purring and enjoying.

She looked deeply at me, laid a finger on her mouth to sign of silence, she unzipped my swim trunks and took my cock in her hand. MMmmmmm, she purred, and I suspected what was to come… She kissed my neck, my chest, licked and sucked my nipples, nuzzled my armpits, licked my side, circled my navel, went through it with her horny little tongue, licked my groin, in short I got an extensive licking. With her other hand along the back of my bottom she caressed the skin between my hole and my balls, I thought I was going crazy with pleasure. With gentle movements she caressed my sack and gently rolled my balls back and forth, and she couldn`t know that yet but that always makes me relaxed and buttery horny. She gently bared my glans, and a drop of pre-cum welled up. A blood-red wave of desire swept over me, and I enjoyed it, after all these weeks of pulling myself.

She shifted slightly, pushed my foreskin far back and slid her lips over my cock, pressing it far into the back of her throat until her lips were against my pubic hair. She made diligent swallowing motions upon touching her uvula and I didn’t know what I was feeling, my knees went weak, and I got all weepy inside. I saw colored stars dancing before my eyes, pizza’ss, penny waffles, rondo, bottles of Bacardi, filled cakes, all sorts of things were flying by, this delicious had never been done to me by a girl before. It didn’t have to take long, because of all the preparation I was already on a good pace and a little later came intensely and splattering, good thing we didn’t have a ceiling, that would have become soaked through. She sucked and sucked until all life was gone from my prick. She grabbed a can of Coke from her purse and clocked a good portion in, and she gave me the other half. In love, we lay naked against each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes and kissing each other intimately and passionately.

We decentened our clothes, and silently walked back to the campsite with our arms wrapped around each other. Arriving at her tent, she wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me intimately and said softly “Tom, domain your parti.” I didn’t understand and just nodded. “Sofie, Je taime,” I said, the only French I could pronounce properly. A tear welled up in her eyes. I thought of happiness.

She dove into her little tent and closed the mosquito net. The next day I grabbed my swimwear together and walked the direction of her little tent. Dazed, I stood looking at an empty spot, GONE was she! I plopped down defeated in a crouch on the ground and felt the urge to scream. Despondent, I walked back to the caravan. M`n father looked at me inquiringly and said is something wrong? Dad, I said, what does the French “domain sje partie mean?” In my opinion, going home tomorrow, he said, oh dear, is she gone? I nodded, and sat quietly in the caravan. My delicious vacation love that had started so promisingly had ended!

I didn’t really care about the rest of the vacation anymore. I made up all sorts of things to track her down, but no one in the group of young people understood what I meant. All I knew is that her name was Sofie, and she had pitch 95A. From Holland, with the help of a friend who speaks good French, I would write to the campground owner to see if he could help me get her address or phone number. At school, I had changed from a cheeky monkey with mediocre school grades to a quiet, serious lad and the teachers were amazed at my progress. Day and night I sat in my books, I had to and would still get good grades. My mentor was amazed at the amount of homework I handed in, especially in French class, and the grades I got for it. Finally, the penny had dropped for me.

It was a Friday afternoon a few weeks after the vacations, when I was standing at the ATM with my brother, waiting for our turn, and heard two ladies in high heels busily talking as they approached. Nailed to the ground, I heard a familiar voice say Yes Mom, I don’t even know what country he was from. Like a wasp stung, I turned around and looked her in those beautiful brown eyes I was so in love with…

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